IS extremists boast with German war machine.

Damascus/Baghdad–the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia has presented in a video published on the Internet according to own statements in Syria conquered German and Russian weapons. Relatives of soldiers who are to be killed by IS fighter, penetrated into the Iraq on Tuesday at the Parliament in Baghdad. The protesters there should be around 1700 to family members in the soldiers killed June near Tikrit by IS extremists. The relatives demanded to pull security forces of responsibility, which would have prevented the massacre, said the deputies Abdel-Hussein al-Musawi of the message page Al-Sumaria news. In the video, jihadists are threatening the Russian President Wladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin, says an IS fighter, Russian planes that you sold to Bashar. Now, the aircraft would fly back and liberate Chechnya and the Caucasus. Moscow had delivered most recently in June of fighter jets to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The UN Human Rights Council had condemned the crimes of the Islamic State on Monday in Geneva. At a special session, the 47 Member States adopted a resolution by consensus, which called for the prosecution of those responsible for atrocities. The targeted persecution of religious and ethnic minorities IS militia represents a crime against humanity according to the UN. . Extended data can be inspected checking

Health: action films made in Hollywood on tv make you fat.

Rome, 2 sets. (Reuters Health)-not all television is ‘ bad teacher ‘, at least when it comes to grease those who watch. Many researches have shown that the assiduous tv viewing can lead to higher consumption of food and a more sedentary lifestyle. Now, a new study from Cornell University (Usa) stresses that not all programs of the small screen have the same effect on viewers ‘ waistlines. We found that people who watch an action movie tends to eat more snack cakes, fruit or ‘ junk food ‘ than those who follow a talk show, say the researchers on ‘ Jama’a. The team focused on the technical aspects related to what you watch on tv, from the Director of programmes to changes in sound or music, and how these affect the quantity and quality of snacks that are eaten. To do this you have availed themselves of the collaboration of 94 students (57 girls) with an average age of 20 years. The youths were randomly assigned to three different types of program by watching for 20 minutes: the science fiction action film ‘ The Island ‘, the talk show ‘ Charlie Rose ‘ and the film ‘ The Island ‘ but without sound. Well, anyone who has seen the movie with sound was 98% more than the amount of food and the 65% more calories than the other participants. A signal that the program is exciting and full of video and audio special effects, as in many Hollywood blockbusters ‘, plus the viewer will be tempted by snacks. . For extended data on this matter read web site.

DFB: Schweinsteiger new captain, Schneider assistant coach.

Schweinsteiger played his first international match on 6 June 2004 in Kaiserslautern at the 0:2-defeat against Hungary. Meanwhile, he has played 108 games in the DFB-shirt. Undeniably, his biggest success was winning the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, where the 30-year-old with outstanding achievement caused a stir. Schweinsteiger has been Deputy of Labin. Since 2002, the midfielder for the FC Bavaria Munich plays. With the club he won seven Championships, 7 cups and in 2013 the Champions League. Schweinsteiger is not but can lead to the German world champion team on Wednesday (03 09 14) in the new edition of the World Cup final against Argentina in Dusseldorf as captain. He is not operational due to knee problems. The captain’s armband against Argentina will be Manuel Neuer. In the first game after the World Cup Löw must waive another three World Cup. Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich, Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund and Sami Khedira of Real Madrid are the national coach due to injury not available. Before the failure of Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil was already set. Löw nominated Sebatian Rudy from 1899 Hoffenheim to, because we have a shortage in the defensive midfield. Löw said the final of the European Championships in two years in France to the clear objective of the German national football team. The next big target for grand finale of Rio should and must say: EM finals in Paris, he said. The journey begins with the next game against Scotland, Löw announced before the first European Championship qualifier on Sunday (07 09 14) in Dortmund. . Extended information can be inspected reading site.

School and rhythms rhythms biological: what we know of the day of a child.

