Kate Moss celebrates 41 years ( and not hide them ) .

The daughter of a maid and a steward grew up in the suburbs of London , which has begun to show in 14 years with so much shame in the heart ( I shut the bathroom and cried told Vanity Fair ) he soon realized that to survive in life was to have his way , and always on the cutting excess. My Way It really could be the soundtrack of her life . Because since then , always following his instincts and often disregarding the judgment of others , managed to enter the charts of women more sexy , though not beautiful , not high ( less than one meter and 70 ) , has the legs slightly crooked and not never fleshed out the breast plate.It continues to soar in the lists of the most influential personalities of the globe , even if his life has had more than a hiccup . Criticized before for excessive thinness , then for the ease of his private life : sex drugs and rock and roll could be the subtitle of his first biography , Champagne Supernovas , the American journalist Maureen Callahan where you tell the exploits of the trio Kate Moss , Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen , the renegades of the nineties that have remade the Haute Couture .Nights out ( sleep , because sleep? ) Spent between bottles of drugs and cocaine , with which she would pass by a triangle with Jude Law and his wife Sadie Frost , Johnny Depp , another bad guy like you, the singer Pete Doherty founder of the group the Libertines : in 2005 the Daily Mirror published a photo of the two sniffing cocaine , five strips in 40 minutes, was the caption . A scandal that could destroy it , but as usual she managed to turn the tables , and a true queen of the paradox it out to almost stronger than before : the world of fashion is not easy forgave everything , even coined for her new trend , the heroin chic .And Kate has continued to move forward, in his own way , wanting everything, at this point also the tale . Not denied nothing, not even a wedding almost bourgeois Kills guitarist Jamie Hince , celebrated in pump with wreath of flowers and romantic veil sull’abito slipped and transparent white lace of John Galliano . It prides itself on maintaining a good relationship of closeness with the former partner Jefferson Hack , founder of Dazed and Confused and father of her daughter , who often meets with Lila at breakfast.The girl afraid of the airport Kennedy became a woman of 41 years who now have more security that fears , including that of age . A Christmas appearance with her friend ever Naomi Campbell on the beach Brazilian Trancoso , a clamp through his hair , no makeup , suspicions of cellulite : stolen photos that do not do it justice , but that she did not even bother to withdraw from the circuit . So I’m Kate Moss seems to say as the Marchese del Grillo , and you are nothing .Naomi Campbell , speaking to the Evening Standard , focused , succinct : We’re friends because you like me , do not pretend , as you see . After all we are both from South London . I from Streatham , Croydon from her . And by working families . We know what are our roots . And after so many laps the returns . . Original source may be found clicking this resource.

ICC : the US hostile & agrave ; the opening of a survey & ecirc ; you on crimes against Palestine.

Washington condemns the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened a preliminary review of the situation in Palestine at the request of the latter , announced Friday a spokesman for the US State Department Jeffrey Rathke in a statement. We express our profound disagreement with the decision of the Prosecutor of the Court. As we have repeatedly said , we do not consider Palestine as a sovereign state and therefore do not believe that it has sufficient grounds to join the ICC, we read in the press release.Mr. Rathke called tragic irony condemnation of Israel by the International Criminal Court. The diplomat recalled on this occasion that Israel had suffered thousands of rocket attacks by terrorists against civilian populations. We continue to oppose the ICC steps against Israel , said the spokesman. The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Fatou Bensouda , opened on Friday a preliminary review of the report filed by the Palestinian Authority for war crimes committed on its territory by Israel.According to a statement from the ICC, the review will focus on the alleged crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories , including East Jerusalem, since 13 June 2014. . You should check the following info to learn more about this great subject.

Anti- Charlie events: at least four dead in Niger.

