The patient breathes again: Euro holds the 1,26er brand.

The euro has stabilized for the time being on Wednesday after the descent of the day before. In the afternoon the single currency 1,2620 US dollar was traded and roughly at the same rate as the evening before. The euro is but keep just over the two-year low of 1,2572 dollars that was reached on Tuesday afternoon. The European Central Bank (ECB) set by the reference price on 1,2603 dollars to 1,2583 dollars on Tuesday. The dollar cost to 0,7935 (0,7947) euro. To other major currencies, the ECB established the reference rates for the euro on 0,7782 British pound and 138,53 Japanese Yen 1,2072 Swiss francs. In the afternoon disappointing economic data from the United States could spur some euro only for a short time. In the largest economy in the world the mood in the industry had become gloomier surprising. Even if the mood data disappointed the expectations, we see at present little danger of an economic slowdown in the US economy, commented expert Thilo Heidrich of Postbank. Previously, weak economic data from the eurozone had burdened the common currency. In the boardrooms of industrial enterprises, the mood had deteriorated more than expected in September. Especially an unexpected shock in German company unsettled investors. The decline in the German purchasing manager index overshadowed signs of recovery elsewhere in the euro zone, commented expert Christian Schulz von Berenberg Bank. . Extended information can be found checking home page.

Jobs act, Senate vote by 8 October. Delrio: “Trust? I hope in serene debate “.

For now, the Government will not put trust on Bill delegating at work.  And the discussion slips until Tuesday 7 and the Bill remains on the calendar until mid-October. To establish it was the Conference of group chairmen of the Senate. "We are still thinking about what there is to do. Listen to the discussion and then we will decide, "said Labour Minister Giuliano Poletti. Locking down the Bill with confidence is not at the moment between the options and evaluating whether to insert an amendment by the Government to specify in what circumstances apply article 18.  "In my opinion," added the Council Presidency Secretary Graziano Delrio, "the discussion can proceed serena; then about how this will take place will decide the Senate ".   "The Government," said the President of Senators Sel Loredana De Petris, "they spoke of confidence and even a possible amendment. Indeed, when loomed the possibility of quotas of the times, the Commission has made it clear that there is no frettà ". In practice, if there will be new, the Executive does not consider it a priority to European Summit on jobs in Milan, scheduled for Wednesday, 8, with an initial Yes to a branch of the labour reform Parliament.  The text was released by the Commission on 18 September, and the rapporteur, Mr Maurizio Sacconi (Ncd) held the report in plenary on Wednesday 24 September. The start of the vote on the amendments in the Assembly is expected next Tuesday.  "It is said that there is an additional amendment to the labor Delegation ddl (Jobs act)" by the Government "because the delegation contains precise criteria and wide enough to be detailed later."   The minority democratic party continues to express its concerns. "A simple insufficient agenda. Already the law delegating is generic, so it would be too, "said Federico Fornaro, Senator of the minority among the signatories of the 7 amendments to delegation, speaking on the assumption that the Government did not present an amendment transposing the document of Pd.  "Undoubtedly there is tension after the release. Frankly that the Ncd lay a veto over an amendment by the Government is unacceptable. For us it’s normal parliamentary dialectic have presented amendments to propose to the comparison. We don’t want to put the ‘ either/or ‘ to the Government, and understand that even the location of the Ncd is part of this dialectic. But as there is an Ncd is also the Pd ". In the morning the leader of force Italy to Montecitorio Renato Brunetta Matteo Renzi had threatened not to vote on the measure. "We said ok to Renzi compared to his claims of overcoming art. 18 but if Renzi, to hold together his party, does back off we won’t be able to do anything but vote against and denounce this cheat ". And had attacked the new centre right: "Sacconi cannot not to resign. On the reform of the labour market can only verify the backtrack is made by President Radhakrishnan. Because with the agenda approved by the Directorate, i.e. by adding discriminatory than those redundancies, we returned to the disciplinary law Fornero, then nothing has changed. If the text is changed by Sacconi launched by a Government amendment which introduces as a factor of disciplinary dismissal also reinstates completely changes the picture and then Sacconi who is also rapporteur of the Bill delegates won’t be able to do is resign, because it is against what had approved in its Commission, and this will pose a problem because the new majority’s Center is an essential component of the majority ". "We said ok to Renzi compared to his claims of overcoming article 18, just to be clear, and forecast only to compensation in the event of dismissal without just cause and justified reason. If Renzi, to hold together his party, does back off we won’t be able to do anything but vote against and denounce this cheat ". "The problem is not only Italian, because the labour reform had asked the European Central Bank, had asked for Europe". . For extended information on this matter read

Esodati, the final go-ahead to the sixth safeguard for 32.000 people.

