The return of De Mita, perhaps mayoral candidate in Alta Irpinia

The Milan PO as privatisations fraud collaborationist scaruffi

It 'been Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Christian Democrats, but apparently despite the venerable age Ciriaco De Mita does not seem to have satisfied and – to end a political career that has spanned half a century of Italian history – could accept a candidate for mayor of Nusco, village in Alta Irpinia 4. 300 souls where De Mita was born, and in February he celebrated 86 years: "The rationality tells me to do it but then …" he said, commenting on the news of his possible candidacy.

The project was born from a meeting that ez Italian Prime Minister had with members of the national Democratic Party: the latter wanted to heal the rift between former communists and ex-Christian Democrats, overcoming ideological divergence and at the service of a "common cause" through the establishment of a foundation to propose development projects for the area. The name of Ciriaco De Mita, however, interrupted the path. The name, inevitably, it is too "heavy" and close to DC to be actually warranty.

So the leader of the Democratic Party John Marino, own cousin of De Mita, has proposed another candidate for which we wait for the verdict of the UDC. If you do not arrive in a short answer, however, will present two lists: a civic and a former President of the Board as a candidate for mayor: "I feel strongly the idea of ​​firsthand am determined to put together the communities in Alta Irpinia. I take the loss – said De Mita – even the despair in parents than in children who, indeed, are showing signs of commitment rather than surrender. " Read more

The controller of prisons condemns violence among minors

Feltham young offenders institute condemned for violence and baton ...

Between 1 January 2013 and 11 February 2014, 24 cases of serious violence were recorded in the yard, but this figure is underestimated, thinks Mr. Delarue. At Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone, even among minors, the law of silence reigns. "A child mentioned controllers have" broken nose and badly messed up "in another court: the latter would then explained that he had fallen" by pumps "and the supervisor was satisfied with this explanation."

And after? Often, nothing. For all violence recorded in one year, "no complaints", with one exception, has been filed. Blame the "response procedures cumbersome and slow monitors" as "disciplinary procedures". "Caregivers who have to know the effects of violence do not want to be related to possible prosecution. Investigations encounter the silence of victims and their parents, "still regrets Jean-Marie Delarue, finding a form of" resignation. " "This feeling can not be admitted," he tonne. Get additional information

How to enhance the look when you wear eyeglasses

Optometrist in Vancouver | See for Life- Dr. Mini Randhawa ...

(LaPresse) – A thinks having all day glasses is no point wasting time to put on makeup. Serious error, at least according to the super makeup artist Bobbi Brown. That argument has devoted a large part of his book 'Everything Eyes' which gives advice and tips to get a perfect look. In the last pages also makes examples of frames, because not all of them, though beautiful and expensive, they fit perfectly to your face. Brown, who also signed a cosmetics collection, focuses on that are engaged in a make up and realize that instead of enhancing the beauty, they can give her a blow. In order to "tame" applies a brow shaper clear only after obtaining the desired color. This addition of the product to pass with the brush mascara defines and makes it more ordered eyebrows rebels. If you have the problem of the makeup melts and creates just make up well, with a good waterproof mascara softened with your fingers or a cotton, the lower lashes that will camouflage the dark side. Before applying the mascara should always to avoid the risk breakage. Just use a curling eyelashes once-for about ten seconds, or the same task can be accomplished with the tips of his fingers. The lenses of the glasses, rather than hide, and can bring out the black under his eyes. These "accidents" can be avoided with a good concealer, insisting to the inside corner of the eye and making sure to blend it well. If after too many hours in front of the computer you have, you should not use eye shadows in warm colors like red or purple. Better to choose a palette clear that overlay a medium color and then a darker one. L ', better to opt for the same color of the frame. To obtain it from a lighter background that will darken gradually with the addition of a darker eyeshadow. Eyeliner and mascara are the finishing touch. When hair, lips and glasses already are a mix of colors for the eyes is best to choose and without a shadow: liner and mascara are already more than enough to enhance the look. You can read more on this topic here

“I have two daughters not mine but I can not disconoscerle”

Michael, fancy name, apart from the torments that ravage the heart and mind, Turin has become in spite of a legal case. Because of the new family law, those rules Revolutionary entered into force last February, which have replaced the "parental authority" with "parental responsibility" and erased any difference between legitimate and illegitimate children.

