Nicolas Sarkozy, how’s business?

Nicolas Sarkozy was feared to see returning ballast by the weight of the judicial summonses. Or the threat is not immediate imm. D t testimony pit worms by the Express to the Libyan folder, several investigations your targeting the former pr President may know be a revolution in its favour. Such is the case of the last folder in date, on at least three trips s made in the Middle East and the United States edge of a priv, and aircraft pay s by businessman St phane Courbit. It heard as witness t 20 ao t, has said that these investments were s li d to the project of creation of an investment fund. Examination of documents seized in the search, in July, in the company of this m ge if me Courbit has nothing conclusive contribution against Nicolas Sarkozy. The folder has therefore t transferred Marseille, investigating judge Christine Saunier-Ruellan, the former head of the State without any use. Should not the tre in the investigations you on the surveys of the Elys e. Open the initiative of the association of fight against corruption Anticor, she permits tayer of the soup ons of irr s irregularities committed in the signing of contracts with the soci t s close to Nicolas Sarkozy, his former adviser Patrick Buisson and Pierre Giacometti. According to sources close to the dossier, the direct responsibility of Nicolas Sarkozy can not, this day, be questioned. It should at least be heard as witness t, protested the Board of Anticor, Me J r me Karsenti. I do l cherai not on this point, insists the lawyer, as he had affirm in its complaint that the command of these surveys was tachable d of the pr residential function and therefore could not b n benefit from immunities it. � . Similar facts can be found reading

Mark Murphy, the voice.

It is one of the greatest singers of live jazz, even if it doesn’t have the worldwide reputation of a Tony Bennett. When he moved to Paris, he did not play at Olympia, but in a club in the capital, half attended, where journalists-starlets still sought. And yet Ella Fitzgerald said of him: he is my double male. Who better than he can sing a ballad to beading tears of emotion to the completed romantics? Only Jon Hendricks and Andy Bey can compete with him. In the United States, he was named six times Grammy Award in the category Best Vocal Jazz Performance and the magazine Down Beat, a veritable institution overseas, did best singer of the year three times. He is, on the other hand, the American words of Stolen Moments and Red Clay. But back to its topicality. Shadows was recorded with Karlheinz Miklin saxophones and Fritz Pauer at the piano. After a nice introduction of its Group on Dawn, his voice arises like a cloud. Serious and melodic, it is a permanent miracle. SurIf I should loose you, he swings with a dynamism and capacity for improvisation (d) amazing. It is to the angels. All television radio-hooks and the stroma (tismes) are swept aside hand,. Finally. However, listening to this disc that will interest all his fans, one wonders why Murphy has never been well surrounded. On many of his albums, one has the feeling that his companions are not at the height. Kurt Elling, who has largely robbed his master, has understood and it was a huge success. If you don’t know, get albums Once to Every Heart of 2005 or Love is what stays of 2007, produced by Verve and arranged by the German trumpeter Till Brönner. These are two wonders. . For extra information about this subject visit info.

Euro area: the current account surplus reached 18.7 billion EUR in July.

The balance of the current accounts of the euro area recorded a surplus of 18.7 billion euros in July, according to the corrected data seasonally published Friday by the European Central Bank (ECB). The surplus of the current account, which is the greater extent of trade in the euro zone with the rest of the world in terms of goods, services and financial flows, has been widely revised increase for the month of June to 18.6 billion euros against 13.1 billion euros previously announced. In detail, the balance of goods has in July a surplus of 10.7 billion euros after 16 billion the previous month and services a surplus of 12.8 billion euros against 8.6 billion in June. The balance of revenues emerged beneficiary of EUR 3.6 billion after $ 4.8 billion a month earlier. Of current transfers reduced its deficit, which stands at 8.5 billion euros in July after a deficit of 10.8 billion in June. On a cumulative period of 12 months until July, the balance of the current accounts of the euro area in adjusted data showed a surplus of EUR 237.6 billion, or 2.5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the region. Last year, at the same time, this surplus was posted at 201,3 billion euros (2.1% of GDP in the euro area). This result over twelve months is mainly due to an increase in the surplus of the balance of the goods (179.4 billion euros against 145.9 billion a year earlier) and services (120 billion euros against 102.6 billion a year more). This has offset the decline in the surplus of the balance of revenues (EUR 54.7 billion compared with 69.7 billion) and the balance of current transfers deficit remained roughly stable over twelve months to 116.5 billion euros. . For additional insights about this subject click

Scotland should have more rights.

Negotiations on a further shift from autonomy powers from London to Scotland to begin in November. For January a Bill is already planned, which lays down the new rules, Cameron announced in Downing Street on Friday. Just over two million voters, 55 percent voted no and opted for remaining in the United Kingdom. More than 1.6 million Scots had expressed after the preliminary official result at the polls on Thursday for the detachment. Turnout was 85 percent as high as ever in Scotland. However, it was lower than expected in the YES strongholds. The people have spoken, and the result is clear, Cameron said In the morning. The British Prime Minister announced that the federalism debate in England as well lead to To want, the by far largest of the four parts of the UK. Exactly how Scotland will separately determine the Scottish Parliament over his tax and Social Affairs, also England as well as Wales and Northern Ireland in a position should be, to vote on these things. . For additional facts on this matter read site.