The final go-ahead of the Senate, unanimously, to the sixth safeguard Ddl to esodati, i.e. workers left without salary or pension after the law Fornero. The extent of protection concerns 32.000 people. I reported him, Mauro Mario (Pi). The Green disk was given by the Commission gathered in the acting Job, so no need for passage of the measure in the House. Also unanimously approved an agenda which commits the Government to define exactly the audience of esodati and "close the game-said Mauro-on the margins of the stability law». The ok of the opposition, said the rapporteur still has not been expressed as a vote in favour of the Government but in the interests of the protection of the persons involved. The text released today definitively approved in version came from Montecitorio. The sixth safeguard for 32.000 people puts on the table new resources for 8 thousand units and retrieves other resources with 24,000 people from amounts which have not been used in previous safeguards. Protected positions reach 170 thousands units now for 13 billion euros in total. . For additional information regarding this subject click


The wall missing Mrs Merkel, to the point that it cannot find its balance in the tonic, as if nothing had happened since 1980. The popular will expressed by the population of Crimea, to 80% Russian-speaking, it is singularly indifferent. She is unable to admit that a people who occupied a territory for a long time is right to determine its own destiny, particularly when this people and this land are threatened by discriminatory behaviour. It is true that German history shows that the respect for the non-germanophones people has never been a concern for Germany, cross-eyed on cheap labour that could provide him with the Ukraine. The continuation of EU sanctions has the merit of strengthening the diversification of resources in Russia. Therefore, the Russia did not suffer the collateral effects of a globalization of trade on the part of the West, which ultimately strengthens its sovereignty and independence. It is therefore not said that when Europe, in the interests of the market of its economy will prompt Russia to give him reasons for lifting the sanctions, the Russia will agree to lift its own. If, as Mrs Merkel, the lifting of the sanctions requires the return of Crimea to the Ukraine, for that the neo-nazi to power in Kiev could quietly purify the population of Crimea, as is done in Kharkov, and that Donald Cook moved to Sebastopol, then this is not tomorrow the day before that these sanctions will be lifted. This has the merit of setting an indefinite sanctions, merit that reassures investors in the new Russian economy. . Inspirational source may be read clicking the following web site.

Save humanity.

Each year, the United States raise and kill about 10 billion head of cattle. At the global level, we raise and slaughter each year some 56 billion animals for our consumption. In other words, we kill 1 776 animals every second, every day of the year. And I don’t even mind the fish or seafood. And what about the problem of hunger in the world? The Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants, and most are hungry. Hundreds of articles and books have asked the question: "How to feed 7, 8, 9 or even 10 billion people?" Conversations include fertilizers, GMO, and arable land. Residents of California were asked to take shorter showers and less watering their lawns. These are two interesting initiatives. But look again more closely: a long shower uses about 150 litres of water, while it takes 15 000 to 68 000 to produce a steak of 150 grams. In California, more than 90% of drinking water is intended for agriculture. Some crops are very responsible. It takes for example a little more than 800 litres to produce 450 grams of soy. On the other hand, others consume much too much water, including rice and cotton, but especially industrial breeding. For 450 grams of chicken should be used near 1,800 liters of water (and about 2 200 litres for pork). If I was jumping right in the shower washing me quickly made, I could even go down less than 20 litres per shower. And it would take me 132 showers to use the amount of water required to obtain 450 grams of beef. We have seen that some 56 billion of cattle breeding required to consume huge quantities of water and grain, and that these animals emit large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide. But they also produce feces. And I’m not just talking about invisible gases that contribute to warming the planet, but well disgusting feces. Our lakes and rivers are infested with algae. The groundwater is polluted, mainly by industrial farming. The 56 billion head of cattle in the world produce millions of tons of excrement and urine each year, a rate three times higher than humans. And, not content to pollute our drinking water sources, they also mess our homes. A study from the University of Arizona found more fecal matter in the kitchens of omnivores in their toilet, mainly because the meat they eat. Animals live in feces and urine, and they retain the trace when they are slaughtered and packaged. Home you. They are also filled with pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, cholesterol and saturated fat. Moreover, various studies suggest that if we stopped tomorrow to eat livestock and animal products, this would result in a decrease in obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. When I speak of industrial livestock and meat consumption, people often say to me: ‘meat is not expensive.  "What is true. But only because that our taxes the Fund strongly. In the United States, we spend billions each year in direct and indirect subsidies to factory farming and dairy farmers. Billions of dollars from our taxes to subsidize a product that destroys the environment and detrimental to our health. We are subsidising the grain used to feed livestock, water used to raise it. We, the taxpayers, Fund factory farming. And what do we get in return? Greenhouse gases. Billions of billion kilograms of animal dung that pollute our rivers, our lakes and our tanks. For a product that causes cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Just stop subsidizing this industry, and no longer buy animal products. It’s simple and this will reduce gas emissions to greenhouse of about 18%. We can stop hunger in the world. Drinking water, cleared of impurities, shall cease to be a rare commodity. Deaths related to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity will be less frequent. And zoonotic diseases become a marginal phenomenon. . For more about this topic check

