Turkey: a charged press boss, required mandate against the ex-allie of Erdogan.

Turkish justice has charged Friday for terrorism the owner of an opposition television channel and three policemen while an arrest warrant was required against the exiled ex-allie Fethullah Gülen, president Erdogan. This imam of 73 years exiled since 1999 in the United States is accused by prosecutors of being the head of a criminal group, according to the official agency Anatolia. Mr. Gülen is also accused of being at the head of an armed terrorist organization, according to a copy of the document published by Turkish media. The regime of president islamo – conservative Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses him of trying to undermine the Turkish State. Even if it was confirmed, such a measure would have a symbolic significance, because the United States has in the past always denied deliver Fethullal Gülen to the Turkish authorities. The State TRT television had earlier announced the launch of the arrest warrant, before returning to this information. The Director of the chain Samanyolu, Hidayet Karaca, was been charged with belonging and direction of an organization, armed, and remanded in custody. He was arrested Sunday at a a wave of arrests in Istanbul and other cities, which had referred in total 30 people (journalists, police, television producers and scriptwriters) among media alleged close network headed by Mr. Gülen. Ekrem Dumanli, Director of the newspaper Zaman of the same group, that borders on the million copies, was released. Three police officers also arrested have been charged for complicity in terrorism. The other 26 people arrested Sunday were released after this wave of arrests controversial and denounced in Turkey and abroad as a new turn of the authoritarian regime of Ankara screw and an infringement of freedom of the press. Welcomed out of the courthouse by a large crowd of supporters waving the Turkish flag, Mr. Dumanli strongly took power. -A ‘State within a State’ – they have humiliated the Turkey in the eyes of the international community. The Turkey was seriously injured, he said, claiming that the judicial procedure, orchestrated according to him by corrupt government officials, was worthy of Holywood movies. Mr Erdogan, Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014 before being elected to the supreme bench in last August, repeating his determination to neutralize the supporters of the brotherhood Gülen he accused formed a State in the State and plotting in the shadows to cause his fall in orchestrating and manipulating investigations of corruption. We will pursue them into their lair, launched Wednesday, accusing the Gülen movement, to be a parallel structure used by a country of the South, namely Israel. Suspected of being at the origin of investigation anti-corruption personally to Mr Erdogan and his political entourage, who provoked a serious political crisis in the winter of 2013-2014, the movement has denied any implicationL’ strong man of the country was able to put a stop to this investigation by the sacking of thousands of police officers and a number of judges and by adopting laws strengthening the control of the State on the judiciary and on the internet. After the arrest of journalists, the leader of the main party of opposition, the CHP (Republican people, secular party), Kemal Kilicdaroglu, denounced a coup Government. Face hardening of the regime, many intellectuals of opposition compare with that of Vladimir Poutine in Russia, criticism of Brussels denouncing attacks on democracy in Turkey have had little effect and resulted in a shot of cold between Ankara and the European bloc that it wants to integrate. Mr Erdogan has counter-attacked with particular virulence. Mingle you to your business, launched to the attention of European leaders. In an open letter, the press group implicated in denounced Thursday a hunting Witch and an infringement of freedom of the press. Indeed, creating its own media throughout the years, Mr Erdogan has openly attacked the independent press in Turkey. In 2012, the country held the sad record of 76 reporters under lock and key. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You should visit the following source to learn extra on this amazing topic.

Wild boars were prowling near the station of Juvisy.