EDUCATION – We are not super heroes. Like all human beings live, from the single-celled organism to the largest of mammals passing through plants, we are subject to changes in our environment. According to light, outdoor temperature, variations in seasonal, but also our genetic code, schedules of our meals and, among other things, our rest phases, our body does not react in the same way. These are our internal clocks located in the brain that take into account all these parameters and act accordingly to make our bodies work best. The reform of school rhythms which is implemented in all of the schools for this academic year 2014 wants is closer to the pace of the child to facilitate learning. It means thus better allocate the hours of class on the week, lighten the day’s class and program lessons at times where the Faculty of concentration of students is the largest. The HuffPost became interested in research on the subject and interviewed Claire Lim, Professor of education at the University of Lille 3 psychology and author of a book on school rhythms and the rhythms of life to learn more about the way in which the children lived their day at school. A good night’s sleep and it restarts? This is not as simple for children. You have no doubt noticed, even if a child has ensured a little more that usual, its time to up the next day will always remain substantially the same. The internal clock that regulates spontaneous revival is the least flexible of all the internal clocks of our body, says Claire Leconte. Up to 8-9 years, age at which puberty begins to get in place, parents should be alert to the time of sunset, otherwise their child in lack of sleep: it is necessary as possible maintain a regularity that they lie at the same time every night, advises Claire Leconte. Later, the child will gradually shift its time to sleep and discover the joys of the fat morning, its growth, its hours spent in school tired, there need 9-10 hours of sleep. The breakfast and the journey that goes from home to school are important moments, especially if the alarm has been smooth. Insofar as possible, must be given time to the child to wake up then to recharge his body taking his breakfast. After a night’s sleep, the child spent about ten hours to fast since its dinner, breakfast is thus essential. But be careful to not want to go too fast, too soon: If the day of the child begins very early by a moment in the nanny or daycare, better is not to rush and let him take his meals on the spot, moderator Claire Leconte. According to a study by the Research Centre for the study and observation of living conditions (Credoc), children are less their breakfast. Make the journey on foot to the school with her child is also important to get in shape physically, retrieve the light of the day and make the transition between home and school. If go to school on foot has no influence on childhood obesity, as explained a nutritionist on most pediatrician. FR in 2012 after the results of a study conducted in the United States on the subject, this trip is a good opportunity to promote the concentration of the child for the day that lies ahead. According to a study conducted in 2012 in Denmark about eating habits, physical activity and concentration of children, a car ride where the child is passive is less beneficial than a trip by bike or on foot. Thus, physical exercise carried out for its own school positively affects the ability to concentrate for about four hours, says Niels Egelund, Professor at the University of Aarhus and head of research. When comes the time to learning, trust the child, if it manages to interest him, he learns. The ability of concentration of a child depends on educational practice. As long as children are active and participate, they learn. says Claire Leconte. Do not speak in hours learning as does the reform school rhythms, but content. To play on alternating between the materials. Focus math, french in the morning is not the solution, should be able to register all substances in one morning and make bridges between each material: during swimming lessons, it counts the number of metres in length, browisng, as we learned it in mathematics. Physical activities programmed at this time there are even a danger, the risk of injury are more important. After two hours of pause, on the other hand, children have regained their capacity of listening and attention. If the batteries are recharged after the lunch break, the afternoon should not be devoted to learning new things. Cannot compare in the morning and the afternoon, the first remains the best time of availability for learning says Claire Leconte. Even if it comes to the consolidation of the acquis, do not doubt the ability of children to learn many things on a day. How much time your children remain attentive to their video game? asks Claire Leconte parents who fear that their children are unable to stay focused on lasting as long. The output classes, the taste, the return to the House are a time of sharing and relaxation. When we get on foot to the House, the child empties of its day. It will benefit perhaps to tell its day, it will make them more so by car where the driver is less available for listening, assures Claire Leconte. It is the right time to give him his taste and allow it to regain strength. Back at home, the more anxious children prefer to get rid of homework, says Claire Leconte, others will be less hurried, so they can finally do what they want. In this case, no need to fear boredom. Nothing allows to explore her inner world, to play his imagination and be creative says American education specialist, Laura Markham. At one time where to another, need to focus on homework. If a directive of 1956 prohibited duties written in the primary, some teachers continue to give some exercises to do at home. Can not blame them, for many people a teacher who does gives no written work is not a good teacher, said Claire Leconte. This time framed by the parents must allow the child to assess themselves: the child must be aware of capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as for example whether it was a Visual or auditory memory. A good opportunity to review with the child and to consider the next day in a more relaxed manner. . You must click the following url to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

School: the 3 time bombs waiting for Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