Hire only the belle, suspended by the head.

PADOVA-Best fine that brave, indeed: when the assumptions are entrusted to men, the trump card of a candidate coincides with the look, preferably performed explicitly, and expertise becomes an optional negligible. It’s the J’accuse of Treviso 33 years of banking that works in a bank in Padua. Or rather, worked; because the vent-complaint via Facebook has cost dear: before a disciplinary dispute letter, then the suspension from Office for five days, finally-after a stormy interview with the personnel manager, who accused her of defamation-the transaction and resign from the Bank. A story in many ways emblematic, revealed by the Morning of Padua and began a few weeks ago when g. r., a dynamic woman, also committed to the equal opportunities Commission and registered the founding Belisario, publishes on Fb a reflection controversy: has a name the pathology of certain men, responsible for the selection of personnel, who talks only to girls of nineteen with the physical model and by DOE eyes?. Open sky. In times of ministre wooed by Pink news, eco on social is immediate and the 30-year-old matters worse: the men are done so: If you’re nice to them are talented, have value and are full of merits. Point. And then we’re here to talk about women and meritocracy. But come on!!! Women should send to f ,. the male world and the politically correct and take what belongs to them. Nothing but stories. If women were in my place today to see and feel what I see/feel I perhaps would open eyes ,, Powder fire and avalanche of post, also opposed. Who cites Rosy Bindi, whom Berlusconi, some boy minimizes and talk about sexism and veterofemminismo countdown, despite other share the controversy of g. r. As Chiara, which covers their professional experiences and concludes: half of employers that I had were geared to only hire bellone brainless. The fact of being a smart always penalized me and I don’t think things will change. But the controversy is not likely to be completed on the web. Someone warned the leaders of the Bank and the head of the Office staff feels taken aims from warlike employee, perhaps in relation to the interview happened earlier with a young candidate. So much. The disciplinary procedure is triggered with surprising severity and vain the explanation given by the woman and reaffirmed by his trusted lawyer, Daniele Pace: recipients of the post are the members of the category of people who thinks and acts so macho, not a single individual. The controversy, therefore, does not invest a specific act but a general conduct deemed unacceptable. Nothing to do. In the face of the attitude of the vertices, determined to put it to the door, with g. r. that remains is to negotiate surrender to the workplace. Now he is looking for employment in the hope that the next Chief of staff review his resume before turn their gaze elsewhere. . You can read this to learn more on this great subject.

Iraq: the France will hit the jihadists “within a relatively short time.

It is no doubt on international crises which fail not since his arrival at the Elysee, that it is the most comfortable, the most determined. And similarly, argue some, more courageous. François Hollande did understand September 15 during the Paris conference on the Iraq: the France intends to play a major role in the fight against the jihadists of Daech, the Arabic acronym of the Islamic State. Firstly because it must "ensure the safety" of the country to the threat represented by the french jihadists parties fighting in Syria and Iraq – about a thousand – and that ‘may return with the worst projects in the head ‘. Then because France, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, "must assume its responsibilities." Because this ‘terrorism that changed size’ and wants to take the place of the States, also threatens Europe and the world. Francois Hollande also confirmed that it would send no troops on the ground in Iraq. And that the French contribution to the war against Daech would not affect the Syria, as the France does not want to take the risk to strengthen president Bachar Al-Assad by hitting the jihadists. The head of State recalled between the lines that just a year ago the France had dropped by its partners while the allies were preparing to strike the Syrian regime who had to cross the red line on chemical weapons. "Today, chemical weapons are gone", concedes François Holland. But because "the international community has remained inert (,.)". terrorism leapt into the breach. It crossed the Iraqi border where it’s reign of terror, stalking minorities, ‘beheads journalists. On the Libyan crisis, the president said that it was for the international community to act, believing that "the France cannot alone take this initiative. . Related facts can be inspected visiting

Third League: defeat series eats in the heads.

First Christian Ziege has viewed Once again the goals conceded by last Tuesday on video, and he is once again came to the conclusion that they are pretty stupid about come. Then the coach of SpVgg Unterhaching next day was watching his players, their mood and their body language, and he has come to the conclusion that the current series of defeat eats into their heads. So, he released the team on Thursday. We are Yes stamina and playful is not weaker than others, says goat. Mental but obviously it is. The balance sheet of the last four games is: zero points, 1:11 goals. And, although there are actually only two significant problems on the course, that appear solvable with more confidence: the goal statements and Too much respect for high balls into the own penalty area. You have not A lot of time. After the 1:3-defeat at home against Arminia Bielefeld comes another tradition Association in the Sports Park, the MSV Duisburg on Friday (7: 00). Tradition clubs have often experienced players in its ranks, in the case of the zebras as the second League proven striker Zlatko Janjic or the goalie Michael Ratajczak. To a coach, who is known in Munich: Gino Lettieri played at the time, inter alia for 1860, WACKER Munich and Falke Markt Schwaben. At least one place must be filled in the starting XI on Friday. Captain Mario ERB, which hurt had to be replaced against Bielefeld, has knee problems. However, Sascha Bigalke could again play which was briefly slipped from the squad for disciplinary reasons. Goat is still covered in this thing, he says only so A lot: there is no top solution when Sascha not playing, but there are situations, since it must respond. Now everything in order was again. In this regard, so at least the Unterhachinger coach again has free head. . You must read the following to learn more about this great matter.