THEY are 57 000 to transit each day the station of Juvisy. But on the night of Thursday to Friday, two strange travelers who have been sighted close to the railway station, in the heart of downtown. Two wild boars were prowling there shortly after midnight. Two male, adult, 50 kilos that were seen in the street that leads to the entrance and near the fair park side. This is where they were shot by the louvetiers of Essonne, public officers authorized by the prefecture to hunt these animals. "They had no title transport, or baggage. Perhaps they wanted just to afford a little trip by train’, plays a police source. But the two animals have created a small wave of panic. "These are impressive animals and as they are wild, you never know really how they will react. This concerned the population especially nearby places such as a train station", confirms Fabrice Sirou, lieutenant President louvetiers of the Essonne. On the night of Thursday to Friday, residents of Ris, Grigny and Juvisy called the authorities to report the presence of wild boars in the city. For the lived, there is no doubt that those of Juvisy came from Ris. "Wild boars are intelligent. They understood that they were too many and were likely to be hunted in the forest of Sénart. For some time, they crossed the Seine and take their quarters in the industrial area of Ris. They are sometimes jumping in surrounding towns. We are very careful. Risk of accidents with cars, danger to the inhabitants,. Collisions with trains are same occurred in recent months. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar text can be read visiting http://f-point.com.

‘ The Pope is San Lorenzo. And Real Madrid is the team of God and the world ‘.

Carlo Ancelotti makes sweet eyes the trophy that can Crown a year esplndido at Real Madrid. Already the Mundialito with Milan, just as two intercontinental, levant and likes the taste of this end-of-course title. Will bind to a 2014 already nailed on the altar of the best memories of the history of the white club. There are 90 minutes to provide for the fourth time in the last eight months, Mestalla to Marrakech, a trip of a lifetime. ‘ The team is well and has confidence. We looking forward to round off the year. We assume with confidence that something good awaits us ‘. The Italian regards James as a surprise in the first team and questions about Ramos. They are different cases. Sergio have to wait to see how evolves and what feelings has. James is ready to play. It has recovered perfectly, says about the Colombian, which may begin from the beginning. If the central does not arrive on time, be turn to Varane, already jug final Lisbon instead of Pepe. Ancelotti, specialist in finals, has the formula of the success to have his players ready. Motivational too are not needed because they hold a charge pressure player. Better clear ideas and tcticas. We have to put our qualities and organization, fight and struggle. It must be a full party. The finals not only win with quality, he recalled. Not the kind of game that proposes San Lorenzo is concerned. I do not think that the referee allows a violent style, he believes. Earlier, Sergio Ramos shows his desire to contest the party to close a super ao. Grommet may be a little Madrid. It hits the titles. We live in a time nico and I feel privileged. Very happy with that train us Ancelotti, it has dedicated to his technical. The central, convinced believer, do not worry about the colors of the Holy Father. The Pope is San Lorenzo, but the Madrid is the team of God and the world, ensure. . For additional facts about this topic click http://f-point.com.

The FBI accuses North Korea formally of the atacaque to Sony.

The FBI confirmed Friday that North Korea is behind the computer attack on the film division of Sony. We have sufficient information to conclude that the North Korean Government is responsible for these actions, he highlighted the U.S. Agency in a statement. According to this, the system of attack coincides with the usual pattern of criminal computer activities in the Asian country, such as the use of a type of malware – programs content malicious-which had already been previously employed by North Korean hackers. more Informacionee UU believes that North Korea is behind the attack to Sony Hollywood is outraged by the cancellation of ‘The interview’ the world will be filled with fear the tools employed in the attack keep like with other executed attack last March by Korea of the North against banks and the South Korean media, ensures the FBI in a statement. The U.S. Agency has expressed concern before this attack – in which private data such as salaries and social security numbers of employees of Sony – destructive and coercive nature is revealed. I.e., according to the FBI, associated with blackmail and extortion and intended to infringe a material injury in an American company and to suppress the right of U.S. citizens to express themselves in freedom. Hackers, which were called guardians of the peace, wanted Sony to withdraw the film interview, a parody about an attempted assassination of the North Korean President, Kin Jong – a. USA respects the right of artists to distribute the content you want. The Government is not involved in those decisions. We take very seriously any attempt to limit the freedom of expression of artists. . You must click this resource to discover more about this interesting subject.

Valls continued for his remarks on Roma: the tribunal was incompetent.

