Night of the stars: but that makes the Rosetta probe on a comet?

Visit a comet nucleus. Not just the fly as other space probes have done, since Giotto, the European Space Agency already, in 1986, with Halley’s Comet, and several other probes since. No, approaching, slowly, slowly (1 m/s at the end), after ten years of travel. And finally, to 400 million kilometres from Earth, the Rendez-vous – August 6, 2014. Here, attention! It is not nothing to follow for one year, a hundred kilometers of distance, and without deviating, a comet along its orbit: it is small, a nucleus of Comet (4 km around it), irregular, dusty. Once arrived – and even before arriving – the Rosetta probe begins its analysis, remote, and then more closely. Surprise! The first images show a dual core. It looks like a duck’s bath lost in space. The work begins. Mapping, identifying minerals, measure temperature, the composition of the nucleus and the jets of gas, dust grains, radio disturbances. A jewel of technology, Rosetta: eleven instruments with all their sensors (cameras, spectrometers, radios, etc.) ready for their mission: accompany the Comet being wake while she approaches the Sun and warms up. And then, in November, releasing the lander, Philae – ten instruments on board – for a quasi-suicide mission: arise on the core, scratch it, search it, probe it. Then, for months, patiently follow the Comet which heats up in approaching the Sun, analyze the evolution of gas emissions, measure the chemical composition and isotope of the cometary atmosphere. Ah isotopes! Real tracers of physico-chemical processes which led to the formation of the comets in the interplanetary medium. But all that, what for? Understanding of course! Understand how such an object is formed, transformed (not too much, hopefully) for 4.5 billion years to the birth of the solar system. How agglomerate these condensates of dust and interplanetary ice, an unspeakable mixture of refractory materials, ice and organic molecules? The primitive solar nebula was not a quiet place to give body to a such mixture! And how these jets of gas and dust that form the tail of the Comet escape? But still, what it is all this? Understand the mystery of the origins, nothing that much. The origin of the solar system, the origin of life, who knows? From complex molecules that make up the comets and may have seeded the earth before the appearance of life. Already the water of our oceans may well come from comets. Or not. Well, we want to know. Find some answers. And ask new questions. Good luck, Rosetta!. For extended data about this topic visit

Apes revolution: The planet of the apes Apologue humanist thinking to apartheid.

After the dawn of planet of the apes entrusted in 2011 to Rupert Wyatt, this time as a Director there is Matt Reeves, already appreciated for the Cloverfield monster, the vampire Blood Story and the tv series Felicity: "a revival? Let’s simply a new chapter in the saga, constructed from an emotional point of view. As a kid I was a big fan of the tv series: the new frontiers that envisaged for humans and primates caught me. And now here I am, to postulate a world dominated by monkeys: it would be a better world? The problem is this: there is no ‘ best ‘, on the other hand, we must pursue dialogue and integration between men and apes as between man and man ".  In the movie, powered by a simple but powerful 3d in battle scenes, the community led by wise and wiry Caesar lives in the forest of Miur at the edge of San Francisco, while humans escaped to the viral Apocalypse gather around Dreyfus (Gary Oldman): two leaders, destined to clash.  In the Middle, man of dialogue, Malcolm (Jason Clarke), who explores the thicket in the company of girlfriend Ellie (Keri Russell) and his son Alexander (Kodi Smit-McPhee) stumbles in monkeys. Caesar does not trust, but the threat on his horizon is not smooth but hairy and long levers, ilbonobo Koba (Toby Kebbell): men against the apes, monkeys against monkeys, men against men, and save those who can. Matt Reeves works on these multiple oppositions trying psychological introspection, trying to make us enter the body, in the head and in the heart of Caesar, whose eyes open and close the film the look of utopia, of conflict not what we see? "Caesar is a mestizo, is halfway between his species and humans who have grown: his empathy leads us to reflect on violence". And on the current impact of the series held in baptism in 1968 from the original by Franklin j. Schaffner, adaptation by Pierre Boulle, the Director pursues the paradigm: "I think to apartheid, but I haven’t been following a certain parallelism: Gaza, Ukraine, everyone can see what you want, rather, that she feels on your skin."  It is not easy to deal with these monkeys, seeing is believing the misstep of Tim Burton (2001), and Apes Revolution, while providing entertainment, action and adrenaline, chooses pathos and empathy to decrypt the mechanisms of human or anthropomorphic violence: "science fiction catches character study, an analysis of the human being: there is even the love story of Caesar and Malcolm, a tragic story, especially there is an association between empathy and peace. " But please do not think a Caesar Gandhian, a sort of Mother Teresa opposable thumb not necessarily, because Reeves and his writers had in mind another Caesar is the Moses of her people, but in its shape echo the Shakespearian King and Godfather don Vito Corleone ". And there is an offer you can’t refuse: the film itself, which with mole from blockbuster (170 million u.s. dollars of budget) and incredible motion performance and performance capture offers the right to the humanist fable human, too human nicciano behind Caesar’s hair. Yes, among the many firsts in Hollywood there is also: Hail Caesar!  . Additional data can be found reading resource.