Euthanasia: Belgium needs tutoring of the euthanasia law.

How this person feels her life and how she wants to deal with their lives, whether she want to stop it or to continue, is a question that can discuss them with a partner, a friend, a therapist, a doctor, a pastor. However, a modern State can not govern this highly personal matter as long as the patient wants to kill himself.   A reasonable response to this arrangement may only be: either the Belgian State exerts itself to offer an adequate therapy the offender, that there is obviously elsewhere, or changes its laws as quickly as possible, treat the patient outside the Belgian territory. To give a person the option to use doctors to die just because the law unfortunately does not, to take the appropriate help 80 km away in claim, bordering on the absurd shift of preferences shows. It is because it could get that far, that in Belgium unbearable suffering serves as a criterion to determine the requirement for certain forms of euthanasia. If an incurable, leading to the death disease with limited life expectancy would apply as a criterion, on the other hand, these cases would be excluded. The Belgian case proves to be so also as a challenge to a wise legislation. . For extended data regarding this subject click url.

Anti-mafia operation, arrests 16: entrepreneurs and a former Regional Councillor.

Brindisi, Bari and Pavia, an order for custody against 16 people, some of them believed to be leaders of the mafia-type organisation Sacra Corona Unita. Those arrested include a boss and two well-known affiliated to the Sacra Corona Unita, three entrepreneurs of Mesagne and a former municipal councillor in the same city. Those arrested are all suspects, in various capacities, mafia association, extortion, usury and money laundering (the latter offences aggravated by mafia mode). During the operation, named unciarum Fenus, goods were seized one million euros. Were employed over a hundred men of the Anti-mafia Investigative Directorate of Lecce, Bari, Naples, Salerno and Catanzaro. Complaint from former Regional Councillor. Investigations are matches after the complaint lodged by a professional of Mesagne (Brindisi), regional councillor from gi 2000 to 2005, which in 2009 had turned alleged affiliated to the Scu to obtain the money needed to pay off the debts incurred in the election campaign with banks and financial institutions. The man would be turned to one of those arrested, which in turn put him in touch with some characters of Mesagne, including representatives of the Scu can erogargli the loan but at usurious rates. The situation-as reported by former Regional Councillor-precipit in 2010, when the trader decided to reapply to the new region, escalating cos its debt exposure, from 280 thousand euros, initial sum to which he then added over time to more 150 thousand euros. The former Regional Adviser would be forced to pay usurious rates between 600% and 1000% on an annual basis: the trader, among other things, was not re-elected as regional councillor. . Main data may be studied visiting this article.

Two candidates adrift.

To be precise, neither the premier nor his party have given the impression of wanting to commit much to the success of the padding. Yet there had just been heartfelt speech by Giorgio Napolitano against the institutional stalemate depreciation implies. The head of State, on a very delicate theme as the balance and the proper functioning of the Constitutional Court, the two parties of the so-called Pact of Nazareth have granted only on a point of order. But it is clear that the issue is not about them. Ultimately the votes of Violante and Bruno are even declined compared to the previous vote. Which means that there has been no push to encourage greater discipline groups. As a result there is little to be optimistic about the 14th appointment with the ballot box. Anything can happen, but it seems that the two candidates are left adrift in the parliamentary Chamber, where emerging resentments, grudges and regular accounts. Makes the prestige of the Council, as mentioned above, but also the credibility of Parliament. These aspects the President of the Republic has made sunbathing on fire in person. But nothing of the dramatic nature of his recall has been reflected in the statement to pale Radio and Berlusconi. For the Court are thought likely to other names from Fielding and not perceived the contradiction of a political pact good for rewriting election law, but inert in front of a crucial institutional articulation. Is the confirmation that between Renzi and Berlusconi there is no real system agreement, but a number of politicians ranging crossings in the interests of both. And today the electoral reform is at the top of these interests, whatever the timing of future elections. Meanwhile the fraying indicated by Napolitano continues. At this point one wonders what might be the convenience of a notable figure as Luciano Violante to maintain his candidacy, despite the blows suffered. If there is no real determination of the centre-left, centre-right and the game not worth the candle. The day has shown that this determination is very tenuous. The situation also involves the candidate of Forza Italy, of course, but touches first Violante. For his personal story and for being on the pitch from the very beginning. . Similar information can be read reading