But in reforming family law, the law has also limited the time for such action of denial of paternity to five years after the birth of her son. An impassable dam that did not exist before. A limit placed on behalf of children to protection of their lives. Not those of the betrayed husbands, who discover after many years, almost by accident, to the beat of a friend, not to be the biological father. And who are point blank to deal with the heart, in a different way to rewind the memories of whimpers, first steps, of tears relieved. You can love a child is not yours? "Yes, because it's part of your life, you've grown. What destroys you is not the fact of not being able to love, but is having to figure out, inside you, if you have the strength to do it. "

The case of Michael is a legal headache, claim his lawyers Barbara Ruzza and Fabrizio Voltan. At the moment, in fact, does not exist on such a question a legal address to use as a pole star in the light of the new rules on the refusal. After starting a cause of separation from his wife, Michele is willing to ask the disclaimer of daughters 'biological', already teenagers. "I will continue to be the father of all my children, if they want to. But one thing is the emotional issues and other legal expenses. There are two biological dad ranging called into question. They also have parental responsibilities. One, indeed, is the godfather and has always been able to be the father. " More on this topic

Parliament in Lebanon elects new President

Lebanon parliament to elect a new president on April 23 | Ya Libnan

In the days before the election today many names have made the rounds. Lebanese newspapers led to the most promising candidates for the office of President. For many Lebanese is already clear what will distinguish the future president. "So far they have always chosen one, the commander in the army was" a man says on the road. "These are the only ones that belong to any side and the agreement can be reached. The only solution is thus again a man of the army."

In the villages near the Syrian border, Lebanese rent out their garages to newcomers. Many Syrians work as seasonal workers on Lebanese fields or they hire themselves out on the building. In the schools is taught in two shifts to make room for the Syrian refugees. Khalil has come with his mother and three siblings in Lebanon almost two years ago. "The first year I was your only Syrians in the class," he says. "Now we are more Syrian than Lebanese."

Hilal Khashan, a political scientist at the prestigious American University in Beirut, believe, anyway, that is not decided in Beirut, who is the next president of Lebanon. "It all depends on the regional powers abroad," he says. This "will constitute among themselves who will be president in Lebanon., If they have found a compromise, they will tell him their deputies in Lebanon. Was not until then only a president elected on the basis of that agreement." More on this topic

Six in one go: Wall Street is the serial killer

Financial Serial Killers: Inside the World of Wall Street Money ...

Already the sixth day in a row climbing the prices on Wall Street now. Also on Tuesday reported Dow and Co. Spreads on – but these were reduced to trading end something. Although many companies only recently surpassed reduced forecasts, investors were relieved to see the progress of the balance sheet publications in the United States. "The season runs better than many had feared," said Joseph Tanious of JP Morgan Asset Management. "As a result, investors comfortable with the pace of economic growth more comfortable – not only in the first quarter, but also when looking forward."

For movement on the stock exchanges also provided on both sides of the Atlantic, the fusion carousel in the pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturer of Botox Allergan shares became more expensive by about 15 percent because of the Canadian pharmaceutical company Valeant and the major investor Bill Ackman vorlegten a 47 billion dollar takeover bid for the company. Valeant became more expensive in Toronto by six percent.

Pfizer shares rose about 1 percent in New York. In media reports said the industry giant'm interested in British rival AstraZeneca, whose shares became more expensive by around five per cent in London. Also read

Controversy Progress: Does it record the Roma?


Nothing stops Progress? Publishing an infographic in its Tuesday edition, pointing offenders nationalities in the Rhône, has caused an uproar. And for good reason. It states in particular that "Roma and Travellers" would be the first authors flights scrap or robberies are usually the work of "local" (sic). Drug trafficking are, themselves, the prerogative of "groups of cities" (sic), as well as "Moroccan" and "Albanians".

The daily Rhone therefore not escape the complaint. From the first SOS Racisme Association for acts of data collection ethno-racial, racial defamation or incitement to racial hatred and discrimination. MetroNews contacted by the Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP) Rhone told us he had to follow suit. "It is with anger that we have read this article, we answered Jean-Philippe *, spokesman MRAP Rhône. We contacted our lawyer and we actually complain." The man confirms this: it is the mention of "Roma" is the rub. And asks: is it just a blunder on the part of the journalist? Where did it come from "ethnic statistics that exist in the police?"

