Gehry building in Paris: the violence of the appearance.

From a distance what took place this week in the Paris Bois de Boulogne, looked like a very elaborate fashion show pictures. Karl Lagerfeld before a glowing skulduggery factory, whose glass surfaces reminiscent of thousand times larger insect wing, under the glittering giant letter "LV" there were with Anna Wintour, Pierre Berg̩ and Alain Delon. But then came the artists of Jeff Koons, several Picassos, the art dealer Thaddaeus Ropac and Larry Gagosian and reminded that it should go in particular to art. The biggest ship, and this still immersed in a Paris Park, but now Arnault, has the in the "Power 100"-ranking the most influential people of the art world, the art magazine "Art Review" just released, on position 23 before on place 34 severed Pinault is located, whatever that may mean. You can look at the designs and models of the new Parisian private museum in a major retrospective on the work of Frank Gehry, which effectively shows the Centre Pompidou as a companion program to the opening ceremonies of the Museum with magnificent and hugely expensive models and movies. The show was primarily sponsored by the construction group Vinci, which established the Fondation Vuitton. Chronologically, the exhibition begins with the early work of the architect from the 1960s. There are drawings and models of the small apartment building in Los Angeles to see the Gehry became famous: over the years the architect had applied ever Wilder additions to his conventional Spitzdachhaus, until it became a shrill, seemingly back Рand -forth construction, constantly growing with progressive life, always more complex and verworreneres object. . Similar info can be found checking

Google, iPhone, Tablet,. the panoply of the writer without paper.

