1-0 against Augsburg: pass Schalke in Swabia.

Gate Garant Klaas-Jan Huntelaar scored Schalke 04 despite a little heady notion in the upper half of the table of Bundesliga. The joy of the 1:0 (1-0) against FC Augsburg was however marred Friday by the early thigh injury by Julian Draxler. Huntelaar was in the 37th minute at least a successful dress rehearsal for the Champions League match on Wednesday at sporting Lisbon. The Repertoire of Schalke coach Roberto Di Matteo was thrown after a few seconds on the bunch. After a duel in Augsburg Captain Paul Verhaegh with a lunge, Draxler summed up the right rear thigh. The world champion was forced to leave the space supported by tutors with Jersey cracked on and was replaced by Chinedu Obasi. An investigation at the hospital should reflect the severity of the damage. Draxler is threatening to fail not only in Lisbon, but possibly also for the European Championship qualifier against Gibraltar on 14 November, as well as the match in Spain four days later. The offensive player is already the eighth failure of the Schalke. After the best until then attack of the second half, Halil ALTINTOP failed former workplace at Ralf Fährmann (67). Overall, however, settled the landlords now less push back like in the first half hour and stay unbeaten this season so. Hitz prevented even the 2-0 (87) against Obasi (86th) and team-mate Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker. . You can read this resource to learn extra on this great matter.

The Agreement Daimler-MV Augusta. Continues the German passion for motorbikes.

Mercedes-AMG will acquire 25% of trademark Varese. To commercially exploit the combination of two sports brands, but also for technical cooperation likely. As already do BMW and Volkswagen Also Daimler gives motorbike. No soul and body like BMW and Volkswagen Group, which BMW Motorrad and Ducati are owners at 100%, but with a partnership agreement in the long term under which the German group will acquire 25% of Italian brand and will occupy a seat on its Board of Directors. The cooperation initially will focus primarily on marketing and sales. Why can’t do well at both companies the combination of high performance AMG Division of Mercedes, and the Italian trademark that between 50 and 70 years won the Motogp titles 38 and 37 pilots Gladden constructors. Partners that can come in handy not only from the point of view of the image, but also technical cooperation in times of downsizing: small but powerful motorcycles can come in handy as a range extender to increase the autonomy of the electric cars, for example. It is no coincidence that at the Paris Motor Show Volkswagen has shown the XL Sport hybrid equipped with two cylinders from 200 HP of Ducati. . For extra information regarding this subject visit source.

Migrants: with the stop at Mare Nostrum ends the humanitarian corridor.

Over 100 thousand people have died. Hardly would you all alive. Maybe most would not have saved. Thanks to the Mare Nostrum rose operation on ships equipped with food, blankets and clothes, medicines and often also with cultural mediators and recognition and the asylum request. This should be a news which go proud. A good road that the Government has embarked on a year ago, a choice that would be claimed. And in fact they are all very pleased with how it went. Nevertheless, the Mare Nostrum is intended to be closed. Giusi Nicolini, the Mayor of Lampedusa, he recalled a few days ago during the festival S that "we state, every citizen, I am the status, the divers went underwater to pick up corpses, the men of the army that carried them from the dock to the truck, the man who carried the dead as truck fridge, the scientific policeman took the dna, Coast Guard man who risked his life to save that of migrants: this is the State ", while Governments are another thing can go wrong or change the destinies of the people for the better." Behold! See soldiers who instead of being paid to kill people receive a salary to save me makes them feel closer to the sub, the man with the truck fridge and me too: closer to the idea of the State. And the Government decides to close the Mare Nostrum. It replaces Triton. The ships that will be used in this new operation are probably much different and less equipped because its mission is to control the borders, do not save humans. It will stop at some thirty miles from the coast. Not going to happen what happened for a year with the great Italian Navy ships that arrived a few miles from Africa and actually created something of a humanitarian corridor. Some will say that this closeness is an incentive to organize boats, but it is not so. About the job seekers normally lives in a poor country, but with the ability to move by train or by plane. The Chinese are not in a boat and spend less of an Eritrean who flees from his country. Who faces a nightmare journey during which to defend against any kind of violence does not risk their lives facing the sea with the boat because he knows of the Mare Nostrum. It does not have enough alternatives. And the traffickers will exploit the greater difficulty in reaching our shores to raise the price of the trip is not to slow the flow. When the House is on fire anyone jumps out the window and there is nothing left to burn just because in the garden instead of the firefighters with the network there is a policeman orders him to return. Someone else complain for 9 million that Italy has spent on each month’s Mare Nostrum. The taxpayer has paid was 1000 for each human life, roughly a third of what Radio wants to give in the first 3 years of life for our fellow citizens who will be coming. Some will say that our children are Italian, while those arriving by boat are foreigners. That it is better to do something for us and for them. But the difference is that our children are born, however, while they are dying. . For extended facts about this matter read http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu.