Ai Weiwei meditations on freedom to Alcatraz.

Have Weiwei is perhaps the most famous Chinese artist of the world and since this weekend are exposed to Alcatraz, the former most famous in the world, a series of his? works on the idea of freedom. Visitors to what was long a prison island, off the coast of the Bay of San Francisco, can see seven? multi-media works, some in areas normally closed to the public, created by the artist-activist, bane of the Chinese Communist authorities. Several parts make reference to the struggle of the Tibetan separatist, others to Edward Snowden, who revealed the extent of the monitoring of telecommunications and the internet by the United States, or Chelsea Manning, veteran American originally from the largest leak of confidential documents in the history of the United States transmitted to the WikiLeaks site. Exposure @Large: have Weiwei on Alcatraz takes a stronger resonance that the pacifist artist is itself deprived of his liberty. Detained for 81 days in 2011, it is today in the prohibition to leave the Chinese territory. The exhibition allows people to think deeply about what it means to be free and what it means for equality, said Michelle Gee, spokesman for the US national parks service. The tourists were impressed at the opening of the exhibition. It is like the experience of actually being in a cell and at the same time to hear the words or the songs of someone who has been persecuted in the past, told the AFP David Connors. The curator of the exhibition, Cheryl Haines, said to have been inspired by his encounter with the iconoclastic artist. We sat down and I said: + Weiwei I am sure it was a real test for you, is there a small thing I can do? +. He replied: you can make my work known to a wider audience +, she said. The themes of @Large (at the large or lost, or even dropped, according to several possible meaning in English) are very large and I think that they interest us all. Human rights, freedom of expression, our individual responsibilities, and what role it plays in the creation of a just society, has detailed the curator. Exposure to Alcatraz opened this weekend at the point where vast demonstrations in Hong Kong, a movement dubbed the revolution of umbrellas, demand free elections. It lasts until April. . For extra insights regarding this subject visit resource.

It’s happening in Europe: Lombardy, Andalusia and Côte d’Azur attracted dirty money.

