Papua New Guinea: new shock after a massive earthquake

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Another earthquake, of magnitude 6.1, struck Sunday morning Papua New Guinea, just hours after an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 has temporarily triggered a tsunami warning, announced the American Institute of Geophysics USGS. Sunday morning, while the authorities have stood the assessment of damage caused by a powerful earthquake in the first night, a 6.1 magnitude tremor shook the island of Bougainville. The epicenter was 96 kilometers from the city of Panguna and at a depth of 18 kilometers, according to the USGS. A few hours ago, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurred off the coast of Papua New Guinea, triggering a tsunami warning for the Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The alert was later lifted in the night, said the tsunami warning center in the Pacific. The tremor of magnitude 7.5, struck at 23:30 (13:30 GMT) 75 kilometers southwest of the city of Panguna on Bougainville Island, the USGS said. The epicenter was at a depth of 30 km. Saturday morning, an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 was recorded in the region. According to seismologists Geophysical Observatory Port Moresby, these earthquakes are the latest in a series of "big enough" shaking in the Panguna area, including two earthquakes of magnitude 7.6 and 7.5 the April 11, which left at least two dead. Tremors of such magnitude are often held in Papua New Guinea which lies on the "Ring of Fire" in the Pacific, where tectonic plates collide causing intense seismic and volcanic activity. Last year in February the town of Lata in the Solomon Islands was destroyed by a tsunami after an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 has been ten people and left thousands of people homeless. to learn more

Taxi App service will expand into other German cities

myTaxi rolls into the US

The controversial taxi service app Uber wants to expand beyond Berlin in other German cities. In May, the start in Frankfurt am Main is planned, a little later should Dusseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg follow, announced Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Northern and Western European head of Uber, in the "Welt am Sonntag" on. The U.S. company provides amateur drivers as chauffeurs.

In Berlin, the district court had the chauffeur service banned this week in a preliminary injunction. The plaintive taxi operators do not want to enforce the decision, however, because he fears for high damages-claims for a potentially different judgment on the merits. U.S. start-up intends to offer its service as before.

In the U.S. Internet company is now represented in five years on the market and in about 50 cities. There, too, as well as in Paris and Brussels, it has come into conflict with taxi drivers. The German Taxi Association raises About intend to provide drivers with no taxi license and without adequate insurance. More on this topic

The Fox dismisses a historic Vice “He used the company email to raise funds for the families of the passengers of the flight MH370″

NEW YORK – Darlene Tipton, vice president of administrative history of the cable networks group Fox was fired on the spot for having used his corporate e-mail accounts to plan a program of aid to the families of the passengers of the Malaysian disappeared. The vice president had sent an email to her friend whose boyfriend was on the flight MH370 proposing to bring forward a fundraiser for the families of the passengers, with the aim of having them suffered damages, saving lengthy legal wrangles. The spokesman of the Foz, Scott Grogin confirmed the dismissal of veteran vice president of the network, explaining that she had violated the rules established by the use of corporate email. "As soon as we became aware – he said – we have taken the appropriate measures." Darlen Tipton Fox was in a quarter of a century. Interviewed at his home in Los Angeles, the former head of the television network said it will continue with its initiative, soliciting contributions through the crowdfunding site GoFundMe. The woman, however, has decided to sue Fox for a dismissal which considers illegal. to read more on this topic

Kremlin: Russia prepares no military mission in Ukraine

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Russia is preparing, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov before any military intervention in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin had indeed can give a power of attorney in order to protect Russian citizens in the crisis-ridden country, if necessary, the spokesman said on Saturday evening on Russian state television. However, Russia to take "anything, what would attest invasion plans," Peskov said.

Putin's spokesman criticized the United States and Britain did not care who was in Kiev to the "bloody coup" in power. Heart of the conflict in the former Soviet republic was that the Russian-speaking population in the east and south of the country had no confidence in the pro-Western government in Kiev.

Peskov also announced countermeasures, Ukraine should join NATO and the Alliance so on approach move to Russia. That would be a clear threat and would the entire European security architecture destabilize how Peskov said. Here you can

Crisis in Ukraine: Kiev exclaims Easter peace – separatists inflexible

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On Friday Deschtschytsia had threatened the separatists with concrete measures in the coming week, they should not surrender to the international observers. Representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to monitor the implementation of the Geneva agreement.