Power struggle in Libya: soldiers and Islamists to deliver fierce fighting.

Houses had been destroyed and a large number of people forced to flee, also lack of food and medical care: the situation in Benghazi was catastrophic, said the Member of Parliament Issa al-Arabi. In other regions of Libya have been fighting rival militias 2011 involved in the overthrow of ruler, Muammar al-Gaddafi. The army could bring the situation not yet under control. However Interior Minister Omar Sanaki reported during his visit in Brega on Friday, at least in this embattled city had the situation under control: the visit is a message to the world and Libya, that the Libyan Government has control over the oilfields and ports. The country is sinking into a power struggle, because two parliaments and two Governments compete with each other. About two weeks ago in a statement, the Western States warned Libya’s freedom is in danger, when domestic and international terror groups could use the country as a haven. The organisation Amnesty International has accused of massive human rights violations and war crimes militia groups in Libya on Thursday. Pillaging, abductions, torture and executions were commonplace, according to the report. Armed groups and militias run amok, attacking indiscriminately civilian areas and commit completely unpunished countless violations of human rights, of which some war crimes could be punished, Amnesty expert Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said. . For more insights regarding this topic click http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu.

Last film Orson Welles’ to come to the cinemas.

On the 100th birthday of the legendary filmmaker on 6 may 2015 his unfinished late work The other Side of the wind to come out now but still Р40 years after filming. So far, a bitter dispute had prevented the completion. The Berlin producer Jens K̦thner Kaul (50), who wants to press the project jointly with the U.S. production company Royal Road Entertainment, told the News Agency dpa on Friday: we have problems the years of law in consultation with all stakeholders. The legal bases are, everything is seated. Orson Welles, who died in Hollywood in discomfort in 1985, had worked on the film the last fifteen years of his life. History of star-studded with John Huston, Peter Bogdanovich, Dennis Hopper and Lilli Palmer is about an aging Director who wants to mean his stalled career with a return to sweep sex Рand violence-oozing stripes. Also the Oscar Welles once got for the script of Citizen Kane, is to see once again. This film will radically change our image of Orson Welles, Koethner Kaul says. Six years ago, K̦thner had met the now 73-year old Croatian in Los Angeles and could see the working copy so that the Director had once secretly smuggled from Paris to Hollywood. I have thrown me into the material and was immediately in love with the Berlin producer reported. But six years then it has required joint efforts until we could actually see the rolls of film in a vault in Paris one and a half weeks ago. 1803 roll material are filmed in 8, 16 and 35 mm, black and white and colour. It was yes the worst rumors about the material. That unless infected by fungi or disintegrate. But it is perfectly stored in a unique state, so Koethner Kaul. . You must click the following http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu to read more on this interesting matter.

Turin, buses “reserved” for the Roma. Psychodrama in left. Today summit with Fassimo and the prefect.