Gaza: Villepin condemned the massacre perpetrated by Israel.

The former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin denounced the massacre that was perpetrated in Gaza by Israel, calls for a UN interposition in the occupied territories and sanctions against the Jewish State, in a virulent tribune published Friday by Le Figaro. Raise the voice against the massacre that was perpetrated in Gaza, today is, I write it in conscience, a duty for the France, writes Dominique de Villepin, which adds only by submission to the strongest voice, the voice of the France is is tue, that was talking about general de Gaulle in the aftermath of the Six-day war, one that was talking about Jacques Chirac after the second intifada. How understand today that the France calls for the "hold" when it kills children informed? . . . How to understand that the first reaction of France, through the voice of its president, is unqualified support for the security of Israel policy?, he exclaimed. The Israeli army, which has triggered hostilities on 8 July and entered the Gaza Strip on July 17, concluded Thursday night a new 72-hour ceasefire with Palestinian Hamas which comes into force Friday at 05: 00 GMT. With approximately 1. 450 deaths and more than 8. 300 injured, mostly civilians, this war is at least as deadly as cast lead (2008-2009), which had already started to put an end to the firing of rockets by Hamas. Among the dead were at least 242 children according to Unicef. For its part, the Israeli army lost 56 soldiers, its heaviest losses since the war against Lebanese Hezbollah in 2006. There is not under international law right to security which involves in return a right to occupation and still less a right to the massacre, railed the former Prime Minister who considers that Israel cannot rely on the fact that Hamas exploits civilians to forget (that he) assassinates them. Yes there is a terror in Palestine and the West Bank, a methodical and organized terror applied by the Israeli armed forces, as could be seen from many officers and soldiers Israelis ec? scratches by the role that they were given play, he still writes. There are now nor plan peace, neither interlocutor able to propose, he laments in denouncing the absence of partner in Palestine,. There’s more partner for peace in Israel. . . There’s no longer partner on the international scene. Among the tools it proposes sanctions against Israel. This requires a vote by the Security Council of the United Nations of a resolution condemning the action of Israel,. This means concretely to assume economic sanctions targeted and graduated. Finally, Dominique de Villepin proposes to impose an interposition by the placing under mandate of the United Nations in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with an administration and an international peacekeeping force. . You should read the following home page to learn extra about this great topic.

The European left conspires against Angela Merkel,. in Berlin.

Obviously things were not presented in this way. Michael Roth (SPD), German Secretary of State for European Affairs, has invited his french counterparts, Harlem Désir, and Italian, Sandro Gozi, in Berlin, was officially because the Germany and the France traditionally work together and the Italy chairs this half of the European Union. In fact, this most unusual triangle cannot be explained by the political proximity between the three men. To weigh against Angela Merkel and even inside the SPD, the ambitious Michael Roth needs support in Europe and can currently count within large countries that on the France and the Italy. The three men agreed to a rather soothing statement on firstly, growth and employment; Secondly, the policy of asylum and migration (in due course to the presence of the Italy); and thirdly, European values and the fight against anti-Semitism, current forces. The challenge will focus on the 300 billion euros as the new president of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, promised to focus on employment and investment in the next five years.  Some conservatives, like Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, minimize this announcement and noted that Governments have so far been unable to use the EUR 6 billion released in 2013 by the European Union for employment of young people. Without saying so explicitly of course, they consider that these 300 billion mix of cabbages and carrots and that there in fact not much new under the Sun. . Similar data can be inspected reading

The green light to the Decree Pa.