For the eyes, is better read on reading on Tablet, but it’s nag as operation: cannot remove text. Gold for me, read connected is not an infringement of the concentration. In the "construction Lovecraft» where I am currently, when it comes to the police strike in 1919 in Boston, I need to fetch images, documents on the strike. With the web, so I have a denser, more tree reading. I have 60 brushes, I’m a little out of the shot, but I have the impression that, mentally, it knows how to manage this profusion. In the literature, it is anyway still lost. With Kafka, we get lost in a sentence, a Word. And for me – an addiction long before internet – reading has always been something open. Is to hear the sound of the wind in the trees, copy phrases on a carnet, etc."’the screen mine is farted, I think that it keeps me the addiction. But I am using many Instagram. And then when I read a paper book, I often ask my iPhone inside. I think of a Russian who published Verdier, Vassili Golovanov: there are plenty of names of places home, iPhone helps me locate them. "" When I published my first book, ‘Factory outlet’, in 1982, I bought my "Littré" of opportunity in Vrin, a trick that stank tobacco. ” It was the seven-volume edition Pancho. I still have it. But in 1999, there was the first CD-Rom. I have "Littré", since in my machine. Of course, it describes a static language: it stops at Chateaubriand, does not even cite his contemporaries, the etymologies are what one could learn at the time. And amazing sites work with dictionaries basins. But "Littré" remains impassable. This undertaking to redescribe the language fascinates me.  Even to translate Lovecraft, it is "Littré" my dictionary. » ‘ Memory that a book is external: where it was stored and how we’re going to find, which after thirty years of work with fifteen in the same House poses some problems. ” But there are also internal memory: if I come away any book, Michaux or Walter Benjamin, I recall that in this book, I’m looking for was in two-thirds of the book, at the top of a page to the right. Obviously, this topology, it did more with digital. But it has another, thanks to the research by keywords: for example in Proust, I search for ‘brain’, or ‘cold’, and immediately have all of the occurrences of the word. Suddenly I’m going to move with greater speed in the book, I have some insights that will be like views x-ray, permanently. I love to read like that, I now need. I can not read a passage in Montaigne without going to see where else it speaks of the same thing. And I wonder how to use these processes there when I compose myself in the story. ""I need to have in the day’s moments of theoretical work, but when I read some literary blogs, I’m not near my work. The web design is much more interesting, unfortunately, as most of the innovations proposed by publishers. There are wonderful and beautiful things, but when I spent in reading the blogs, I find the same level of reflection, intensity and invention. Search for Joachim Sene, Pierre Ménard, Arnaud Macintosh, Christine Jeanney. And it continues one blog to another. » ‘ My site, for me, is more than a blog: it is the ability to put it all together. ” When Balzac signed contracts with publishers, it was 2500 copies either for four years; so he regained his rights, revised the text and resold it. As, he reconstructed the whole: ‘social studies’, ‘studies of manners’, etc. Then he calls it "Comédie humaine". But only in the end! This chance réofferte us. Also any balzacien today cannot ignore the letters to Madame Hanska, this very everyday thing which is claptrap, but which is at the same time as writing novels. The fragmentation of the time of writing, the journal, letters and stories involves the coexistence of things long (the novel is written in a year) and extremely brief things (the letter that it sends to outside). This is true for all authors. And likewise, I have almost no private correspondence: I can have exchanges by mail, but even for the very staff, can it do to put online? Those that it does not concern will not read. There is a very important paradigm shift. We can have most discussions in the public space. ‘ ‘I no longer, my daughter pricked me him. She looks at films the night after his job. But ultimately I’m using mainly read onstage. I could not pass me the flexibility that it offers: change the pages to the finger, with minimal lighting. . . There, I assume to be able to love my machine, while in fact it is an object made in fetid conditions. Apple says: "We are committed to the fact that no one is working more than ten hours a day, six days a week, and that person is under the age of 16." Apple considers that it is the humanist norm. "It was in 2000. Suddenly, it happens the word: is that you tried this thing there? Small messages arrive at left – for me this is the genius of the net.  Before, there was a plurality of engines. AltaVista, for example, who was very sharp. And there, Google. It took into account the keywords, so they began to reflect on the use of the keywords within our sites. He favoured the first 1500 characters, so it was paying attention, etc. There is an axiom that sums up the situation: "The Winner takes all. One who picks up the last picks up the whole. There was not that on the Internet ten years ago. When I launched publishes. NET, this small cooperative of publishing online, we had the impression that anyone could find its place. Today, we feel that our dreams are shortchanged. No one can be naive to Amazon or Apple. We, along with the digital book, our livelihood depends on it. And they behave like dogs and pigs. We have the right to say, even in «le Nouvel Obs»! In 2009, Apple launched for example adding a word processing software, Pages, which simplifies the functions of Word, DTP and layout functions: for the first time I had the impression of an intelligent text processing. And then there are two or three years, they made a new version: the function "search – replace" does not manage the paragraph breaks and non-breaking spaces before the question marks. With the principle of concentration, whether for Google, Amazon, Apple or Facebook, it is in something more that unhealthy. How can the brotherhood of writers also massively remain outside it? Scientists, humanities, information and the press are no longer apart. But publishing and authors remain. This choice of the Indian reserve and subsidies to compensate for me tremendously excited two or three years ago. I don’t always understand it not. "On Facebook, we swim under ads that are a violation of dignity, as sponsored for gossip pages. NET. And then the day I had 60 years, I had right to pubs on retirement homes,. That’s nice! It is unhealthy. He must testify of our requirements with regard to those machines that are there for the money and disseminate ideological requirements which can be extremely dangerous. Now, it is the intermediate I have with the outside world. It was through him that I have access to my information sources. BibliObs for example, for the literary. There is also what keeps science or the arts. I read that I informed in advance by Twitter. And I don’t feel not cut of the world, on the contrary. For Lovecraft, I have a buddy in Montreal, another makes a thesis in Bordeaux, a third in Seattle, and others,. I don’t even know where. Twitter is also a small indoor radio. When I read, I tell myself that at the end of two pages I have the right to go on Twitter. I know that it takes to defend because before a text difficult to Gilbert Simondon for example, better is worth to insist. But I can manage it better. At the moment, I end my day with the new book by Quignard. When I come across a phrase which pleases me, I the tweeted. I send scraps of phrases in knowing that I am most often their single recipient. It’s like holding a book, except that it is open. And there yet it doesn’t bother me: those who will be interested in such message will be chosen to participate in such restricted community. Finally, what pleases me in Twitter, it is that we have created ourselves uses: in the beginning, there was not the hashtag, or the RT to forward a message. These functions have come from users. Today, Twitter has become too important to remain in the private sphere, such as Facebook. » . Original facts could be studied clicking this

Aurélie Filippetti and Arnaud Montebourg displayed their affair.