But in the OSCE it was said that so far there is no evidence for an object of the militant separatists. They appeared to be inflexible and waited on Saturday in the occupied government buildings. On Friday, the leader Denis Puschilin had declared that Russia's signature was not for them under the Geneva Conventions binding. A day later, he reiterated that and asked again for a referendum on a port of the eastern Ukraine to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said relations had improved for the West to create the conditions. "I think there is nothing that would be a normalization and a normal cooperation in the way," he said. "But that is not because of us or not only to us. It depends on our partners. "

Russia, meanwhile, confirmed to have reinforced his troops at the border with Ukraine. In addition to the permanent units troops had been moved to gain there, said Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov. In Ukraine, there was a violent overthrow, therefore precautions to protect its security should be taken. With an interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, this had nothing to do.

Previously, it was revealed that, apparently, the United States are about to move ground troops to NATO's eastern border. This emerges from a report in the "Washington Post" on Friday evening. According want to announce the relocation of ground troops to Poland Warsaw and Washington next week. Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak described the step when visiting the newspaper in Washington in response of NATO to the recent events in Ukraine. Also read this

An Easter in the middle of winter: bad weather strikes Italy

Above Average Temps. Into Thanksgiving (another Nor'easter brewing ...

ROME – It will also be Easter, but it looks like winter. Snow over much of the Alps, rain throughout the north-central, strong winds and low temperatures on the Tyrrhenian Sea are the hallmark of this climate that Easter weekend, falling so late in the calendar, could give hope for good weather. But Italy is hit by a disturbance originated in Scandinavia that will ruin the weather especially in the north, but also in the central and southern regions, with the exception of the islands. In Valle d'Aosta the snow is falling on the valley floor and the temperatures are back around zero: 4 degrees in Aosta, only 2 in Courmayeur. In Piedmont, the snow is falling to 1. 000 meters and the thermometer has fallen to 10 degrees, with very strong wind. In the valleys of Ossola disruption on the roads caused by the abundant snow that has surprised many motorists without suitable tires or chains. Astigiano, however, were the trees and poles blown down the cause of the interruption of the roads. Pennine Alps at the beginning of the afternoon had already accumulated 30-35 of snow and avalanche risk is increased to grade 3 (marked). Abundant rains in the Alessandria area. Snow and radiators on even on the coast of the Riviera. On the night of the highest peaks in the hinterland of Tigullio and also pads near Genoa were whitewashed by a sprinkling of snow. No exception Trentino Alto Adige closed due to bad weather and the Gardena Fedaia. Cold and rain also on Lake Garda, where, however, the snow has fallen. At the center-south major inconvenience register for the rains on the Amalfi Coast, where there were several landslides. The rains have also created hardships in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano inland flooding on the roadways. For the strong wind minor accident between two hydrofoils in the port of Naples. We also recommend reading

Japan, Prime Minister Abe at the Economist Conference: “I Superman? No, but I will reforms'

Japan: Abe's master plan | The Economist

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe opened the conference of "The Economist" in Tokyo in a curious way, citing two covers of the British periodical: a 1998, on "disconcerting Japan's ability to disappoint," and last year is that him, Abe, ironically, as a Superman that flies in the heavens. Investors in the financial markets await him at the gate of the promises systemic reforms of the economy (the so-called "third arrow" dell'Abenomics, after the ultra-loose monetary policy and fiscal flexibility): relatively disappointed, have resulted in a decline of more than 10% of the Japanese stock market since the beginning of the year, after the Nikkei jumped by 57% during 2013.