The Paris Correctional Court declared itself incompetent to try Prime Minister Manuel Valls. On the same topic VIDEO. Roma: twice more expulsions of their camps in 2013 VIDEO. Roma: Mrap will introduce Tuesday its complaint against Manuel Valls the voice of Roma association continued Valls for incitement to racial hatred because of remarks made in March and September 2013, when he was Minister of the Interior in the Government Al-Shehri. "Roma have vocation to stay in Romania or to return there," Valls said.  The Minister of the Interior had also argued that they had "extremely different lifestyles of ours who, obviously, are in confrontation". These words had aroused a controversy. Friday in its decision, the tribunal found that Valls had "not issued an opinion as a politician in the framework for a debate of general interest, but that he had been invited by journalists to speak in his capacity as Minister of the Interior on a subject directly related to the conduct of the State". Holding, as did the Prosecutor at the hearing, the argument of the Council of Manuel Valls, Me Georges Holleaux, the Paris Court considers that therefore "the facts attributed to him has been made in the exercise of his ministerial duties. Therefore, they are of the Court of justice of the Republic (CJR). ‘Culture of impunity among corporate offenders’ denounces a judges avocatLes also mentioned the decision rendered on 19 December 2013 by the RGC, which had classified without following a complaint by the movement against racism and for friendship among peoples (Mrap) relative to some of the comments that had taken over the voice of Roma in his quote before the Correctional Court. The RGC had then considered, in its decision, that Manuel Valls was called to speak "reason of its functions, and following the evacuation of the camp of Roma from Carvin to Lille Street", in the North. On the contrary, in his direct quote, the voice of the Roma argued that "media interventions of Mr Valls (,.). ‘ cannot be regarded as falling within the exercise of the functions of Minister of the Interior. Counsel for the association, Mr. Henri Braun, had pointed out at the hearing, on 4 December, that the RGC had found that "four cases in twenty years", calling it ‘machine to dismiss the complaints of the citizens ‘. "It is fear develops a culture of impunity among corporate offenders," responded Mr. Braun after reading the judgment. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For extra facts regarding this subject check url.

December, the month in which the facial aesthetic treatments outweigh the body.

MADRID, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) December is the month of the year in which facial aesthetic treatments outweigh the body, according to data from the survey of treatments of clinical members of the Spanish society of aesthetic medicine (SEME), against the rest of the year, in which patients are concerned about their body, especially with the localizedcellulite and laser hair removal, says the President of the SEME, Petra Vega. According to the study on ‘Aesthetic medicine in Spain’, 64 per cent of clinics of aesthetic medicine users indicate that he received treatments from 57.5% which indicate that they have received treatments for skin rejuvenation. Christmas almost eight of every ten treatments aim at rejuvenation and facial enhancement. People leave other treatments, where the body will again be the most demanded for January, confirms the Member of the Board of the SEME and head of communication of the society, Alberto Morano. The important thing is the balance of the people as a whole and for that purpose it is necessary that as well as facial treatments, be it scheduled on these dates – we already know that it is very difficult – a diet varied, and, above all, that they exercise regularly and take into account a good hydration, mainly with water, Morano says. HOW TO IMPROVE THE CONDITION OF THE SKIN?For the prevention of aging and improve the State of the skin, the Organization advised to avoid sunlight, especially between 1200 and 1700 hours; avoid tobacco, alcohol abuse and stress; consume natural antioxidants, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, etc.; apply preventive creams with vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol or glycolic acid. On the other hand, in order to improve the circulation of the lower limbs and cellulite, experts suggest to avoid tight clothing; shunning of the sedentary, walking one hour daily; and use decreasing compression stockings. To maintain your weight during these dates that it seems almost impossible, recommend decreasing fat intake and balanced eating, drinking from 11/2 to 2 litres of water a day, and exercising regularly. (El) Themes beauty community of Madrid Spain research medical Laser therapy drugs. You should visit the following hyperlink to read more regarding this interesting subject.

Lynx suffers its worst year for poison, abuses and hunting.