The photos not were stolen, this time. Aurélie Filipetti and Arnaud Montebourg arrived about smile Friday night in Villerupt (Meurthe-et-Moselle) just before the opening of the 37th Festival of the Italian film. Two former Socialist Ministers lent themselves with good grace "to the game of memories with the anonymous of the room", reports "Republican Lorrain" who title "Romance Italian" "since the time that Aurélie speaks to me of her country-top (a plateau North of the Meurthe-et-Moselle, Editor’s note), needed me to come see it", when Arnaud Montebourg, according to the daily. A festival and a city where the MP for Moselle is at home. His father, son of anti-Fascist Italian immigrants, was minor’s funds then Communist Mayor of tiche five minutes away. Sitting in the projection room dressed in a black and white dress with fine geometric patterns, the former Minister of Culture smouldering eyes Arnaud Montebourg in Navy blue sweater, white collar and dark jacket. She is affectionately holding his arm on an another cliché. Both had "regained their freedom" policy in late August, as Benoît Hamon then in charge of National Education, while the first Government Valls was flying apart. Under the catchy title "Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti, love story to San Francisco", ‘Paris Match’ had issued 11 September three previously unpublished photographs, where both had delighted mine. Two former members of the Government had hardly enjoyed and continued the justice weekly. "I prefer to climb the steps of Villerupt than Cannes, because I am much better with", assured Aurélie Filippetti watching Arnaud Montebourg a complicit glance, reports «Le Républicain Lorrain. . Inspirational facts can be studied visiting the following website.

A tax on ink cartridges “is not news.

The idea of a taxation of ink cartridges to increase funding of the National Centre of the book (CNL) is no news, said Saturday the Ministry of Culture and communication after the publication of an article in le Figaro on the subject it is a track that has been considered at a technical level by the Department of the Ministry, in the same way as other tracks, and which fits into a long term thinking, told AFP the Ministry said, adding that this tax was not news. Thursday, Fleur Pellerin stated that his Ministry was studying for the next years the possibility to modify the affected tax weighing on printing and reproduction, devices that could include supplies of such materials. According to the Minister, the CNL resources are based on material in a steady decline in sales when the consumables, namely ink cartridges, are rising sharply. The CNL depends on the Ministry of Culture and Communication, and mission is to support, through different devices and commissions, all actors in the chain of the book: authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, organizers of literary events. The centre enjoys an annual allocation of EUR 42 million, funded through a levy on the sale of equipment for reproduction and printing and a levy on the turnover of publishing firms. . Extended facts can be inspected checking

New Delhi: Sex and the City.