Abe has promised to make the radical reforms expected by the financial community and that will accelerate negotiations on the liberalization of trade with the United States and Europe (after completing a few days ago an agreement in principle for the free trade agreement with Australia). The treaties of trade liberalization are considered crucial by various experts to the effect that will have on the boost to domestic reforms. Already next week it will be seen, during a visit to Tokyo by U.S. President Barack Obama, if Japan will be able to announce whether or not a breakthrough in the difficult negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Investors also expect a cut in the corporate tax reform plan that will be announced in June. Jesper Koll, JP Morgan analyst, pointed out the importance of the fact that economic reforms are on the table – even though many investors believe at least slow the pace of change – comparing Japan and Europe, where for example you do not speak at all to reform the mechanisms of agriculture most inefficient in the world. A good thing for investors impatient on the pace of reforms, according to Koll, however, is that the Japanese equity learned today at a discount on the U.S. for the first time in thirty years. Even if the majority support the Nikkei may come from a further easing of monetary policy by the central bank, to offer support to the Japanese stock market should be a change in the investment strategies of the largest pension fund in the world, Gpif (bottom of Japanese civil servants), with fewer bonds and more actions: the stressed Professor Takatoshi Ito, who was a consultant for parliamentary reform. Wing Conference, Abe has ruled that he will be the Prime Minister in 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics: "I'll watch the races from the stands, as an ordinary citizen. Of course we have to act now to make sure that everything goes well and that the Games are a success. " Via

Easter Sunday and Monday, rain everywhere

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An initial perturbation has already reached, today, Saturday, the Centronord, a second coming tomorrow, a third Mondays. Saturday 19, the eve of Easter: in the morning or overcast on almost all of Italy, except Apulia, Calabria and Sicily; rains throughout the North, Umbria, Tyrrhenian regions to Campania, Sardinia; a storm off the coast of Tuscany; light snowfall on central-western Alps over 1000-1200m and 1500-1700m over the Dolomites. In the afternoon rains everywhere (except Salento, Calabria, Islands); periods of time in the Alps, Piemonte, Tyrrhenian regions; light snowfall on the central-western Alps over 1200-1400m. In the evening a few more rain on Piedmont, Campania, Puglia. Temperature falling to the North. Maximum of 10-13 degrees on the regions of the Northwest, 17-19 on regions of the Northeast and Central, 21-22, on Sicily; 16-18 in the South Southern winds, 15-20 knots from the southwest to Medium-Low Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas. Sunday 20, Easter cloudy in the morning or on cloudy almost the whole of Italy; some rain on Friuli Venezia Giulia, Campania. Increasing clouds in the afternoon to Centronord, weak scattered rains and Northwest regions of Tuscany; light snowfall on central-western Alps. In the evening gets worse again, with rain throughout the north, Tuscany, Campania; light snowfall on the central-western Alps over 1500-1700m. Increasing temperature in the South; maximum around 14-16 degrees on regions of the Northwest, Northeast and 17-18 of the regions of central Sicily 22-23, 18-21 on Sardinia and the rest of the South Winds Scirocco almost everywhere, 15-20 knots on the Ionian Southern Adriatic. Monday, 21: in the morning a lot of clouds over much of the Centronord; nice time on the Islands and the South; rains throughout the North of Italy; snowfall in the central-western Alps over 1600-1800m. In the afternoon, still many clouds to Centronord; clear over most of the South and the Islands; rains throughout the North, Tuscany, Marche Apennine regions; temporal spread of the Alps, Liguria, Friuli, Emilia Romagna; snow on central-western Alps. In the evening improves almost everywhere. High temperatures: 16-18 degrees North, 17-21 on Sardinia and in the Center, 2022 South, 22-24, on Sicily. Weak mostly southerners. More on this topic

Today on the feature pages: The gulf between nobility and defeat

The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and ...