Thanks to the appliance radio transmitter from your neck, on Tuesday was found the corpse of Kairos Lynx on an estate of Torre de Juan Abad, in Ciudad Real. The young male died hanged in a metal loop for vermin, an illegal trap placed for the control of predators, as I found out yesterday the Seprona. Kairos was one of the first three Lynx released July 2 by María Dolores de Cospedal who admitted in the Act that would put an end to the violations and irresponsible behaviour. The Iberian lynx, which has survived in freedom a little more than four months, is the latest victim of the long list of 28 specimens died violently so far of the year in Spain. Unstoppable bleeding that occurs on highways and roads poorly conditioned, with 20 deadly attacks in 2014, poisonings, the illegal traps and uncontrolled hunting had been joined this year. These last reasons of violent death added to the deaths of Lynx map following the introduction of copies in Extremadura and Castile – La Mancha, two communities that in summer it received on its soil to the Lynx for the first time since it is extinct in its territory for decades. The number of violent deaths is completely excessive, it must work to stop it, says the director of IberlinceDe 16 Lynx released in these two regions (eight in all) have already died five violently and another had to be captured again in two occasions by an infection. The most critical with this reintroduction management believe that the problems which caused the disappearance of the Lynx in these communities have not been solved. The number of violent deaths is completely excessive, it must work to stop it, says Miguel Angel Simon, is not one of aforementioned critics but the program director Iberlince, responsible for recovering in Spain and Portugal to the most endangered cat in the world. Today is completing the release of Lynx in Montes de Toledo within the plan will release between 50 and 60 Lynx this season between the two new autonomies, the areas of reintroduction of Andalusia and Portugal, which also has just received the first cats. But violent deaths in Extremadura and Castilla – La Mancha have already caused some alarm: I am concerned because too many casualties caused by human activity have focused, we didn’t expect it, recognizes Simon, referring to the hunting practices and abuses. expand fotoCospedal during an Iberian lynx in Ciudad Real is released in July. / Junta de Castilla – La Manchadespues from many years of working with the people of the region, the illegal gear and bad practices of hunters are more contained in Andalusia. In the new autonomous some bad uses that are very rooted are very dangerous for the Lynx. The venom is a big problem in Extremadura, says Ramón Pérez de Ayala, responsible for Iberlince in WWF. And in Castilla – La Mancha cannot solve the problem of the control of predators, he added in reference to the thousands of methods to hunt vermin used legally and illegally and which can result in more deaths of Lynx as the Kairos. At the end of August the body of K2 found in Valencia de las Torres (Badajoz) and the subsequent autopsy confirmed it was a poison. It lasted just two months with life after release him in a region with many complaints by the use of poisons by some owners, usually affecting the birds of prey. He has not acted to prevent poisonings of Lynx, denounces Victor Casco, Deputy of IU in the Assembly of Extremadura, which brought this matter to the full. The Government of José Antonio Monago eliminated a unit that was dedicated to the localization of poisons with trained dogs, and being the last communities without a strategy against poison, only launched its approval after the death of K2. A Lynx poisoned after deleting the detection unit of venenosCerca of the place in which a bait fatally intoxicated this Lynx, on a road in Extremadura owned died in Extremadura, someone ran to ketamine (all Lynx 2014 receive names that begin with the letter k). Hull accused responsible for environment of the Board, José Antonio Echávarri, not have marked or sensitized to the population in the area of reintroduction, moreover, has no protection. Echavarri was defended by ensuring that the last of the conservation of the Lynx project manager is Andalusia, which coordinates the actions. They have not bothered to put a signal and throw balls out, review helmet. The threat from Iberlince silenciosaAunque is pointed to abuses as an untenable problem for the Iberian lynx (20 road deaths), the truth is that the main obstacle to the growth of populations is a quieter danger: the epidemic that affects rabbits. A hemorrhagic disease is decimating the population, main sustain of Lynx, and at the moment there is no more cure than wait and see how the strain evolves. If there were more rabbits, females would be to give birth without problems, says Miguel Angel Simon, director of Iberlince. According to his calculations, despite the problems that hit