Islamic State: the military response of the inadequate United States (expert).

To overcome this terrorist group, the only military response is not sufficient, although essential. Undermining the sources of recruitment and financing of jihadists, to develop governmental institutions stable and representative in the whole of the Middle East, allowing to solve social problems through a political process and not through violence. It is a long-term project in which the United States must not commit by jumper only, considered Mr. Moss. And to prevent that the cooperation of Washington with the Russia and the Iran would however unlikely now for obvious geopolitical reasons. President Obama who has promised before his election to withdraw the troops from Iraq will probably not decide to send back them into this country as such a decision would not be broad support from Americans, said the expert. In early June, following the activation of the movement Islamic State – former Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) – the threat to security has increased in Iraq. Fighters of the Islamic State who fought so far in Syria launched an offensive against the northern and Western regions of the Iraq. They were joined by Sunnis, soldiers from Saddam Hussein’s army and minor terrorist groups. End of June, the Islamic State announced the creation of an Islamic Caliphate on territories controlled in Iraq and Syria. . You can read this resource to discover more regarding this great topic.

Ex-Karstadt owner: Berggruen regrets excessive hopes.

I admit that we made too many mistakes, says Nicolas Berggruen, 53, the new star of his time as owner of Karstadt. For four years, the self-proclaimed do-gooders kept the Republic in breath. He gave himself as a do-gooder, staged as an alternative to the nasty grasshopper, said Germany is so poetic-sounding phrases like Karstadt. I am only a temporary Shepherd – and hopefully a good one. The difference between claim and reality was never greater. In truth, the cunning investor put a single dime of his own money into the ailing department store group. He saw to stand by like it at Karstadt, instead of up, went ever further downward. Berggruen adheres to the illusion created by him to this day. In a well calculated mixture of later repentance and forced inspection, he tried from his to salvage reputation, what is to save. We have given a chance to Karstadt, but our plan didn’t work unfortunately. That’s why it was the right consequence, pave the way for a fresh start at Karstadt, he says a few days after its Karstadt farewell to the star. At the same time, he pushes off responsibility for the own mistakes on others. For my entry, two things were mixed: my role as an investor and as a philanthropist. That has led many stakeholders to exaggerated hopes and unfortunately also to frustrations. That he diligently participated in these exaggerated hopes, of which today there is more. The fact is that the Karstadt employees have waived during the Berggruen around 150 million euros. That 8000 of the once 25 000 jobs were cut in the past four years. And mountain Green? He should have earned the 40 million euro. . You must click the following to read extra regarding this great topic.

Election campaign in Brazil: the new heroine of protest voters.

In the last polls before his death with about eight percent of the votes on third place behind A̩cio Neves, the candidate of the moderate conservative PSDB was Silva during Campos is now coming to 21 percent. She would just before Neves and could move into the runoff against Rousseff (36 percent). And unlike Neves she could decide the second ballot against Rousseff with 47 percent against 43 percent according to the poll. The poll with caution is of course to enjoy. It was carried out shortly after the plane crash. Martyr Campos became a kind of through the tragedy. Not only the PSB, also the other Parties acknowledged him in their election advertisements. Their credibility takes Silva also made her Ascension from simplest conditions. She was born in 1958 in the State of acre in a family of rubber Zapfern. As a child, she had to toil in the jungle. Two of her ten brothers and sisters died of tropical diseases, she also suffered from malaria and hepatitis. With 16 years she went to the city, where she worked as a maid. She learned to read and write, attended a convent school, made it to the University. In contact with the theology of liberation, she joined the resistance against the military dictatorship, and sat down for the protection of the rainforest. She fought on the side of the rubber unionist of Chico Mendes, who was shot dead in 1988 by large landowners. With 36, Silva was elected the youngest senator of Brazil for the PT. After a heavy metal poisoning, from whose consequences she suffered today, she joined the Pentecostal Church "Assembleia de Deus". The children never cry do the children of the Xingu tribe in the Brazilian rain forest, they want. The parents believe that the offspring learns so widely. Andreas master has visited the Xingu and the sometimes painful path from the child to the man seen Рhis journey in the video. More. You should click the following weblink to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Subprime: Bank of America pays a record $ 16.65 billion.

Bank of America announced Thursday have agreed to pay a record amount of 16.65 billion dollars to put end to lawsuits related to subprime, mortgages at risk at the origin of the financial crisis.  It is the highest single fine ever imposed on a company in the United States, said the Department of Justice. U.S. authorities accused BofA of having marketed before the financial crisis of 2008 of the complex investments backed by real estate loans at risk, which have generated billions of dollars of losses for those who bought. The Bank argued Thursday that the allegations were essentially held within its subsidiaries, Countrywide and Merrill Lynch, until it takes over. In detail, BofA will pay 9.65 billion of dollars in fines, plus about $ 7 billion of compensation to consumers, inter alia in the form of renegotiations of real estate loans and assistance to the construction of affordable housing for the rental, describes it in its release. The agreement with the authorities will result in a charge before tax of $ 5.3 billion in its accounts for the third quarter. But it will also enable him to escape prosecution of a series of government agencies and regulators. The record of the highest Bank fine is currently held by JPMorgan Chase, which agreed in November to pay $ 13 billion to avoid prosecution in a folder also linked to subprime loans. . Extended info can be found checking article.