The evening girls started early, in an apartment in Vasant Vihar, an area of New Delhi. Longtime friends, eight women aged from 28 to 40 years drink, smoke, and discuss. A joint passes from hand to hand. Between a bottle of vodka and an Australian wine, dishes are arranged on the coffee table: humus, chicken tikka and toast with goat cheese, to the image of the tsunami of influences that is sweeping a decade on the Indian capital. Deepika, the unmarried youngest, is captured by the father’s business management and does not have the time to offer a sentimental life. Sunita, the sassy, wants to convince her to use Tinder, meetings location-based social network. Otherwise, you can always go to YouPorn! She says chuckling. Neera, a divorcee with a doll face, intervenes: me, I no longer fear to be alone. We must learn to love. The friends approved by a vehement nod. Indian cities are changing. They are liberated. At a time where Bollywood actors have dared to kiss on-screen, sexuality is less taboo within the middle classes and elites. Brought by modernization and Western influence, Delhi offers a space of freedom. Male-female relations further grew in ten years that over 3 000 years, writes the author Ira Travedi. Sexual liberalisation is at work, confirms the sociologist Deepak Mehta. But the way in which the wife is considering his body has evolved into two opposing trends: the granting of more freedom and, at the same time, the accentuation of anxiety. Nationally, the condition of Indian women is one of the most difficult in the world. Violence against women are high profile since the gang-rape of a student in Delhi in December 2012. They are a litany of horror: domestic violence, sexual assaults, murders for insufficient dots, slavery, child marriages,. And Delhi-the-wild, nebula of 17 million inhabitants, received the nickname capital of the rape claim. These realities affect the attitudes of women, écartelées between the aspirations to emancipation and the rigidity of the moral order. The capital cartoon dramatic paradox of the India: in a room in the murky neon, a woman wipes the shots of a drunken husband, while another, in a lounge-bar, flirting freely by ordering the mojitos. Across the country, studies are hardly an ode to sexual exploration: the frequency of reporting is low and the position of the missionary of rigour. But sensing the winds of change, the press looks to tame the diversity of the Indian psyche by multiplying the polls. And all prove: the Indian give more importance to his own pleasure. In the previous generation, and as noted journalist Shobha De, intercourse was a formality: the wives retroussaient their saris, ignored and thought to Dilip Kumar, the actor then in vogue. The Hindu tradition poses the woman in self-denial and obedience. Today, articles explain how to choose a man and favorite positions of women. Homosexuals, ostracized by the taboo and legislation, also earn them visibility. Eroticism is interfering with the desire. After the lingerie stores, this year sees the triumphant explosion of sex toys in India market. The middle of the night is democratized, and in Delhi, Hauz Khas bars district is beset by happy packs of young women in high heels clinging to the arm of their lovers. The date, the tryst with a man, fascinates. From Orkut to Facebook, from OkCupid to Tinder, social networking have facilitated them. 2014 will fit into the story as the year where we kissed Tinder, quips a journalist faces the successful implementation in Delhi. I consult with Tinder several times per day, admits Ruchika, television producer of 36 years. When you live in India, it’s so liberating to say simply yes or no to men through Tinder! It plans to create an application best suited to the needs of Indian women to protect their identity. Ruchika is defined as a liberated woman: when you have financial freedom in India, nobody questions your choices. In this spirit, a blog spilled ink: 50 dates in Delhi, launched by an Indian for 32 years under the pseudonym of Alice. It narrates his meetings over the days, not without a certain disillusionment, but with the desire to understand this new world of assumed flirting. It gives nevertheless limits: no sex and pinpoint meetings. Not if released, in sum. The nerve to Alice, is to assume his quest in a secret society. In the countryside, the lovers themselves to hastily in the sugar cane fields. In cities, they embrace and hide behind trees in public parks. Obviously, there has always been sex stories, in India, said Ishan, a designer of 39 years. Homosexuality and bisexuality are very present in our society. But nothing is said. The appearance should be preserved at all costs. According a survey, 76% of Indian women and 61% of Indians think that infidelity is not a great sin. But only the elite of Delhi does not embarrassment interfere. In the wealthy circle of their SIPs evenings of alcohol and cocaine, their permissiveness has nothing to envy to the elites of the other capitals of the world. . For extended information about this matter check

Picasso, braque period.