All mourn Gabriel García Márquez. Paul Berman describes him in The New Republic as the writer who liberated the Spanish language from the tyranny of the past: "There are stately grandeur in his writing, and this sublimity animates all of his books because it improbable from beginning to end in a great contradiction was trapped, namely have the between lofty literature and wretched life his figures a glorious, if not mythical conception of themselves as if they were heroes in an epic,. yet insists life on realities that are neither heroic nor mythical are, to figures finally wounded and beaten lying on the ground. Yet they write their own version of events continues., you are noble losers, and the gap between nobility and defeat is infinite deplorable. In his greatest novel 'The Autumn of the Patriarch' ( great in his and my eyes), you could order the monstrous dictator whose assessment itself has no basis in reality its more, almost crying. "One of the most important essays written in recent years about Gabriel Garcia Marquez, comes from Enrique Krauze, editor of the magazine Letras Libres, one of the few liberal intellectuals in Latin America. Essay appeared in the New Republic in 2009, on the occasion of Gerald . Martins biography of Nobel laureate Krauze examined Garcia Marquez ratio 'to his Caudillo Fidel Castro and want it not forgive him, that he at the same time celebrates the search for truth and the report of Fidel Castro lies defends: "history falls both aesthetic and ethical judgments. Aesthetically speaking, it would be a bit premature to see Garcia Marquez 'new Cervantes'. But in moral terms, this comparison is totally wrong. As a hero of the war against the Turks, who was wounded in the battle, and for five years was a prisoner in Algeria, Cervantes was with Quixote-like integrity and for his ideals. And he had the ultimate freedom to accept his defeat with humor. From such greatness of spirit there is in Garcia Marquez, who collaborated willingly with oppression and dictatorship, no trace. Cervantes? ! Far. "And here one more wonderful essay on Krauze Jorge Volpi Georg Sütterlin told in his obituary in the NZZ of the eventful life, from which Garcia Marquez 'dined literature:" The published in 1955, multi-part documentary' report of a Shipwrecked 'compromised the political and military elite Colombian. The newspaper El Espectador sent her star reporter then for its own protection as a correspondent to Europe. When the sheet was closed on the orders of the dictator Rojas Pinilla and the monthly checks forthcoming, learned García Márquez know poverty. In Paris, he collected returnable bottles and waste paper and begging in the subway. "Kersten Knipp also describes why Garcia Marquez held the belief in a Latin American socialism in the Berliner Zeitung says Martin Ebel, as Márquez took his style on Kafka and his grandmother." In Kafka, Garcia Marquez did not need to learn how the unbelievable by the ease with which it is told is true – that he has, if anything, learned from his grandmother; reading Kafka showed this Colombians, however, that you may also write. "In FR Wolfram Schütte makes it clear that it was not the settlement with the Colombian violence, the" One Hundred Years of Solitude "made the literary big event:" It was only & only the completely new literary tone of an orgiastic and rhythmically sprawling prose, seemingly rampant debauched monstrously, Fantastic, Fabulous, Mythical, which called the reader into the swirling, cyclical effervescent tale of violence, death and sexuality "Manuel Gogos and Philipp Lichterbeck remember the Tagesspiegel also on his trip to East Germany in the fifties: "In glossy reports, he sketched a population that did indeed purely formal taken power, but 'the saddest nation had remained that I had ever seen'. "Also: In the world Marko Martin looks at the controversy over Garcia Marquez as political intellectuals back In a side note, he also explains why younger writers in Latin America never felt called to parricide:.. Because Garcia Marquez has promoted it throughout his life in taz identified Dirk Knipphals a work design: "Márquez's novels live on the failure of his figures. "Paul Ingendaay pays tribute to the author in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:" The letter of García Márquez not only Colombia arrived on the literary map of the world, but also a new kind of storytelling that includes into the 21st Century "(online, there is a short version of the text). Burkhard Müller praises in the SZ the political will to hold in 1982, was awarded the Nobel Prize author: "Although he can act so tired verquält and isolates his characters, their author himself never joined resignation. "In addition, Peter Burghardt has written a second obituary for SZ, in which he writes about Márquez's birthplace Aracataca (online there is a different version of the text) in the period Ulrich Rüdenauer writes an obituary Further topics:.. Sieglinde Geisel portrayed in the NZZ Florian Höllerer, the leadership of the Literary Colloquium Berlin takes over. Friedrich Wilhelm Graf writes in the world about Max Weber, who was born 150 years ago. Discussed will include the exhibition of Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the First World War in the Free German Bishopric in Frankfurt M. (FAZ), Sibylle Lewitscharoff new thriller "Killmousky" (SZ), Alexander Kluge's "30 April 1945 "(taz, SZ) and Dirk Baecker's Essay on" neuro-sociology "(taz) in Frankfurt's Anthology of FAZ is Peter Hamm Georg Trakl's poem" A winter evening "before:" When the snow falls to the window, long ringing the dinner bell, Many of the table is prepared. . . "