The Chamber of the House approved the dl p. a, The votes in favor were 286, 132 against, two abstentions. The decree now goes to the Senate. Is the first cause of Parliament that the premier and the Minister of the Pa, Marianna Madia, have defined the ‘ Copernican revolution ‘. The text now goes to the Senate, to be converted by August 23. So the measures to reform, you could say "scrapped", the state machine, from easy to tight retirements on assignments and magistrates. The dl was also the tool chosen to give the go-ahead to 4 thousand outlets in schools, despite the negative opinion of Accountancy in the State. So much so that the Commissioner Spending Review, Carlo Cottarelli, thunders: If you commit so no savings will be more room for the tax cut.   -ABOLISHED DETENTION SERVICE. By the end of October, no public servant will be able to remain at work after reaching the pension requirements, while so far could continue his career for two years. The rule also applies to judges, although with a mitigating circumstance if: for they stop only at the beginning of 2016 will, in order to ensure the functionality of the Court. Also because in the judiciary were granted extra year 5 (up to 75 years).   -Office RETIREMENTS at AGE 62, 68 for professors. The public can send administration placed its employees, explaining the choice, at 62 years, provided they have the maximum seniority. Insurance record and is no longer effective, as up to it (hold then the repayment). It is anticipated outputs of 4 years compared to the standard limit of 66 years. The possibility was envisaged, but the recipe is reviewed, so as to facilitate its application, including in the audience also interested in management. Age thresholds are not the same for everyone, for university professors and leading rise to 68 years for doctors to 65.   -FREE 4 THOUSAND PROF STRANDED by FORNERO REFORM. In the Decree was also the solution for teachers ‘ 96 quota agreement. A label under which are teachers and other school staff. All share the same fate: stayed at work due to a technical error in the last reform of the pension system, whereby, despite having gained the requirements have not been able to get out. Now the dl gives go-ahead, already starting from September, the outputs, providing a limit of 4000 retirements and a tfr postponed the maturation of the requirements according to Fornero.   -TURNOVER, A THOUSAND NEW FIREFIGHTERS. You switch from people to resources, so that the Government can proceed with assumptions that do not exceed 20% of the costs incurred for those who have come out in 2014, the threshold rises to 40% in 2015 to reach 100% in 2018. Links for revenue may expand territorial agencies that show «virtuosi». The accelerations are provided to firefighters, by creating more than 1,000 jobs, and for the police, for which fast scrolling of the rankings, ahead of Expo 2015.   -COMPULSORY MOBILITY BUT NOT FOR MOMS. A public servant may be transferred from one Office to another, within a radius of 50 kilometres, without previous motivations. But all this does not apply to parents with children under 3 years or protected by law 104. The general criteria for the definition of mobility will be determined, and is new with the trade unions. The same goes for the demotion intolerable: at most you can go down one step.   -STREAMLINING AUTHORITY, STRENGTHENED THE INCOMPATIBILITY. The dl is the Authority, order remains standing the possibility of unification of the seats, but only if you do not comply with the new constraints: the 70% of staff must be concentrated in the headquarters agreement. But it’s not just a matter of property, in the viewfinder there are also the positions: here is that the leaders emerged from the Bank of Italy, Consob and Ivass over the next two years cannot serve in roles set.   -Reduced -50% RIGHTS of COMMERCE, BUT IN 3 YEARS. The halving of the sums owed by businesses to the Chambers of Commerce will be there, but the prospect is the abolition, but it will come gradually, only in 2017, as requested by the Unioncamere. An amendment has in fact spread the cut in three tranches (for 2015 the scissors -35%, -40%) method for the 2016-AGENDA for SIMPLIFICATIONS, ONLINE TRAVEL MODULES. The Decree launching the Handbook for making it less bureaucratic and, in detail, provides equal forms nationwide, for the construction and launch of productive activities (Trail), to be published on the portal www. impresainungiorno. gov. it.   -NARROW EXPECTATIONS MAGISTRATES: The robes that cover positions in offices of direct cooperation with the Pa, even if only of legal advice, they can no longer enjoy the expectation, therefore must necessarily go out role, position for which there are infinitely many spaces (the maximum is ten years). And the rule doesn’t save even those who have already cashed the ‘ right if the expectation. Additional information can be found reading homepage.

Libya, the Islamic conquest of Benghazi: 200 killed in clashes in the country.