This is. The Hôtel Salé is ready to welcome lovers of Picasso. The reunion is set at October 25, anniversary of the birth of the artist. Finally! After five years of work and grotesque adventures. If Barcelona, Malaga and Antibes also boast museum dedicated to the painter of Andalusian origin, Paris, opened in 1985, is the richest public collection of works by the sacred monster, thanks to the predation of 4000 of them by his heirs in France, country of adoption of Picasso.   Since September, 30 trucks under police escort carry paintings and sculptures to the courtyard of the Hôtel Salé, departing from the reserves, located in the suburbs. A team of 20 people is responsible for hooking. To install the 450 works selected, five weeks are required, during which the atmosphere turns the insidious guerilla. In the building, Anne Baldassari and Laurent Le Bon cross daily and avoid. When Fleur Pellerin visit the renovated Museum, it does not seek to meet with the curator, yet in the vicinity.   Staff, it is divided into two clans: pro – and anti-Baldassari. On one side, 22 employees who had addressed a letter to the Department, under cover of anonymity, denouncing the methods muscular of their Patron Saint. The other 19 signatories of a petition agents taking his defence; petition filed without further action by the Department. According to Hubert Boisselier, general manager of collections and close to the curator, the daily is poisoned by small impediments in circles: of unscheduled work prohibiting trucks entry in the Court and thus the delivery of works, elevators down overtime denied,. Somehow, the clash continues.   If I am relieved? Obviously! exclaims Claude Picasso, son of Pablo and Françoise Gilot. Enraged by the sacking of Anne Baldassari and caused delays, the representative of the family within the Board of Directors had tried to intervene, wrote to François Holland, picked up an appointment with Manuel Valls, and remains today convinced that party could take place before the summer, as expected, hysteria had erupted on bottom of cabals and backstabbing.   The Department imposed me to bring the bulk of the funds, said Anne Baldassari. Between 2009 and 2012, it therefore organizes roaming of the collection, in 20 stages from Sydney to Moscow. Anglo-Saxon management that has, seems, contributed to his fall from grace. Money smell bad, slides Hubert Boisselier. However, without this contribution nothing would have been possible. The result is there. The remodeling of the building, by the architect Jean-François Bodin, is successful. As the inaugural clash, it place seventy years of creation, and many masterpieces. On the top floor in the attic, the personal collection of Picasso is deployed: Degas, Renoir, Cézanne, Gauguin, Braque and Matisse.   And it also needs to agree with the Picasso family. As long as the name of the painter has not fallen into the public domain, the heirs are essential interlocutors. And all-powerful. Since the Foundation of 1979, they have repeatedly proven their generosity, greatly contributing to the enrichment of the original Fund. But, as noted by an observer, if we can return to a dation, nothing prevents resume a donation.   Claude Picasso was, in its own way, launched a warning by suspending that he was about to be done before doesn’t trigger hostilities. In late July, Maya Widmaier – Picasso, daughter of Pablo and Marie-Thérèse Walter, took the opposite direction of his half-brother in deciding to give, to the General surprise, two works by his father, a drawing of Apollinaire and a sketchbook of nudes, in support of the teams that will contribute to the reopening of the Museum, she said. In the family also, we share between pro – and anti-Baldassari.   Of course, Picasso remains an Idol, before which prostrate visitors from the four corners of the world. Laurent Le Bon is no exception so far in a pinch of time. The Department asked me to ensure that the establishment be self-funded at 65%, it says. A challenge, compared to the Louvre and the Pompidou Center, whose own resources amounted respectively to 50 and 30% of the budget. Because, even if the increase of the area of the Museum allows to double its capacity, with estimates of annual attendance to 800000 visitors, the bet is not won. It can be saturated on weekends, and difficult to fill winter Tuesday, alert.   Its priority is to attract the audience of proximity (35% of admissions), particularly fond of temporary exhibitions. Anne Baldassari organized three per year. Before his sacking, it had already started to develop upcoming programming. She had issued an invitation to the Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo, known for its connivance with the master, and considered a presentation of his works for the year 2015. It should also soon be curator of an exhibition devoted to the sculpture of Picasso at MoMA, in New York, and has negotiated the loan in Exchange, in Paris from the collection of the American Museum.   . Original source can be found clicking the following

Ebola, the dead girl 2 years identified as the first case in Mali.

She died two years ago she identified as the first case of Ebola in Mali. The Malian Ministry of health Friday morning confirmed the first infection, after Thursday, had announced that a suspected case had been registered in the city of Kayes in the southwest of the country. The little returned recently from a trip to Guinea with her aunt. The patient had been quarantined at the Hospital of Kayes and, according to the Ministry, all persons come into contact with the small were taken and treated in accordance with the procedures laid down. The 43 people who had contact with her, including 10 health workers, monitored in isolation. The World Health Organization (who) is as an "emergency" situation in Mali because the girl already showed symptoms of the disease, with bleeding from the nose, and was so contagious, during the trip that took by bus with her grandmother from Guinea to Mali, with plenty of exposure for most people. "The greatest vigilance is essential," said the who. The who experts were already in Mali to help the country to prepare for a possible case was imported, but an extra team (for clinical management, epidemiology, contact search, logistics and social mobilization) arrives as soon as possible to speed up the necessary work. Her grandmother, according to early reconstructions, went to Guinea for the funeral of the mother of little. On October 19, along with Nancy, has travel to return to Mali aboard public transportation through Keweni, Kankan, Sigouri, and Kouremale in Bamako, capital of Mali, where they remained for two hours before arriving at Kayes (128 thousand inhabitants, 600 km from Bamako). . Root source could be found reading this web site.

Tunisia: the keys of the first free legislative elections.