Hanns-Georg Rodek noticed half angry, half of resignation in the world that once again no German director was invited to Cannes, although Fatih Akin, Christian Petzold, Andreas Dresen and Wim Wenders new movies have done: "Instead, the candidates with an automatism, on which you can place bets already, end up with each new film on the Croisette. Since Ken Loach ('Jimmy's Hall', a deported from Ireland to the United States political activist), as are Mike Leigh ('Mr. Turner ', about the famous British landscape painter) and Bertrand Bonello (' Saint-Laurent ', already the second biopic about fashion designer within six months) and David Cronenberg and the Dardenne brothers and Olivier Assayas. "Christiane Peitz celebrates the Tagesspiegel the movie" Circles – Krugovi "by Serbian director Srdan Golubovic, who is a bitter portrait of the Bosnian post-war society:" sorrow and silence, guilt and moral dilemma, revenge and forgiveness. "In the taz Matthias Dell speaks with the director Tamara Trampe about their new film," My mother, a war and I ". David Hugendick maintains itself in time with the Serbian director Srdan Goluboovi ¿on the new film" Circles "and the reactions thereon. With Pepe Danquart "Run Boy Run" and Pawel Pawlikowski "Ida" currently running two interesting films about Jewish destiny, Katja Nicodemus writes in time. Waltraud Schwab recalls in the taz to the black actress Marie Nejar in propaganda films of the " Third Reich "play along.

As a "stroke of genius" praises Isabelle Jacob Demis Volpis listed in Stuttgart Ballet "Aftermath", a piece for women to music by Michael Gordon: "At the beginning dances Hyo-Jung Kang a stunning solo, she rowed for help with arms and lets her feet quickly jump and hit. Gradually shapes the female corps de ballet a semi-circle around the dance end, performs mechanical movements and maneuvers the dancer as drab gray swarm through space., the individual can in between to break out and live out their madness, but once again from the group obtained -. "staging of Dürrenmatt's Bastian Kraft at the Deutsches Theater Berlin shown" visit the old lady an artist amidst a mass that can not exist without the creative individual "is strongly influenced by Lady Gaga's art-pop hybrid aesthetics, reports Dirk Pilz in the Berliner Zeitung. "She is the perfect become emerging resident, show girl and life artist in the intermediate realm of fiction and everyday life in this half-hour evening at the Deutsches Theater and is due to justice fury, the fate goddess who takes personal distress in the world Revenge -., And remains, what their literary work is a regent of the parabola Stick Lady Gaga as an allegory for a world in a state of intangibility.. "For the SZ Dorion Weick man portraying the choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: its" engine is the curiosity about exotic body languages ​​that he incorporated to . "

In the Jungle World is Kristof Maria Künssler is heavily inspired by the punk ex-mods Sleaford mods that adequately the revolt promise of the first punk generation wear in modern times: "Rarely does pop music, nor to white, the daily horror of precarious Dahindarbens as precise and unpeinlich to image, without falling into clichés and pathos or even bothering with rallying. During the neighboring areas of pop culture (…) to be content with 'vorzuhalten the Company the mirror', to 'a laughter sticks in the throat '(…), we get here the mirror once across pulled over his face. "In the taz Thomas Winkler and Anja Weber talk at length with Bela B. on semen stains, indexing and unmolested football stadium visits. Discussed the debut solo album by singer Marcus Kettcar Wiebusch (time), Kelis 'new album "Food" (time) and Wallis Birds' album "Architect" (taz).

In the SZ Catrin Lorch takes a view on the upcoming program of museums and galleries and notes: Were there women in the earlier operating primarily on images in the form of files, the signs are now good for artists. "Prominent appointments are reserved for artists – especially for those who are older and whose work is being developed in fast forward …. The ruling generation now holds art by women for a good investment, which may also have to do with the fact that many of the most powerful players in the art market are women. "For the Jungle World, Sarah Pines has entertained with the artist Scott Hove who conjures bleak messages on pink cake sculptures. He explains his art as follows: "With the concept of threatening, but still beautiful cakes I try to destroy the comfort of the bourgeois desire for security by, I refer to its underlying fear the comfort of American society rests on the shoulders of many people. that remain excluded from it. these Safety is thus always a dark side, as well as the beauty always has a dark side. "