Four people were killed and forty five injured Friday in Zinder, Niger , in protests against the cover of the new issue of Charlie Hebdo : a new caricature of Mohammed. Among the dead three civilians. The French Cultural Centre in Zinder was also burned , and three churches ransacked by protesters. Thousands of demonstrators throughout the world arabeDes thousands of people demonstrated Friday prayer day throughout the Arab world.Rallies also marked by violence in Pakistan, where thousands of worshipers marched in major cities of Pakistan, where Parliament has unanimously condemned the publication of blasphemous caricatures. In Karachi , the event turned into a confrontation with the police when the protesters tried to approach the French consulate. In Mauritania , several thousand people marched in Nouakchott , burning a French flag witnesses said.Addressing the crowd, the Head of State , Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz , condemned both terrorism and vile caricatures. A French flag was also burnt in Dakar, where a thousand people protested . While many governments in Muslim countries have condemned the attack against Charlie Hebdo January 7 , demonstrators also welcomed its authors. I Kouachi In Algiers , 2000 3 000 protesters gathered . I’m turning the slogan Charlie used by defenders of freedom of expression , some chanted : We are all Muhammad , or I Kouachi , named Kouachi brothers , jihadists who attacked the French satirical newspaper .Clashes erupted when the protesters tried to force a line of police armed with batons that protected the seat of the National Assembly. Several arrests took place. The Kouachi brothers killed by French police two days after killing twelve people at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, were also honored in Istanbul. A hundred people gathered outside the mosque in the district of Fatih very religious in front of a banner flying their portrait and that of the leader of al- Qaida, Osama bin Laden.In Amman, 2500 demonstrators marched under surveillance and calm , sporting banners on which one could read in particular : Impairment of the great prophet succession of global terrorism. ProphèteÀ of a number of out after the shooting that killed his writing, Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday released a drawing of Muhammad tear in his eye and holding a sign I’m Charlie , the slogan of the millions of demonstrators who marched in France abroad to condemn jihadist attacks that have seventeen victims in three days in Paris.King Abdullah II of Jordan , who had participated in the march Sunday in Paris, on Thursday called Charlie Hebdo irresponsible and unconscious. The sensitive site of the Esplanade of Mosques in East Jerusalem , the Palestinian part of the holy city annexed by Israel , was the site of a demonstration by hundreds of Palestinians. Islam is a religion of peace and Muhammad will always be our guide, could be read on banners . French cowards , chanted demonstrators.Not an excuse to kill In Tunis, the faithful left the al- Fath mosque to show their disagreement with an imam , a former minister of religious affairs . We are against any attack on our prophet , but this is not an excuse to kill people , he preached , what they retorted that journalists Charlie Hebdo deserved to be killed. In Khartoum , hundreds of faithful have expressed briefly after prayers , demanding an apology from the French government.The World Union of Ulema , based in Qatar , led by the preacher Youssef al- Qaradawi , considered the eminence grise of the Muslim Brotherhood , called for peaceful protests and criticized the shameful silence of the international community on this insult to religions . The authorities of that country, who had strongly denounced the attack against Charlie Hebdo, condemned the republication of offensive drawings, stressing that this fueled hatred and anger.In Iran, a protest planned for Saturday by Islamist students was canceled without official explanation . According to Fars news agency , the organizers announced, however, that the gathering would be held Monday at the Embassy of France in Tehran, subject to obtaining regulatory approval . In Syria , thousands of people took to the streets in areas controlled by the rebels and jihadists asking that stops the offense to religious feelings , according to a Syrian NGO , Original data may be found clicking the following http://.

40 years of abortion : a demonstration in Paris for the rights of women.

It’s birthdays with more than others. Forty years to the day after the promulgation of the Veil law – January 17, 1975 – legalizing abortion in France, the National Collective for Women’s Rights organize Saturday afternoon a national demonstration in Paris to defend more largely on women’s rights. Participants will require a particular abortion by hospital center dedicated to the choice of the method ( surgical or medical ), the maintenance and development of public services , or PMA for all women .The collective support to the iconic maternity Lilas ( Seine-Saint-Denis ) , who performed illegal abortions before the Veil law and still makes more than 1 300 abortions per year , will be head of the procession , which starts at 14:30 instead of the Bastille (12th ) to join Opéra (9th ) . Ideas rise réactionnairesLes means are not really created for a practice of abortion in this country, told AFP one of the organizers , Maya Surduts . She regretted that doctors will not be punished when they refuse an abortion , and denounces the rise of reactionary ideas conveyed in particular by the AKI for all.It becomes more and more difficult to get an abortion when it is a fundamental right, she says. In parallel, the Feminist Movement in collective that brings together forty feminist associations organized at 9 am on the fourth borough hall militant day of debate for the right to abortion in France and Europe , entitled move to abortion in the presence of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo . . For more on this topic visit web site.

Satire and the right to humor, a long legal battle .