It is an ‘audit’ that will interest all the experts in organized crime and not only. Two Italian researchers, the Professor Ernesto Ugo Savona, Director of the centre on transnational crime Transcrime University Cattolica of Milan, and his colleague Michele Riccardi, preparing for the end of the year a State of detailed investment mafia in Europe. Funded by the European Union (EU), the research is part of the project ‘Organised Crime Portfolio’ and aims to list the favorite destinations of mafia-type organisations (‘Ndrangheta, Cosa Nostra, Camorra, Sacra Corona Unita) for their investments. According to their first estimates unveiled by the "Sole 24 Ore", the "revenues" illicit criminal organisations in Europe would amount to 80,44 billion euros, with half coming from the infringement (clothing and agricultural products), and the rest of the traffic of drugs (heroin, cocaine and amphetamines,.) whose share is growing each year. Among the favorite destinations of clans mafia for the recycling of their investments: Lombardy where the ‘ Ndrangheta is greatly enhanced for ten years, but also Andalusia and the Provence – Côte d’Azur region, as well as large areas Metropolitan (Madrid, London, Paris and Berlin). The predilections of the Italian mafia sectors are the construction and gold trading, but also the hotels and products tankers (emerging sector), as well as private monitoring services and medical homes. Among the sectors that have the wind in its sails are also renewable energies, the gambling sector, waste management and agriculture. At the same time, the Italy has become a preferred destination for Russian (in particular Georgian) and Chinese mafias sectors of trade, transportation and restoration being particularly "wanted". The final report will be presented at the end of the year. A year ago, the former Minister of health, Daniel Bahr, the liberal party (FDP), lost his portfolio in the Government of Angela Merkel. Soon, it will comb the branch health insurance within Allianz, the first European insurer. Conversion noted for this young talent policy which did not prevent his party to know the electoral rout in legislative elections by 2013. At Allianz, it will first serve as Attorney, and then will join the Board of the health of the Group subsidiary, 650-strong. 000 customers for a turnover of 3.3 billion euros. This case of "pantouflage" was yesterday critics across the Rhine, from the left (Greens, die Linke) parties and circles monitoring the work of lobbyists, between an appointment with shady overtones until the patents risk of conflicts of interest. Allianz ensures his side that he has not chosen his new recruit because of his book addresses, but because it will be useful for an "operational" position, having to do with the network’s reps as doctors and clinics. . For more facts about this topic click

Champions League. PSG-Barcelona: Parisians are needed as champions.

The evening where it mattered most and facing the opponent the most dangerous moment in Europe, PSG is once again a great team and a favorite of the champions league – not less! All occurred at the end of a European opposition to a fantastic level, between the congratulations of the jury and absolute excellence. If it is a dream, it will do it every night, but it is possible that everything is true and that it is discussed for decades. It recounts how PSG floored the Messi Barcelona by pasting three goals the season where he did in had not yet cashed one in seven matches of Spanish League or champions League. How do you say feat in Spanish? It is a. Here is Paris? No, here is incredible. At this pace, Ibrahimovic will have trouble finding a spot. You kidding, obviously. Laurent Blanc, there is no controversy over his lack of major this week and it’s going to make us all funny. Need to remember long everything, as of the first period, one of the most beautiful played by PSG since its acquisition by the Qatar. A crazy craving, an incredible impact, a laundry Dante to retrieve the ball and two goals in point organ (on arrested kicks) to a success in the deserved break and a metamorphosed Paris. It is clear: in one evening, we saw more football and codes requires that when the previous outputs ten, all competitions. PSG, players and coach understood, has therefore decided to stop to disappoint to reconnect with its lights from last season and slip into the skin that dresses her best now, the giant of Europe – the message will make the tour of the old Continent. Tuesday night, PSG played football and won everything there is in essence: magic, flipping, Titanic emotionally, a magma of desire and pleasure. It is already and already one of the greatest games in the history of the MTP, a legend also meeting. Because two teams and two coaches have remained faithful to their principles of game, spectacle and offensive imbalance. This was not necessarily the total football but a total party, a wealth of technical and tactical knowledge worthy of highlight knockout as a quarter or a semi-final. Discussions on the lack of intensity of the Ligue 1 will remain in the closet, PSG just prove that he can win the champions league with all the virtues displayed against Barcelona, passing from words to acts, after beating Chelsea (3-1) in April. Two recent winners of the League champions crushed to roping in six months by the GMP, it is a sign, no? You should click the following fact to learn more on this interesting subject.

Intrusion in the White House: the head of the Secret Service recognizes unacceptable flaws.