The campaign has been rather sluggish t, a part of the political class and m media focusing more on pr residential on the legislation l, then m me that the Tunisia has e dot of a syst me parliamentary. I speak not of apathy, nuance Larbi Chauhan, University Tunisian interrogated by the Express, but rather a feeling of confusion t. The electoral code was badly Fernandes. It has allowed creating of three types of lists: lists of parties, coalitions, but ind pendants also. These res Demirci are the origin of the proliferating ration of nominations, with 1327 lists some of them folk or populist. This e cr a feeling of saturation and the d background bats are not sufficiently s first, regret political scientist. If Tunisia chappe to d disorder affecting other countries pass s by the movements of the Arab spring soul, it has en l the instabilit. This has particular t the case in 2013, ann e marked by the rise of jihadist arm groups s and the assassinations of two leaders of left, a political stalemate and the suspension of the work of the constituent National Assembly (ANC). Larbi Chauhan involves the first Government of the Islamist party Ennahda, who acted the identity pouvantail. This established a strong polarization of the country, between proponents of identical e ferm and those of a more open identity. ENNAHDA has essay to rectify, but this permit traces, regret. � . You can visit the following to learn extra on this interesting matter.

The British headwind against an extension to the EU budget.

Scandalous, unacceptable: the labour party europhobe Ukip, passing by the conservatives in power, the British political class had revolted Friday at the idea of seeing the United Kingdom extend to EUR 2.1 billion to the budget of the European Union. This new calculation, announced Thursday, is contained in a proposal for amending budget adopted on 17 October by the European Commission, the closure by the end of the year of the European budget for 2014. The question to be decided in the context of the budgetary conciliation between the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council, which represents the States. Britain has no right of veto in the Council, where the budget decides by simple majority. The services of the Prime Minister reacted quickly Thursday night judging that this application was not acceptable. Friday morning, it is the British political class who drew fire on the proposal. For the Eurosceptic Conservative MP John Redwood, Mr Cameron should refuse to pay, or even through the Act to indicate that the request for extension is illegal and unacceptable. The British already pay too much tax, and the last thing they want it is send again 1.7 billion pounds to the commission, he said on BBC radio. Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, europhobe and anti-immigrant party, has compared the European Union has a thirsty vampire who depends of the blood of the British taxpayer, while ascribing blame to Mr Cameron. David Cameron one day said that it had reduced our contribution to the European budget, but it has increased, and today, it increases again, for the second time, and dramatically. It is outrageous, said in a statement one whose party came out on top of the last European elections. For labour, it is unacceptable that the outgoing European Commission put a bill on the table in this way. The Government must work to get the best possible deal for the United Kingdom, said Pat McFadden, responsible for European Affairs within the Labour, in a release. Part of the press was also in the same direction. The European Union wants to impose the British takeover, has headlined in a the Daily Telegraph, adding: the money would be used to help a France penalty. Brussels punishes the British, dropped on its side The Times, while the Daily Mail wrote: while the France has a drawback, Brussels asks even more than cash to the United Kingdom. This possible supplementary budget of the British announcement comes in full debate in the United Kingdom on the EU membership, and a text providing for the holding of a referendum by 2017 on this subject adopted last week at first reading by the British members. . For additional data about this matter visit home page.

My Goncourt des Lycéens: in the skin of the bear.

In this novel, we start by discovering the existence of a pact between the bears and the villagers: animals must not approach the village otherwise their agreement would be broken, the bear would then butchered and skinned. But one day, a bear did not respected the Pact, succumbing to the charm of Suzanne, 17 years, desired by all men in the village. This beast of 300 kilos removes the beautiful young girl while she walking his sheep, and soon leads him into his Lair, which is only darkness, humidity and roche. Hybrid offspring is sold to an exhibitor to bear but the creature, currency, eventually pass from hand to hand. At this point, it enters bear head and it adds descriptions, feelings, felt it. I found this incoherent story at the beginning, I ended up putting me in the skin of the woman then in bear offspring, as we invite the title. The fact that there are a lot of descriptions allowed me to imagine the scene, decor, thoughts, etc. . I was not convinced by this book but I changed my mind. If he had noted on 10 it would be 8/10. . For additional facts on this matter read blog.