Louis Spinelli left ecology freedom and the Mayor proposes that a 69 bus continues to operate on the same route, skipping one stop, which is located in front of a Roma camp. And another 69 bus to play exclusively on shuttle service between the Roma and the terminus, skipping all other stops. This is to respond to the protests of many citizens who have reported to have suffered thievery, harassment and intimidation on the part of the Roma that climb on the bus. "Racism has nothing to do, it’s just a way to solve a problem that drags on for some time," said, totally siding next to the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor for transportation, of the Committee for public order and security prefect of BasilonePiero FassinoAnci TorinoPaola Today the issue will be examined by the convened by. In addition to the Mayor of Borgaro, there will take part in the capital, which is also the National President of the Association of Italian municipalities. For next Tuesday is then expected, with the same agenda, a meeting of the Municipal Council of Turin with Urban and transportation committees, and health and social services. There is much embarrassment in Pd and Sel for this proposal that smacks of apartheid. Sergio Cofferati In Pd you try to resize it in the hope that it is only a "provocation". Basically the Mayor of Borgaro would launch the proposal to start the debate, but without really intending to launch separate buses. This is the location of the former leader of the Cgil and the European Parliament which, moreover, by the Mayor of Bologna, suffered many attacks "from the left" for its orders for eviction of Roma settlements. But the story of Borgaro, stressed, is completely different: "we must be strict with everyone when it comes to rules. And must be also upbraided behaviors that fall into the bad education. It represses crime and civil behavior suggest, but do not divide people into two buses, one good and one bad. " AlabamaRosa Parks The buses have an important place in the history of the anti-racist struggles ever since (it was the 1° December 1955) in Montgomery, in, the forty-year-old star went to sit in one of the front rows, by law reserved for whites, and was arrested after he refused to obey the order to stand. A gesture that has become, with its protagonist, a symbol of the struggle of African Americans for the recognition of their rights. The year after the Supreme Court decreed the unconstitutionality of the seats reserved for whites on public buses and in 1999 Rosa Parks was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Congress. Roberto Cota also has helped make awkward, so much for the left, the story of Borgaro. And it is no coincidence that the Northern League have thrown headfirst, without doing anything to hide their satisfaction. Since the former Governor, and today the Piedmont Regional Secretary of Lega Nord, who wrote on his Facebook page: "The left in the municipality of Borgaro realizes today that immigration is a problem, especially with the Romanies and. , The turn Radio, since there has never been a Government more lax on the issue ". Legal Studies Association on Italian Gypsies today immigrazioneAizoAssociazione Proposal that, according to a note released by, is totally illegal and "ineffective compared to the objective of protecting the security, because strikes indiscriminately the whole Roma community that enjoys 69 line, without intervening against the individuals responsible for the offence (whether or not rom), which will continue to act undisturbed on buses and elsewhere". The (the acronym) released a document in which you do not deny the existence of the problem nor the fact that there are kids who have unacceptable behaviors ROMs. But it harshly criticises the method followed because that way you end up combining an entire community to inurbani behaviour of some of its young members. Fueling social tensions and prejudices. Rainews. it) and even on that front, that prejudices, Borgaro has something to tell. At the end of September an Italian gentleman who denounced the "Slavic suspects" had kidnapped his son and then free him shortly thereafter. Took the alarm, even on the media. Here are some of the titles: "clash in Turin: attempted abduction of a child, looking for a man of Slavic origin" (; "Attempted child kidnapping, trying Slav. He fled with the child in her arms, reached the father "(Ansa); "They try to kidnap a child at the fair. Surprised, they escape by car: two hunting slavi "(The newspaper). The next day the father of small confessed: he had lost sight of the baby in the middle of crowds for the patronal Festival and, fearing that the distraction could cost you the parental authority, had invented the kidnapping. . You must read this http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu to learn more on this great matter.

Romania vote, ends the era of premier Basescu.

Despite the crisis and austerity policies, Romania’s GDP also grew during this time of crisis by improving the living conditions of the population. Corruption is however a paiga (according to Transparency International, Romania is in third place for corruption among the EU countries) and the maladministration has ditched the hope of change for many citizens. In a country where voter turnout did not reach the 30 percent, to launch an appeal to vote is the European Association Italy, cultural movement with a strong Romanian component. "Our movement calls on many Romanians from the diaspora to go to the polls for the sake of the country and its European future. At the same time, the next Government is a real commitment to make the Romanian diaspora vote, "it said in a statement. "The suggestion that we propose is simple and concrete. This is the same method used for the French presidential election for their countrymen living abroad, namely the vote via the internet through the same security policy adopted by our French cousins ". . You must read the following article to discover more on this interesting topic.

Simeone says that a full Calderón is the prize that all Sunday.

We’re not at the level that we can be. We have much to improve. And I think it is normal. Different players within the stable team of eleven have been and this adaptation takes time. It is not easy. There are teams that changed only a footballer and seems that they changed a world with how to play. We change more than one, so it is a little more complex, continued Simeone. I guess tomorrow a team with these characteristics. I guided me a little not the team itself by players, but the coach, who recently is, and memories in the stage in his equipment. We know that you always try to play well, he likes to play a lot between the lines, having a good possession of the ball in all the teams that had and I can imagine that it will try to capture in Cordoba this same idea, he concluded. . Root source could be found visiting the following http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu.