The Director of the Secret Service, responsible for the safety of the US president, acknowledged Tuesday’s flaws unacceptable in the safety of the White House and promised to reform the service, before MPs outraged by the recent intrusion of a man in the residence. Julia Pierson, who runs since March 2013 the Secret Service, also responsible to protect the family of the president and foreign dignitaries, acknowledged that security plans had not been executed effectively, at a hearing in the House of representatives. I assume my responsibility, it launched. What has happened is unacceptable and it will not ever happen. A former member of 42 years, Omar Gonzalez, jumped on the evening of September 19 over 2.30 meters in the Northern grid from the White House, and then he traveled more than 60 metres (although 60 metres) of lawn, pursued by agents. In possession of a folding knife, he managed to enter through the main entrance on the ground floor, to drop an agent posted behind, and then to pass through two large rooms before finally plated ground and arrested, in the grand salon named East Room. The president and his family had left the White House, and according to the Washington Post, is an agent who had just completed his service that has stopped the intruder. As a first step, the Secret Service had only indicated that Omar Gonzalez was arrested after entering through the door. This double door (an outdoor glass and a wooden interior door) was not locked despite the alert, acknowledged Julia Pierson, but an automatic closing system has since been installed, she announced. Also, additional barriers were installed around the compound. Julia Pierson said that 16 people had jumped grids these past five years, including six this year. An investigation is underway. I intend to redouble efforts in the coming months to reform the service, she said, implicitly stating that it did not intend to resign. -Questions about gunfire in 2011 – but the elect, Democrats as Republicans, have denounced a wider problem of discipline within the elite service, and the parliamentary inquiry will continue. This recent incident, unfortunately, leads many people to wonder whether there is or not a much more serious problem to the Secret Service, said Elijah Cummings, a Democrat. The White House complex is supposed to be one of the most secure in the country, if not the world. How the hell happened?, said Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee on oversight and government reform. Republican Jason Chaffetz has denounced the withholding of service officers, who opened fire on Omar Gonzalez. Don’t let anyone approaching the president! launched. This case adds to many incidents. In November 2009, a couple of reality TV personalities was able to invite to a state dinner. The service agents have appealed to prostitutes in Colombia in April 2012, and others are drunk on a mission to the Netherlands in March 2014. And in November 2011, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez had fired from his car on the White House without being immediately spotted. Revelations in the Washington Post on this last episode, Sunday, showed that the service had discovered until several days after the impact of several bullets on the walls and a window shielded upstairs where the Obama family lives. Questions remain on the reasons for which Omar Gonzalez, which had been controlled by police in Virginia in July and in the vicinity of the White House in August, was not the subject of an investigation for threat against the presidential family, despite the possession of weapons and a map designating the remains. Above all, it had been recognized the day of his intrusion by two officers, who have not pointed. But according to Julia Pierson, no offence warranted his arrest. The intrusion opposed the Secret Service to an individual suffering from mental problems, and you’ve lost, told the Democrat Stephen Lynch. Omar Gonzalez, who suffers from PTSD, is currently in detention. His next hearing was set for Wednesday. The spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, assured Friday that the president maintained his full confidence in the Secret Service, whose Director. . You must visit the following to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

Guantanamo: the OAS asked Latin American countries to host detainees.

The Secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) asked the Member countries to receive Guantanamo detainees in order to accelerate the process of closing the controversial prison, learned Tuesday. On 149 men still locked up in Guantanamo, 79 have received an approval to transfer from the U.S. authorities because they represent more threat to the security of the United States. I respectfully ask the countries that can do so, in accordance with their national policies and legislation, to consider to receive individuals currently detained at Guantanamo, in order to enable them to resume their lives after a prolonged detention, writes Chilean José Miguel Insulza, in a broadcast statement Monday. The Secretary-General made this statement in accordance with the wish of the commission on the human rights of the OAS, which calls for the closure of the prison opened in 2002 on the Guantanamo naval base in Cuba repeatedly since July 2011. He felt that this closure required that the United States speed up procedures with regard to the other 70 detainees, who must either be judged be presented before a commission for a review of their situation. Regretting that the detention centre is still open despite the efforts made by the Government of Barack Obama, he believes that a positive response from the countries of the OAS to receive released detainees would help to significantly reduce this serious humanitarian situation. Among these countries, the Uruguay has already agreed to host six detainees, the Chile and the Colombia also were solicited, but transfers are stalled for several weeks. Since 2009, and the promise of Barack Obama to close the prison, 18 countries have hosted 48 prisoners in total. 79 other men are to be freed but have not been failing country to receive them, accurate Mr. Insulza. These are men who have been tried for any crime and who won’t, and complete appraisal of their situation by the US authorities has determined that they pose no serious risk or for the security of the country, nor for those who will receive, even pleaded Mr. Insulza. . Similar data can be inspected checking