The ethnologist Germaine Tillon belonged to the famous resistance group that originated in the Musée de l'Homme. In 2008, she died at the age of 101 years. Now the remains are to be the once transferred to Ravensbrück deportees into the Panthéon. Slate. fr published a letter of resisters activist to the Gestapo in which they respond fully downright majestic irony to allegations that were made her by the occupying forces – such as the allegation that she had let stay at his home parachutists: "I would have been really in brought embarrassment when a parachutist had landed in my garden, because it is to me quite impossible someone to accommodate me without the whole neighborhood immediately knows: My 93-year-old grandmother still goes in quarters shopping, chatting, like with the shopkeepers . way, we have a cleaning lady for 25 years, an excellent person, but the most talkative and scariest in the whole department. "

(Via Sueddeutsche. De) Edward Snowden has a demonstration in Wladimir Putin's propaganda show on Russian television. Russia Today provides the uncomfortable moment in English translation. The SZ notes to this scene:…. "Snowden is dependent on Putin The NSA Whistleblower get asylum in Russia in August The stay is limited but for a year What happens in the summer, is completely open to the U.S. Will Snowden delivered, he faces an indictment and a long prison sentence. "In the U.S. there are much nastier comments about Snowden's appearance:" Edward Snowden Is Russia's Puppet Now, "Benjamin Wittes writes in the New Republic. Ud Stephen Stromberg writes in the Washington Post, the straight absahnte the Pulitzer Prize for Snowden's revelations: "Snowden surrendered any Remaining shred of dignity on Thursday If he had any choice in the matter, he shouldhave DECLINED to appear If he did.. not have a choice, he shouldhave surrendered to the U.S. embassy before humiliating himself. "Given the fact that in the U.S. more and more media are taken of patrons (see Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post or Pierre Omidyar and The Intercept) wonders Bourdieu pupil Marco d'Eramo in the taz whether media not go in the U.S. the way the elite universities, which are now also funded by donations: "The commodity that is produced at universities is 'knowledge' as the newspapers 'Information' is. Yet in both cases is the only way to finance it, the private donation, with the implicit consequence that this information that this knowledge remains a shrinking elite. "Joseph Wälzholz engages in his column in the literary world, the polemic Wolfram Schütte's against the pearl on the chute accused of lack of understanding of Russia Wälzholz But not like both. Against Schütte he has an aesthetic objection (the many & sign), the pearl he finds, however, "not politically stable."

To lead the Russian minorities as arguments for annexation, is perfidious, says the Estonian-Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen in the literary world, because they were usually settled by Stalin in these countries to russify it: "The Baltic States have now been years of Russia listen to such rhetoric, the rest of the world knows relatively little about these countries -.. exactly how about Ukraine Therefore, the Russian agenda – to prove their right to self-determination in question -. no means an impossible task, "Ulrich M. Schmid describes in the NZZ the dark background to what is now commonly referred to decision Nikita Khrushchev in 1954, slam the Crimea Ukraine: "1954 was a special year for the Ukrainian-Russian relations: They were celebrating the 300-year anniversary of the brotherhood of the two peoples. 1654 had the Ukrainian Cossacks in Perejaslav an oath of allegiance to the Russian Tsar placed to gain a powerful ally in the fight against the Polish superiority. From the Russian perspective, this contract is interpreted today as will the Ukraine to be part of Russia. "And the Crimea, they were just given to reward their love for Moscow! During the live-blog of the time can be traced quite well, which is reflected in the Ukraine after the Geneva agreement actually does. Discover more

Mythical History of the Americas

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I was 15 or 16 years old when my father brought me back from Uruguay a booklet of one Gabriel García Márquez, The Colonel No One Writes to. Me and my friends, pretentious intellectuals teenagers, we'd be willing to explore Latin American literature after reading in class Germán Arciniegas and Rivera, but nothing I read was like this strange story told Colombian violence on both of these land for us locals, we seemed more exotic than China and at the same time, said nothing about herself.

He said that as city man, he had not had in his youth, a direct experience of violence, tragedy especially Colombian Norte, and therefore decided that his novels contract within the South. This could explore the reasons and roots of violence, and the consequences for those who survive. Also, he had not wanted to fall into the obscene descriptions of violent acts, as did some of his contemporaries. "I'm not interested in the act itself," he said, "if the threat of the act." That threat is felt by the reader from the first paragraph of pathetic Colonel No One Writes to around half a tablespoon of coffee to the exalted and challenging final word: "Fuck". Discover more