Clearly challenged by the association "The Voice of Roma" version. Its president, Saimir Mile contacted by MetroNews, is convinced: "The Progress publishes data provided by the police conducting ethnic profiling illegally," he asserts. This is also the opinion of counsel for the association. Maître Henri Braun reminds us that he had already complained "there a few years ago against a file called Not Sedentary Ethnic Minorities (MENS) and were documenting including Roma and Travellers". A practice that is still valid, according to the latter. Via

Alitalia-Etihad, stalling on the deal. From cda no signal

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After more than two-hour meeting ended on the Board of Directors of Alitalia convened to discuss the ongoing negotiations with Etihad, the airline of the United Arab Emirates on which a decision is expected on the investment in the former flag carrier. A board of directors short compared to past meetings (which lasted just two hours) and illustrated with a statement skinny just five lines, in which Etihad is relegated only to the last line and a half: "The CEO has also shown to counselors the state of relations with Etihad, the airline of the United Arab Emirates. " No comments advisers who have left the building of the company in Fiumicino on how the meeting went. The Council also discussed the economic performance of the management accounts of the early months of the year, an improvement compared to 2013 and in line with the plan.

Almost three months after the start of negotiations between the two companies (February 2 are formally informed of the start of the final phase delladue diligence) and finally last Wednesday after Abu Dhabi announced its conditions for investment (an injection that should be around 500 million, of which about 400 with the capital increase) and the next day, Alitalia has submitted its response, now expects to figure out what decision will take Abu Dhabi. The nodes on the carpet are many. It is not easy to solve. First Etihad asks other sacrifices in terms of redundancies, after the agreement in mid-February that has allowed us to manage 1. 900 redundancies with cig rolling and solidarity: the request would be up to 3. 100 redundancies, but you could stop at 2. 500-2. 700, and with the tools that could be put in place, the Government, the numbers could be reduced to about a thousand. According to reports, in addition, the request to Alitalia would get on this at a pre-agreed with the unions. Then there is the problem of debt, with the Arabs who would renegotiate to 400 million, but you have to understand if Intesa and Unicredit are available to meet this demand. Then there are the infrastructural conditions, which would be asked for a commitment of the Government, such as the liberalization of the slots of Linate and high speed to reach Fiumicino, in addition to the reduction of spaces left on low cost airlines. According to rumors, finally, the agreement would also related to the request to open a possible investment capital Adr (manager of the airports of Rome) and this request could affect about 20% of the company now controlled by Atlantia. More on this topic

Auto overwhelms engaged couple on a bench: he, 17, dies


Do not have it done Luca Perugini, il17enne who was run over by a car out of control while she was sitting on a bench outside a shopping center of Tarquinia, Viterbo province, along with the girlfriend, she remained wound. The boy's family decided to donate his organs. Last night the two boys were sitting quietly when they are seen pounce on the medium. The driver had in fact lost control of the car – for unknown reasons – eventually break through the fence of the park of the shopping center. The boy was initially brought to the hospital emergency Tarquinia, but given the serious conditions had been transported by ambulance to Gemelli Hospital in Rome, on the danger list. Wound also the girlfriend, but in a non-serious: her some fracture. The driver of the car, apparently, he was not drunk, No altered by drugs. The conditions of the young man last night were serious but stable, but today are precipitated and died. The family decided to donate his organs. Here you can

+ + + Ukraine in the news ticker + + + – bombarded Ukrainian military aircraft over Slavjansk

The situation in Ukraine is tense. During a crisis summit in Geneva will be looking for political solutions that NATO has increased its troops in Eastern Europe. During an attack on a Separatist stronghold five people die. The developments in the news ticker.

19 21 Clock: Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his French counterpart Laurent Fabius leave tomorrow for a joint trip to Moldova, Georgia and Tunisia. During discussions in the Moldovan capital Chisinau and the Georgian capital Tbilisi Ukraine crisis will be the focus. Both countries have conflicts with the breakaway, pro-Russian regions and seek closer relations with the EU on. Georgia wants to become a NATO member.

17 19 clock: The German-language edition of "voice Russia" reported on its website that Romanians living in the Transcarpathian region, want to set up an autonomous region as part of the Ukraine. Therefore be in places of the region Chernovtsy leaflets with the headline "This is Romania" has been spread. Even the President of Romania, Traian Basescu, not conceal that his state population of Bukovina and the Odessa region ausstelle cards. According to the report already about 80 percent of people living in Ukraine ethnic Romanians had received Romanian identity cards. The are more than 100 000 people. The "Voice of Russia" is the Russian state-owned broadcasting service abroad, so the Russian equivalent of the "Deutsche Welle". Read more