The text deserves to be viewed , studied, debated in all schools in France , alongside the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789. A dozen pages, the judgment delivered on 22 March 2007 by the 17th chamber of the Paris Criminal Court in the cartoons of Mohammed, is a masterful civics lesson . They open on this solemn reminder : " Whereas in France , secular and pluralistic society , respect for all beliefs is associated with the freedom to criticize religion whatsoever and that of representing subjects or objects of religious veneration ; blasphemy , contempt which the deity or religion , is not repressed (,.) .They conclude : "Whereas Charlie Hebdo is a satirical newspaper, containing numerous caricatures that no one is forced to buy or read (,.); any amounts to a caricature portrait that overcomes good taste to fill a parody (,.) function ; the literary genre of the cartoon , though deliberately provocative, participates as freedom of expression and of thought and opinion (,.); thus, despite the shocking or offensive, this cartoon to the sensibility of Muslims, the context and the circumstances of its publication in the newspaper Charlie Hebdo shown exclusive of any deliberate intention to offend directly and free all Muslims ; the allowable limits of freedom of expression have therefore not been exceeded." The newspaper, which was charged with" insulting religion "by two Muslim organizations , is relaxed. The judgment was confirmed a year later by the Court of Appeal of Paris. He says two centuries of national history , political and religious tensions that have built , brick by brick , the fortress of freedom of expression and its counterpart, the right to humor and caricature . The French Revolution had proclaimed before choking soon .The Empire and the Restoration have continued to set her limits. In the 1830s , Honore Daumier, Charles Philipon – with his drawings pears of King Louis -Philippe – were sentenced to prison terms for their caricatures. Louis -Philippe in 1835 PhiliponLa law prepared by Adolphe Thiers, then Interior Minister , granted protected status caricature of the " genre " but provides that " insulting the king, when it is intended to excite hatred or contempt of his person or his constitutional authority , is an attack on state security . "Fifty years later , the law on freedom of the press in 1881 , passed under the Third Republic , very strict framework disrespect between the terminals of injury, the indecent , insulting the president of the of the Republic or foreign heads of state and the right of image. It must span the century and two wars that another revolution, that of May 1968 make a decisive step to freedom of expression and the right to humor ."It is well Cabu , Wolinski and others who were the first carried the excess and irreverence in previously proscribed drawings because considered too vulgar or licentious ," says the lawyer specialist law Press Basile Ader . This is also to Charlie Hebdo that one must wait a principle which has now become law , said the lawyer : it appears in a judgment delivered in 1991 by the Court of Appeal of Paris , according to that " one must tolerate rude and provocative impropriety , sarcastic disrespect of good taste which the appreciation of each remains free, which can not be perceived without considering their vocation openly satirical and humorous , which allows exaggerations , deformations and presentations ironic . "The cartoon , which comes etymologically from the Italian caricare verb ( "load "), is a load , said the lawyer Frederic Gras in a very informative article, "The French tradition of protecting the caricature ." Because it is always unpleasant, even painful or unbearable, the judge may make its assessment of the susceptibility of one who believes victim , except to significantly restrict the principle of freedom of expression and the right to humor.A countdown of what fell in 1913 the lawyer Henri Fougerol – the cartoonist " always endeavor to keep the tone of the fine joke and Gallic irony " – jurisprudence born with Charlie Hebdo admits that the comedian can not not funny. The same caution applies to the judge, who does not have to be determined according to its own susceptibility. "The judge is the judge of good taste ," says Basile Ader . It is mainly the European Court of Human Rights that must enshrining the principle of freedom of expression.In 1976 founder judgment it emphasized that "freedom of expression is applicable not only to information or ideas fervently or regarded as inoffensive but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population. Such are the demands of pluralism, tolerance and broadmindedness without which there is no democratic society ". It is in this light that the 17th chamber judge each day complaints submitted to it .But if they have stopped falling , the boundaries of freedom of expression and the right to humor do exist . " The caricature and satire being abusive by nature, limits the right to humor should be considered abuse of abuse ," notes Mr. Basile Ader . For public officials, who must admit that the cartoon is the consideration for the notoriety, the limits are not to cross defamation , libel , contempt , defamation or invasion of privacy.Satirical newspapers have , as such , a " humorous presumption" that protects more than the so-called serious publications . Humor also can not be used to mask what the law calls " illegitimate goals," such as incitement to racial hatred, insult to a group because of their religious affiliation, the injury to dignity human or personal animosity . This subtle distinction between legitimate and illegitimate goals is at the heart of misunderstanding and controversy qu’entretiennent supporters of Dieudonné .For judges , the yellow line is crossed when the insult , even if imposed by someone claiming the status of comedian reached a " whole " community. In a 2007 decision , the court will consider as well as about Dieudonné – "Jews , it is a cult , a scam. This is a more serious because it is the first "- do not fall " of free criticism of religion , participant in a debate of general interest, but are an insult against a group of people because of its origin, the punishment is a necessary restriction on freedom of expression in a democratic society ".In 2006, however Judges dismiss their prosecution Catholic groups who felt insulted by two documents: a picture of "holy Capote ," a religious with bare shoulders next to a condom, and a poster , commercial parody the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. In both cases , the judges note that these documents , even if they could be perceived as offensive, did not " aim to insult the faithful Catholic, nor impair their consideration because of their obedience " and therefore they do not exceed the limits of freedom of expression.This is the same reasoning that led the following year , the 17th Chamber relax Charlie Hebdo about the publication of certain cartoons of Mohammed . The cartoons , while the court considers are not a racial insult because they " clearly intended a fraction and not the whole of the Muslim community ." Tuesday, January 6 , representatives of the main religions of Alsace and Moselle , including Islam , took part in a joint hearing before the Paris Observatory secularism.Unanimously, they asked for the repeal of blasphemy , a survival of the German law remained in effect in these departments even after their attachment to France in 1918. This offense , they emphasized , is completely fallen into disuse. The day after the meeting, Sharif brothers and Said Kouachi left the office of Charlie Hebdo, which they had to decimate writing , screaming in the street : " We killed Charlie, the Prophet is avenged.»Report this content as inappropriate . You should check this source to read more on this amazing matter.