Islamists, while Tripoli completely destroyed. Are the News reported today by Federica Mogherini Foreign Minister in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. The Italians in Libya, the head of diplomacy said that 241, and are reassured on the energy front: oil production in Libya at the time not worrying condition, he said. With regard to fighting between Islamists and anti-Islamists, There the news still to be verified of Benghazi by Ansar al Sharia, said the Foreign Minister, while in Tripoli to force a fragile ceasefire which seems not regger for a long time, he added. The destroyed airport while you are finished-off operations of the fire in two fuel depots close to the capital, reported Mogherini. Among the Italians in Libya 241, 144 are in Tripolitania, 64 in Cyrenaica, Fezzan 33 in, pi 45 between Embassy and institutional staff. From yesterday-he explained-we are committed to contact them personally to offer the chance to return to Italy. There are also Italian stable residents 830 of which 80% with dual citizenship who supposedly will choose to stay. In Benghazi at least 75 bodies, for more soldiers, were found after two days of fighting in which Islamist fighters and their allied militias have penetrated in a impadronendosene military base. The last two weeks of fighting were the most bitter since Moammar Gadhafi was deposed. The latest episodes of violence have prompted several Western diplomatic missions to leave the country. Two brigades of former rebels, mostly rooted in Zintan city and Measured, pounded shots Tripoli with Grad rockets, artillery and cannons, turning the South of the capital into a battlefield. The France closed its Embassy in Tripoli and evacuated 30 own countrymen: the same thing they did the United States dumping their personnel from the country escorted by several soldiers through the Tunisian border. Three years after the fall of Gaddafi, Libya’s Government is not able to impose his authority on several brigades of ex-combatants who remain heavily armed and often make political demands of the State. Benghazi lived hours of fierce battles that led special forces in riturarsi in the city’s main military base. The country’s disaster relief authority, the equivalent of the Red Cross, said 50 bodies have been found inside the base. At least 35 bodies were later brought to the main hospital in Benghazi, according to some media operating on site. Hospital sources have talked about 25 lifeless cover found in several other areas of the city. The forces of the self-proclaimed Shura Council in Benghazi, including former rebels and militants of the Ansar al-Sharia tied to al-Qaeda have seized the base using heavy weapons and warplanes. They were hunted out by special troops which facilities were stationed and to bound Khalifa irregular forces Haftar, former General who had launched a campaign of resistance against Islamic militias in the country. The former officer has repaired with troops in an airbase outside the city. The fighters of Ansar al-Sharia, classified as a terrorist organization by Washington, have been blamed by the authorities for an attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi in 2012 where the American Ambassador was killed. . You must visit this home page to discover more on this interesting subject.

Court: Russia must pay more for Yukos.

The European Court of human rights (ECHR) to former shareholders in Yukos, the Russian oil company has awarded damages of 1.9 billion euros on Thursday. The Strasbourg Court ruled that Russia deliberately strongly pushed the value of the company through fantasy taxes and a controlled auction down. The company belonged to the Government critic Michail Chodorkowski. The Court sentenced Russia also to pay 300 000 euros in legal costs as well as taxes. 2011 in a preliminary judgment the Court had told still that it found no evidence of a disproportionate approach of the Russian Government in the dismantling of Yukos. The former owner of Yukos had complained in Strasbourg on an allowance of $38 billion (28.3 billion euros).  Only on Monday Russia had been sentenced by the Permanent Court of arbitration in the Hague to the payment of 50 billion dollars (37.3 billion euros) to the ex-owner of Yukos. Khodorkovsky himself but not among the plaintiffs. Essentially, the Court of argument of ex shareholders followed. Therefore, they were expropriated in the dismantling of the largest Russian oil group ten years ago. Russia has announced to contest the ruling. The recession-vulnerable and occupied because of the conflict in Ukraine with sanctions of the West country must begin with the payments until January 15, 2015, otherwise incurred interest on the sum. The ruling of the Arbitration Court is probably less serious take it, however, because it is not a government body.   The respective referees be used "ad hoc". Its legal basis agreements between States – in this case are an Energy Charter (which has however never definitively ratified Russia, but only provisionally signed). His decisions can be used by only using state courts What conceivable against Moscow if necessary abroad. Also, it can be appealed to a limited extent from justice. Also in the planned FTA TTIP such arbitration proceedings are foreseen, but extremely controversial. Currently about Vattenfall against the German nuclear phase-out, complain, because the Federal Republic has concluded an agreement for the protection of investors and the Scandinavian energy group sees this through the "energy revolution" of politics as injured. . For more about this subject visit

Ebola, army from House to house in Sierra Leone to hunt for infected people.