The ABCD of equality have indeed disappeared. The outcry caused by the universal against this very regular programme of fight against the experienced stereotypes in 2013 in 275 schools, has borne fruit.  Suddenly, could believe that the unlikely association between the extreme right and a minority illuminated (or manipulated) of Muslim families, scrapping against the hypothetical theory of the kind eventually show signs of shortness of breath. But the arrival of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem rue de Grenelle could give back them a second life with more vigour if Benoît Hamon had stayed at the business. Not that equal ABCD return by the large door. On the contrary, they are generalized, but rather watered down regret some, and stowed under the heading cannot-be more neutral to action for equality between girls and boys in school. The other ideologically sensitive construction that seems to drive the Minister is that the sanction-note. At his first press conference, Monday 1 September, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said to implement a way to note demanding students, which stimulates and encourages rather than discourage and relegate. In the Faculty itself, the notation is often perceived as an effective tool to objectively select the best students. And it is severe, it is just. The reality is not so simple. The Enquetepisa, led by the OECD, critical long sentencing notation which, without pull up good students, produces the massive failure of discouragement and a sterile feeling of worthlessness among schoolchildren – a feeling which has some su testify a former dunce as writer Daniel Pennac. . Original facts may be read reading the following

Green energy in Russia will be strengthened with China.

The second largest producer of wind turbines in the world, the Chinese company Goldwind, seems very determined. The company has already developed a business plan and began to look for partners in Russia for the implementation of its project. Goldwind is currently in talks with the largest engineering company of Russia – gird E4, which represents 20% of the Russian market of construction in the energy sector. The Russian daily Izvestia, referring to E4 Elena Gourianova spokesperson, said that the Chinese side is ready to provide technology and funding for the project. As the Russian holding, it could carry out design studies and carry out all the turnkey. According to the expert, the high cost of alternative energy sources remains a problem which has not been resolved. To date, the cost of producing a kilowatt of energy by wind or solar batteries several times more expensive than the gas production and more importantly, coal. Nothing surprising therefore, that in a country which has the largest reserves of hydrocarbons in the world, this market segment is not yet very developed. . Similar info can be found clicking

It is necessary to increase the direct wage of the French,.

Because the fatal error of the quinquennium is the avalanche of taxes of all kinds on the middle classes and even on low-paid workers with overtime refiscalisation,. Consumption, which is one of our major growth engines, put down by ideology and electoral ease. It is necessary to loosen the grip, otherwise the risk is no longer restart,. Have in mind action courageous and reformist Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to the Canada in the 1990s. This country was in the situation of the Greece of today. It resumed with the balanced budget by drastically lowering public spending and accordingly by reducing charges on companies and taxes on employees. For the France and the French that are a priority, we need truth and sincerity. There’s no one on the side of good and the other villains, the rich and the poor, the generous left and right effective,. The France is a. We are all elected representatives of people which, as I pointed out in you’re priority, must sign a Pact of sincerity. . Root facts could be read clicking this


Mr. Odin! Mr Barnier! It is not football cup! It’s fascist regime supported by the USA which adopts a discriminatory attitude towards its population, in violation of the European Convention of the rights of man and of the Geneva Convention on the laws of war. Anyway, if we accept that the Donbass acquired its independence on the basis of the referendum and although Kiev agreement is required, the time that Kiev has raised armies (and non-police forces) against the civilian population, then, even if there are Russian troops in the Donbass, it are not legally on the territory of the Ukraine, but on that of the Donbass. Serb troops have withdrawn from Kosovo, which gained its independence exactly in the same way. Any attack by the Ukraine against the Donbass is therefore a case of international conflict. From there, the aggressed country is entitled to alliances in his defence with which likes. Kiev spent much for the football cup. It has notably built an airport brand new in Donetsk. However, the forces of Kiev is practically destroyed. That is to say that Kiev considered more as belonging to its heritage. Unless the geniuses of Kiev persist wanting to get gusts in both feet,, Root facts may be studied checking the following

France-Brazil: to each its Navy.