Napolitano : best left standing . Now serving normality .

Tweet My24 ( AFP) To anyone , man or woman , I wish to do their jobs well , apply to the problems and very important that you get back to normal after an exceptional period , said the former president of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano .On the Constitution wrote that the mandate of the president seven years , does not rule out that there was a second . The novelty was obviously call for another seven years to preside over the Republic a person who was already very advanced in years like me , said the former head of state to the party organized in her honor . Napolitano the only President of the Italian Republic to have done two terms presidenzialiNeve fake and musicians to celebrate President emeritoFesta Monti based on fake snow and music .A local artist has decided to greet the illustrious inhabitant " firing " the fake snow , and to welcome thought for a duo of musicians , at the entrance of the bar . Facing the windows of the building in front of the bar , even some nuns who warmly greeted the arrival of the couple . In Piazza Madonna dei Monti A short distance from the former head of state in the alley of the Snakes , a few hundred people celebrated the president emeritus of the Republic and senator for life .Napolitano toasted and cut the cake prepared by a pastry shop in the neighborhood, with two lateral writing "Welcome President " , a great image of the Colosseum and the symbol of the Monti district . Best left in piediHo did what I could finch I had the forces and I am happy that my decision of resignation , to return to normal institutional life has been understood and appreciated by the citizens even the most affectionate to which I would have liked I continued for a while ‘ .Better to leave when standing , no ?, continued Napolitano before cutting the cake that had been prepared . And at the end of the festival a fake snow flooded the square of Monti while former Head of State was heading to his car to return home . Click to Share © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Read and Write Comment this news TAG : Presidency of the Republic , Giorgio Napolitano Permalink . You should read the following blog to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

The 18 government measures to combat jihadism in Spain .