Many EU countries sell gold passports and visas.

When the Maltese Government adopted a law for the sale of their citizenship to foreign investors last fall, there was criticism. The former Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding railed, lost nothing a price list on the passport and citizenship. MEPs warned the sale of citizenship is not only divisive, but also a gateway for the organised crime. Although, the Maltese Government reacted. Ultimately she increased the "price list" but only 650th 000 euros end of January EUR 1.15 million, which the applicant must invest in the country. Moreover, they need to live now a year in Malta. The program is a success. According to latest figures, there are more than 200 applications from more than 30 countries on the Maltese citizenship. Three EU States currently offer passport to purchase in addition to Malta. In Bulgaria an investor to do so must create around 1 million euro in the country, almost half of which in projects considered to be priority. In return, he receives only a residence permit. After a year he can apply then but a naturalization application. If you are happy with a residence permit, must however only less than 300 000 euro to invest in Bulgaria. The pass in Cyprus is slightly more expensive. An investor must pay almost EUR 3 million in a State investment fund. For members of investor groups, there is a discount since March. The pass amount is reduced then EUR 2 million. The program is last but not least intended as a "Consolation prize" to Russians, who lost money on the island during the euro crisis. "Golden visa" awarded equal many EU States in addition to Portugal. Including also Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the most recent EU Member Croatia include the Greece affected strongly by the euro crisis and Spain. The right of residence in Latvia will be the cheapest. 2010 a law enacted in the Baltic State, which gave foreign investors a residence permit for five years, if they introduce equivalent of 35 000 euros in a Latvian company or buy real estate for EUR 150 000 in cities or the half of the country. In Hungary, foreigners for a "Golden visa" must draw a special bond for 250 000 euro, in Greece to buy real estate in this value. The Spanish program is unattractive compared to. The Spanish demand not only 500 000 euro for a residence permit. The holder must reside also 183 days in the year in Spain. Take advantage of this "special offers" not only in Portugal of mainly Chinese. According to estimates by intermediaries they account for almost three-quarters of all buyers of citizenships and stay right in the world. Mainly rich Russians, Arabs and Indians split the rest. And the European Commission? She like so much resent the price list of residence permits or citizenship. They can not intervene. Because the awarding of citizenship and residence rights is all alone in the competence of the Member States. . For more information about this subject visit site.

Transsexualism: I still wear skirts.

Robert Langdon controls unerringly through the long corridors of the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum of Berlin’s Humboldt University. A hand in your pocket with the other casual dangling. The white shirt exudes, the bright polished shoes quietly clicking on the tiled floor. The Harvard professor is on a visit to the German capital and uses the time before the Conference in the evening to look around a little in the inventory of the library. The other library visitors don’t see him however, the Harvard professor. What they see is a 23 year old woman with short hair, old men’s shirt and suit shoes. You see me. For half a year, I have more set foot at the University. I feel still alien here, therefore, I slip into the role of Robert Langdon, the protagonist of the novels by Dan Brown. Little more than half a year ago, a decision that has changed my life followed a chain of knowledge. To new year’s Eve around I have me much with gender studies and texts about trans identities and met a few trans * people. Before, I often had the feeling that the world would be as moved. At the interchange with the trans * people I experienced, however, from the first moment on a relaxing consistency and a sense of belonging. At the same time I started to question me very strongly and was a reference to these questions, I asked myself for a long time: Why am I a woman? What makes me such a?. For extended information on this topic click

The scam of fake Italian PDO and PGI wines: for sale abroad kit with Kiwi and ready-made labels.

Would be responsible for the worldwide marketing of Wine kit ", which produces the so-called" dry wine ", i.e. a water-soluble preparation assimilated to wine with labels that refer to the most famous Italian wines, from Amarone to Barolo. A transnational criminal enterprise made up of four people has been discovered by the police anti-fraud unit of Parma and from the Prosecutor’s Office in Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with the Customs Agency.   The Carabinieri of Nac, under the coordination of the Deputy Prosecutor of Reggio Emilia Maria Rita Pantani and with the assistance of the staff of the Anti-fraud Area Interregional Directorate of the Customs and monopolies and Anti-fraud service Customs Office reggiano since 2012 led a survey-explains-has made it possible to develop precise responsibility borne by a transnational conspiracyconsisting of 4 persons. Association which had as its goal the production and placing on the market in the international arena of «Wine Kit» with 24 references label Italian PDO and PGI wines among the most famous, fake results.   Different wines by origin and provenance and with misleading signs on Italian origin, produced by a foreign firm on behalf of a company based in Reggio Emilia which cured in Italy all organizational aspects and marketing abroad.   The survey suggests the conspiracy aimed at transnational commercial fraud, selling industrial products with misleading signs, counterfeit or geographical indication protected designations of origin for agricultural food products. The signs are misleading concerning the origin, indicating «» Italian wine in bottles with effigies of the Italian tricolour and the Colosseum.   . For additional information about this topic click

Trade preferences are more effective than wars.