The Brazil as in France, 2014 is an election year. If you cannot compare municipal and European here and the presidential and parliamentary elections there, a few commonalities appear however for several weeks, that pretty much sums up the coincidence that people who disturb the game are both women and that they have the same first name,. Of course, nothing in common on a personal level between Marine Le Pen and Marina Silva. On the contrary, it could be two more different paths. The first is a recognized politician’s daughter and has bathed in material abundance, part of the political and economic elite of France since his youngest age. The second is from the poorer segments of the Brazilian society and it bears the scars of malnutrition in his flesh. His assumption on the political scene has been the fruit of a long struggle which claimed the lives of some of his companions, including Chico Mendes. The first is the representative of a movement which ranks spontaneously to the right of the right (to say the least) while the second is an icon of left, including the speech is a mixture of environmentalism with socialism. Therefore, can what parallel one draw? In the two cases, we see evil on which parliamentary majority the two leaders could rely, which undermines their opportunities to transform their respective countries and predicted instead of probable periods of instability and political immobility in case of election. In France, Marine Le Pen would have to overcome the hostility of the classical right to form a Government. In Brazil, Marina Silva should assemble a motley coalition, in a Parliament that has more than twenty different parties, and the opposition probably very firm PT, his former party, and until recently the favourite to win the presidential elections of 2014. In both cases, the political line that is beyond necessary haggling would probably radically far initial proposals. . Related data can be read checking

Ukraine crisis: As Putin shocked supporters and opponents.

Sounded threatening, reported Russian news agencies on Sunday in advance of an interview which the President Wladimir Putin gave the Government-owned first channel. And threats are more effective if they stimulate the imagination. It promptly substantial substantive negotiations must begin, President Putin, not on technical issues, but regarding the political organization of society and the rule of law in the South-East of Ukraine. Issues of the rule of law? What he actually means, leaving Putin as the imagination of his supporters and opponents as the question Which one area he has in mind when he speaks of the southeastern Ukraine. Since the annexation of the Crimea in March Moscow calls for a federalization of the Ukraine – ostensibly To give more autonomy to the predominantly Russian-speaking regions in the East and South. The Government in Kiev has expressed its willingness to give up power, would like to have but properly ensure legitimate negotiators that will emerge from the elections in October. Whether only a different wording for the old claim is negotiations over the rule of federalization, or whether Putin has a more extensive autonomy in the sense he left open. Examples of other forms exist in Russia’s sphere of influence A few: the de-facto autonomous status of Moscow supported the region of Transnistria; the ostensibly independent States in the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia, and last but not least the Crimean scenario connected to Russia. In his interview recorded allegedly already on Friday, Putin Once again demanded that Kiev recognizes the separatists aided by Russia as a negotiating partner. The upcoming elections are there from Moscow point of view rather a problem: all those who participate in this campaign, wanted to demonstrate its determination, said Putin. All To want to show that they strong girls and boys are. In a worsening political situation, you could not expect that politicians advocating peace. Putin called on behalf of either Donetsk or Lugansk, yet he used the term new Russia. So far, Moscow does not recognise the self-proclaimed national republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The 18th-century designation of new Russia is needed in Russian law imperialist circles for the regions of Luhansk on Donetsk, along the Black Sea to the Republic of Moldova. Putin had for the first time in its annual consultation of citizens in the Russian television in April embraced this concept, used last but No more. Only in a message to the separatists, the Kremlin spread during the night on Friday, had Putin again spoken of new Russia and praised the success of the pro-Russian units in the fight against the Ukrainian armed forces. This contributed to the horror at the heads of State gathered in Brussels and Government. The Summit was convened by the two to occupy top posts of President and High Representative for foreign policy to the really difficult issue, the Ukraine was once again. While Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk for the future President did not occur as hardliners, but rather as a seeker of compromise. Compared to Russia you will need to take a courageous position but not radical, tusk said before the deliberations on new sanctions. That sounded A little bit vague, which perfectly matched the mood in Brussels. The dramatic worsening of the situation in the East of Ukraine has caused above all in the EU: perplexity. The talks in Minsk, and especially of the handshake by Kremlin Chief Vladimir had boosted Putin hopes for an at least a slight relaxation with the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko. Then realized that Russia engages with more and more own soldiers in the Ukraine and Putin touted a new Russia in the East of the neighbouring country, the horror was all the greater. British Prime Minister David Cameron said that was absolutely unacceptable. A EU response is needed. We are Very much close to the point of no return, Poroshenko warned. Soon, there could be a war on a large scale. A fear was that which was quite divided by its European counterparts. Also contributed to the confusion. . Similar info can be read visiting link.