Returnees jihadists conflict zones, the great concern of Europe The Spanish government is determined to combat hardening jihadist terrorism laws and adapting them to the current conjuncture . Will launch a series of measures which in principle affect at least three laws currently under consideration: the future Penal Code , the new Criminal Procedure Act and Public Safety Act . He also submitted in the coming weeks a plan against radicalization and increase border controls , all this under the new alert level has been an increased police presence on the streets and increased surveillance on possible targets .AMENDMENTS TO THE NEW CODE Executive PENALEl , through its Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies , presented a total of twelve amendments focused on the fight against terrorism to the text of the new Penal Code adopted by the Council of Ministers. Figure 1. Lone Wolf is regulated types of terrorism decoupling concept of organization. Terrorist who commits a terrorist offense, within or outside an organization, argues this amendment that defends you need to define a minimum rigor universal jurisdiction in this matter.2. Lift the penalties is proposed in view of the gravity of the offense (when the author reason the whereabouts of the kidnapped person ) . 3. the tank , possession of weapons , precursors and explosives for terrorist purposes is penalized although not belonging to the terrorist organization. Tenure are also punished , not nuclear weapons but of devices suitable for manufacturing , but whose consideration as ‘ component of a nuclear weapon ‘ is still doubtful, explains the amendment.4. passive training and self-radicalization ( own behaviors returned fighter and lone wolf ) and the movement of foreign fighters called to conflict areas to join terrorist organizations will be punished . 5. terrorist financing are penalized but not outside the organization or acted recklessly . 6. Another amendment proposes to decouple the collaboration of belonging to the terrorist organization and increases the penalty of active training of children and the disabled.7. The concept of belonging to a terrorist organization is enlarged. 8. worth of praising terrorism rises and increases the penalty when performed by Information Technology and Communications . The PP argues that there are amended frequently websites which appear to keep track of the war in Syria or elsewhere of jihadism in general, but in reality is that the contents of the articles therein are published perform support or advocacy of terrorism or are encouraged to participate as jihadists in the conflicts activity.9. It penalizes the dissemination of terrorist content on the Internet or incite the commission of terrorist acts ( self-radicalization through websites ) . 10. punishable by penalty lower by one or two degrees provocation , conspiracy and proposal to terrorist offenses . 11. Special Disqualification be teaching those convicted of terrorism. 12. recidivism be considered aggravating the already convicted of terrorism in another country. LAW OF PROSECUTION CRIMINALPor Moreover , the Government also proposes to regulate six aspects in the new Criminal Procedure Act .1. The procedures for the interception of telephone and telematic communications via telephone or any means or system logical or virtual communication , adapting them to the jurisprudential requirements and streamlining them in serious cases such as those relating to terrorism. 2. Access to the evidence in automated files operators and other service providers of the information society . 3. flexible access to data necessary to identify users , terminals and connectivity devices .4. Capturing and recording of oral communications using electronic devices. 5. Records on remote computers, electronic devices and other equipment or systems . 6. Improving the procedure for arrest and opening of written and telegraphic correspondence , especially in the investigation of terrorism cases. SECURITY ACT CIUDADANAEn this case the reform will be minimal. According to the minister , will be done through a sencillita amendment of three words to start giving legal cover to the files of travelers at airports, a paralyzed proposed since 2010 by the European Parliament , but that the attacks in Paris have given new dimension , especially from countries that are in favor as is the case in Spain .It is not a measure of border control, but aims at the prevention and investigation of possible terrorist crimes. Is to provide some data to a database based on risk profiles to properly crossed establish measures to prevent and investigate a terrorist offense warranties , explained the minister, who has moved to Spain later this year and will have all the infrastructure technology to get it going . The Public Safety Act is currently within the deadline for amendments in the Senate until Wednesday February 4th .The Senate shall have it approved as a deadline before March 23 so it is an amendment must be submitted in the coming weeks. PLAN AGAINST RADICALIZACIÓNEl Government has been working two years in a plan against radicalization that lead the Interior Ministry, but in which collaborate other ministries , regional governments , municipalities , public , private companies and the Islamic community in Spain . Emphasis will be placed on building a counter narrative to the jihadist narrative and attention to radicalization on the Internet , the main means of indoctrination , recruitment, recruitment and provision of logistics for possible shifts are given .Has said the minister, will be presented at the Council of Ministers in the coming weeks . CONTROL OF FRONTERASFernández Diaz has said that if Europe claims to control the external borders of the European Union in recent terrorist attacks in France can not ask open bar at Ceuta and Melilla to the strong migratory pressure. They are external borders of the EU and where a particular issue , he added. Based on this idea, Interior Ministry sources have informed Europa Press that are to proceed to increase border controls.Topics Spain Terrorism . You must check this http:// to read extra about this interesting subject.

Germany : Thousands of protesters with Merkel against Islamophobia.

Several thousand people attended Tuesday night in Berlin at a rally against Islamophobia on the initiative of Muslim organizations in the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel after jihadists attacks in France . Muslim leaders laid a wreath of white flowers marked Terrorism: not in our name in front of the Embassy of France , Brandenburg Gate, at the beginning of the event that ended with a speech by President Joachim Gauck .The terrorists have not won and terrorists will not win , assured the president of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany , Aiman ​​Mazyek , during a brief speech before a minute of silence is observed in memory 17 people killed in attacks in France . The terrorists wanted to avenge the Prophet ? I Will Not! By their acts they committed the greatest blasphemy , he added , while the colors of the French flag blue , white and red were projected on the Brandenburg Gate , the symbol of Germany.Since the attacks , the authorities fear rising tensions in Germany. Germany , strengthened by some 81 million people, has about 4 million Muslims, the vast majority of Turkish origin. Monday in Dresden , more than 25,000 demonstrators – a new record – responded to the call of the movement Pegida ( European patriots against the Islamization of the West ), which organizes since October anti- Islam rallies in the city of east of the country . More than 100,000 protesters marched against – all over the country that day, For extended information about this subject click http://.