But it offers them in Exchange for Greek apricots and Polish apples – and instead of Russian or Belarusian potatoes other that come from the Netherlands, making the yellow Pan after cooking. Those eating conventional potatoes won’t understand, but we know that the Germans are very fond of Yakutia reindeer meat, the poles and Swedes love Russian Far East salmon, while the Russians simply salmon bred in captivity. The residents of Yakutia are not only rejoice at the announcement that now, everything could change and they can replace American chicken by their reindeer meat. The CIS countries also calculate the potential profit. According to Kyrgyz Deputy Minister of the Agriculture Erkinbek Tchodouev, it was decided to increase exports of fruits and vegetables in Russia from 75 000 to 200 000 tonnes. Five years ago, Kyrgyzstan did send such a quantity only in Siberia and the Urals. The next year, after the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Customs Union, the authorities of the Republic intend to implement exports of meat and dairy products. Beef and sheep will be the priority. He is also expected to launch supplies of yak and horse meat, said Kyrgyz Deputy Minister. The Georgia book Russia of wine, mineral water and citrus fruit. But it could export a wider range of agricultural products, as the main trade barrier has been lifted: Mikhail Saakashvili is no longer president of this country, which hampered before Moscow. But we can – and must – find common ground with the new authorities of Georgia, a close neighbour of the Russia. Do not repel Moldova, although she has signed an association agreement with the EU, as the major part of the population has a positive attitude towards the Russia and wishes to develop ties with it. A trade barrier with that country would deprive the Russians of quality Moldovan products and Transnistria, with its 200,000 Russian citizens, hope for an acceptable status within Moldova – not to mention its possible accession to the Russia. . You must read the following to discover extra on this amazing matter.

Four nations: UN package, three changes for the All Blacks against the Australia.

The centre my ‘ has UN must forfeit for the second game of the All Blacks face Australia in the Four nations Saturday, coach Steve Hansen announced Wednesday three changes in total in his starting team. Nonu, who suffers significant bruising in the shoulder after the match draw in Sydney (12-12) against the Wallabies, is replaced by Ryan Crotty (age 25, 7. salt), established for the first time. Injured for the opening of the Four nations, Conrad Smith (age 32, 77 salt.) made his side returning to the center of the pitch and ejects Malakai Fekitoa on the bench. In the second row, Liam Messam (age 30, 32 SEL.) compensates Jérôme Kaino, touched an elbow and absent four to six weeks dixit Hansen. New Zealand will face Australia Saturday in Auckland (09 h 35 French) a week after the Wallabies have interrupted their series of 18 consecutive victories by a result zero. Departb XV. Smith – Jane, C Smith, Crotty, Savea – (o) Cruden, (m) A. Smith – McCaw, Read, Messam – Whitelock, Retallick – O. Franks, Coles, Crockettremplacants: Mealamu, B. Franks, Faumuina, Luatua, Cane, Perenara, Barrett, Fekitoa. Original source may be found visiting the following

James Foley: German media without majority shock images.

IS leading a propaganda war where it – is very important from the perspective of the terrorist organization – pictures, videos, views, threats to spread intimidation in addition to the regular war. The murder of James Foley was ice cold staged, Foley was humiliated and dehumanized. Because we do not participate in. We would do this, we showed the images, said Horeld. Neither the video nor a photograph of the execution will appear in dertaz. This applies to online and print, said editor in Chief Andreas Reuter. We want to report objectively about events in the Iraq. We want to shock images that are sent by the IS fighters around the world, let’s not emotionalisieren, so to the instrument in their fight. In the ARD tagesschau news no moving images will be also seen. The second editor in Chief of ARD actual, Christian Nitsche, said: the coverage shows a still image from the video only documentary. Selected is a long shot, so there is no close-up of the kidnapped from this scene. We also show that the man behind the kidnappers later holds a knife in his hand. The newscasts and online offerings of the ZDFverzichten entirely on the video. We will publish also a link which makes the violence video on the NET can be found, a spokeswoman said. The video blatantly violated the human dignity of the journalists. ZDF shows no close-ups of suffering or dying people for fundamental reasons of journalistic ethics. With the U.S. journalists before the execution of the ZDF show possibly edited photos and in a context that clearly designates the propagandistic intentions of IS. . Extended data can be read reading link.