Continues and expands the health emergency in Central Africa for Ebola.  The President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, said emergency sanitariaa status because of the spread of the virus. In an effort to stem the spread of the epidemic was launched Monday a national day of stay ‘ at home ‘.  To locate people who might have come into contact with patients will be searched from House to House: the police and the army will assist healthcare providers and housing with the sick will be quarantined. In Liberia, schools and State offices closed.   The President’s announcement came in late in the evening of Wednesday, after laLiberiaha also decided to increase its efforts to slow the progress of the disease. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, ordered the closure of schools and most government offices. Sirleaf, who will not go to the Summit of African leaders in Washington because of the crisis, has also asked to close markets in an area near the borders with Guinea and Sierra Leone, other countries affected by the epidemic. "Liberian Compatriots, Ebola is unaminaccia real, is contagious and kills. To deny the existence of the disease does not do its part, then you put yourself and your loved ones safe, "said the President. Sirleaf also announced that new precautions, after a Liberian sources uomostatunitensedi has embarked on unaereoa Monrovia and arrived in Nigeria, where he later died from Ebola. Man’s airport in a busy airport of Togo has increased fears for the spread of the virus and pushed the line involved, laAsky, to suspend flights to and from the capital of Sierra Leone and Liberia.   Since the beginning of the epidemic more than 670 victims.  There are over 670 victims of the Ebola virus in West Africa, grappling with the outbreak from last February. The most affected countries are Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In total, according to the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, are 1. 201 cases in three African countries: 427 in Guinea, where there are 319 deaths; 249 in Liberia, but only 84 were confirmed (129 dead) and 525 in Sierra Leone, with 224 deaths, among which include the doctor who led the fight against the virus in the country, Sheik Umar Khan. Meanwhile has alarmed Europe. Cameron’s Government Wednesday has prompted an extraordinary meeting chaired by British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond, to discuss the possible threat to the United Kingdom. At the same time, the European Commission has allocated 2 million euros for measures against the spread, bringing the total aid to 3.9 million. The French Health Minister, Marisol Touraine said in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien that France "has the means to cope with the Ebola virus".   . For extended information on this matter read blog.

Impending sovereign default – Argentina is on hedge funds.

Previously, it had already given an approximation: the representatives of the Contracting Parties had met "for several hours in my Office and in my presence", the court-appointed mediator Daniel Pollack explained briefly after midnight in New York. "These were the first talks face to face between the parties," he said. "An open exchange of opinions and concerns has taken place." New York Judge Thomas Griesa had turned to the side of the accusing hedge fund. His judgment blocking payments to other creditors, as long as Argentina’s demands not the hedge funds. It’s about $1.5 billion in debt and accrued interest. However, the Government in Buenos Aires wants to not give because she fear that other creditors on the full payment of old debts would be. An appropriate clause does exist in the treaties to the former debt restructuring (rights upon future offers or RUFO). In financial markets, hope rose until Wednesday evening yet to reach an agreement. The prices of Argentine Government bonds climbed in the meantime even at the highest levels for three years. "There seems to be a solution on the table, they must only announce it," a dealer was confident in New York. The Argentine economy Minister, Kicillof could quickly clinch the deal. . Root data can be read clicking this home page.

Hospitality: lack of controls on unregulated rentals.

The Umih, the main Union of hospitality and catering, regretted Wednesday the absence of effective controls for the rental of bed and breakfast, meeting with Carole Delga, Secretary of State responsible for trade. At the beginning of the year, an interministerial instruction had been sent to all prefects, to recall the rules applicable to the rental of bed and breakfast, said in a statement the Union trades and industries of hospitality which includes 85% of independent professionals in the sector. Nevertheless, the UMIH regret the absence of effective controls on the ground since then, note the Union. At its meeting Wednesday morning with the Secretary of State for trade, crafts, consumption and social and solidarity economy the Union therefore claimed implementation of fast action to verbalize the illegal activities which escape any tax, regulatory, social constraints, and also hygienic. For months, the Union is concerned the development of the rental of furnished apartments short-duration without any regulatory framework, regretting an unfair competition. . You should click this to learn extra regarding this great subject.