The central government says the GESTI & oacute ; n the coastal footpath project was successful.

Modifications can be relatively simple and drawn quickly, provided a consensoSANTANDER , 13 ( IRIN) is reached The National Government considers that the project management of the coastal path , whose works remain standing following the local opposition it has been correct, but admits it is possible that projects of this nature is suitable not just carry out the public inquiry but to conduct informative sessions to explain the actions planned .Noting that in processing the information public and official objections now manifest is not present , the Government states that the project changes can be relatively simple , so the document modification can be written quickly, provided that consensus on the aspects to modify is reached. The final cost will depend on what ultimately is planned , assessed with the same unit price contract , unless there are new units to perform.So says the central government in its response to a battery of questions in Congress by UPyD . It notes that the draft coastal path between Faro de Cabo Mayor and the Virgen del Mar , written by a technical assistance hired by the then Directorate General of Coasts with the company CIPSA , is known by the city of Santander , which led also out the expropriation process of the precise grounds for executing the work. It is unknown whether the project is linked and / or articulated with the special plan public park north coast projected by the city of Santander , the Government recalling that the works have issued an order of temporary total suspension and the date of the it is parked.He adds that the modifications in the project must approve the Department of Sustainability of the Coast, and points out that the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment always ensures that its actions are respectful of the natural environment, looking , as in this case he says , bring citizens areas of great landscape value , while taking the necessary measures to avoid risks. The Government explains that the planning of such projects generally arise synergy between municipalities and the state administration ; early as aware of their resources and capabilities and the state as guarantor of enforcement on costs and often as an investor organ as in this case .And the question about the award , with a reduction of over 50% on bid- price , the Government states that the Procurement of the Ministry of Environment MAGRAMA considered that the tender submitted by Dragados for execution of this work was economically viable. CONSIDERING UPYDUPyD noted in a press release that the response of the Government of Spain notes that the city of Santander was fully cognizant of the project and was a key player in the process.UPyD candidate for President of Cantabria, Román San Emeterio – Pedraja said about the mayor , Iñigo de la Serna (PP ) , sold the project as their own until the harsh reality of an atrocious work made ​​him trying to leave the boat responsibility diverting attention to the Coastal state authority . It was too much to expect an honest self-criticism of the government on what clearly is a failure adds , referring to the assessment of project management has been sound .Obviously , the minimum formalities of public exposure can pass completely unnoticed by the public , which are regrettable and should be revised for projects of this importance , says Inigo Velasco, UPyD candidate for mayor of Santander. UPyD has made ​​available to the public, on its website and social networking site , the 19 questions asked in the Congress and the responses received . ( EuropaPress ) Subjects Maritime Accident Cost of Local Authorities Directorate General of Coasts Ministry of Agriculture Environmental Legislation Santander Union Progreso y Democracia Popular Party Politics lands. Extended information can be read visiting http://.

The British press praises based Almodóvar film musical.

London, Jan 13 ( EFE ) . – The London musical based on the film by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988 ) is praised today by the British media , who have referred to him as funny, sarcastic and brilliant and gorgeous chifladamente . The web pages of the press include the musical , which premiered last night at the Playhouse Theatre , and highlight the role of Tamsin Greig, the actress who plays the protagonist of the play . The holders of the rotating agree to refer to musical with clear and positive adjectives that add to the many plaudits he received yesterday at his coming-out .The Guardian collects all the musical elements make it a perfectly enjoyable show. On the role of Tamsin Greig in the play, the British newspaper says the protagonist recalls the musical , like Almodóvar ‘s film is ultimately a tribute to the ability of his heroine for survival. The Independent notes that the English actress is fantastic in the work and highlights its unique to blink between the comic absurdity and desolate melancholy capacity.According to the newspaper , these are tremendous assets for a piece that shows no inconsistency between the frantic comedy and expression through singing emotionally charged . On the music that envelops the entire function , the Independent says it has a strong Spanish flavor with its rhythms of mambo and energy projects powerfully emotional turmoil of the characters. The DailyMail describes the musical Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown as a brilliant and sarcastic , gorgeous and speaks of him as a hoot style.( EFE ) Topics Arts ( general) Film Entertainment ( general) Pedro Almodóvar Europe UK London Theatre The Guardian The Independent. Original data may be read reading this http://.