How upgrade German cities against Airbnb.

The threat scenario in the skyline of skyscrapers is. Home owners should expect "sensitive fines" and "Administrative penalties", which provide homes and apartments as vacation rentals through Internet sites like Airbnb. It says in a fact sheet that has issued the construction supervision of the city. As proof that not only threatens the Office on request explains recent fines were imposed four times by up to 2000 euros. In at least one case resulted in the court process, in the first instance, the Administration won. The Frankfurt construction supervision is now proposing a particularly sharp tone in their leaflet. "Apartments are legally allowed in Frankfurt am Main", the first sentence is short and brisk. The city argues that such hostels are only allowed where apartments were explicitly allowed according to zoning – and that nowhere is the case in Frankfurt. This is read as official permission for its own business in the Berlin Airbnb’s European headquarters. The spokesman reminds us just clarifications on how many guests or how many offered nights from a private host, a commercial provider of apartment will. "We are in contact with the Frankfurt City Government, have but still no final information," he says. For the time being, Airbnb advises that Frankfurt, which left their home to strangers, ask if in doubt even in the municipal administration. The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was recently concluded, that 72 percent of the offerings on the sides were contrary to law. Airbnb holds, that 94 percent of the providers is one in New York or advertise no more than two addresses. Waive wants the portal to any user group. Private advertiser or commercial warden: it is crucial that suppliers are good hosts, says of Airbnb. . Similar data can be read checking http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu.

The secret of his success – Bud Spencer is 85: the five lessons of a cult star.

"One drew actually ever a Crown you with the sledgehammer?" Diplomacy has learned nobody in "Four fists against Rio". Instead, the fists fly in regularly. But Bud Spencer has nothing common with modern action heroes such as Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. No blood. No bombastic explosions. Easy thumb on the nose. That however so perfectly staged, that it reminds despite 1.92 meters size and about 150 pounds fighting weight of Ballet. From a brawl – of course always against a variety of opponents – the bearded colossus shapes a painting, accompanied by "Boooiiing" and "Babu". This songs with catchy tune potential: "Flying Through The Air" is repeated to the chorus of "Two tales on the way to hell" as well as "dune buggy" in "Two such as pitch and sulfur". An Internet hit is also the legendary appearance of Bud Spencer in the chorus as he builds up a "b" in the classic "La" and extends to the wrath of the conductor. Especially real life but especially the soundtrack of the meals came: "burping. Everything out pay no rent. Speaking of "Rülps"; Since even Joko & Klaas can pack: hardly a duo harmonizes on the canvas so perfectly together as the stubborn Bud Spencer and the smart Terence Hill, also Italian. Mario Girotti and Carlo Pedersoli sounded but as much to Western such as bean stew after Italy – it stage name had been. Pedersoli, in his roles always pragmatic ("I hot Largo, and you?"-"I don’t."), made it easy: he admired the actor Spencer Tracy and liked "Budweiser" beer; Bud Spencer was born. Nine films shot Bud Spencer and Terence Hill together, the names are a synonym of Schalk and bravado. In his films, his good-natured heart often heard the simple workers, a position that also got to know Carlo Pedersoli away from the cameras. Although he can look back on a law degree. But after Pedersoli as first Italian of history under a minute swim and twice was 100 metres freestyle to the Olympics, he broke off his career at its peak and went to South America at the age of 27. There, he concentrated on building and in a car factory. Three years later, he moved back again to Italy, he married Maria Amato – until today the woman at his side – and started his career in the film business. While other idols have successfully ruined as "Baywatch"-Bademeister David Hasselhoff drunk now consume floor Burger and their reputation, fascinated by Bud Spencer is still a hero. He has clearly recognized the limits of his skills in front of the camera in his autobiography: "I’m not an actor, I’m a character." That makes the character Bud Spencer so unattainable. It reflects all kinds of hopes and dreams, but above all he is authentic. And has created for itself as a distinct genre. . Main data could be found clicking the following http://0fb7df02449f470fc418558beb6994.com-information-classified.eu.