the Iberian lynx, this year is leading with a stable number of animals in freedom (332 in the Census of 2013). The census that interests me is the breeding females, says Simon, and that will also remain stable. In Castilla – La Macha, in just a few months has been that the problem is the hunt, at all levels. On October 23 a shot in the head ended the life of Kenitra. To being a crime, the case is at issue in the courts, but there are dark spots that may be pointing to fundamental problems. As radiolabeled, told the owners of the estate that the Lynx was there. Even so, was a whipped to hunt foxes, with the obvious risk of encountering the protected feline. After killing Kenitra, Hunter said that it was a confusion. You knew it was there and had to be prevented from hunting, it’s crazy, denounces Miguel Angel Hernandez, spokesman for ecologists in action in the region. The presence of this individual was notified, explains by e-mail Javier Gómez-Elvira, director general of mountains and the Government of Castilla – La Mancha natural spaces. But any autonomous community the presence of Lynx entails a ban on the hunting of the farms in the area, added. Responsible for the introduction of the Lynx in the region ensures that the problem is not in maintaining the right to hunt in the presence of feline, but have the necessary prudence so not you shoot at anything that is not allowed. In Castilla – La Mancha using legal and illegal to hunt predators that they have already killed two lincesNi bullets nor bonds seem to distinguish the Lynx of other predators, but contact defends its hunting policy is perfectly compatible with the conservation of the Lynx. He died in his day for these things and nothing has changed, denounces Hernandez. Pérez de Ayala believes that the legal part has much changed for the better but there is still a serious risk with legal hunting methods which are not selective. Since the Board, emphasis on that is intended to achieve a stable population of individuals, which does not exclude that there is low. In recent years, ten Andalusian Lynx had crossed the border into Ciudad Real and the three of them fatal outcome is known: one of them fell in a cage trap (now prohibited technique) and two others were run over. In addition, Kala, another of the released Lynx this summer in Castilla – La Mancha, was found dead in September and the Seprona has not yet identified the cause of death. The Lynx became extinct in these regions for these causes and nothing has changed, report EcologistasPara felines re-introduction projects, experts say that 50% of casualties among the animals released in the first year is expected. In the reintroduction of Andalusia is round 30% casualties. In Extremadura and Castilla – La Mancha already added that 30% in a few months. There are very few comparable experiences, we are pioneers, warns Simon, responsible for this project, flag of protection of biodiversity in the EU, putting 20 of the 34 million is budgeted. We have many open fronts, four new populations; It is a very big effort to be above all, describes Pérez de Ayala, who advocates balance continue the reintroductions and pressure to improve conditions: If we hope to be everything perfect, don’t let go Lynx and not to recover the population, says. Most of the areas of reintroduction are located on private farms, so it signed agreements with the owners. Basically, consist of Iberlince allow access to the land, to control and improve the conditions of the farm (even adding rabbits), to change involve owners in the protection of the feline. We are at the beginning, but it is a road without return, says Simon. The violations are resolved with money, putting steps. The other problems are resolved with awareness and that requires time, long time, gaining the complicity of people, says. . You should read this http://f-point.com to learn extra on this amazing matter.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Closer: I’m a rebel.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon considers that Closer is an area of freedom, in a long interview to be published Friday in the weekly people, known for having published the first photos of Julie Gayet and François Holland, as well as those of the vice-president of the FN and his companion. Learn + > Revelation of his homosexuality: Philippot advertising 50. 000 euros to CloserLes traditional media are often instead of one between itself cruel and vain, says MEP of the left Front, who spent several hours to visit the editorial of the magazine. I’m a rebel. I’m not a kind of Manuel Valls increasingly old. Faced with this robot that builds a wall of phrases in the official media, I always find flaws in the wall through which the message. At that moment, you are for me a space of liberty, still proclaims the founder of the left party. The tyranny of intimacy,. an Ideologiquemoi rout, what interests me here (at Closer), it is the large number, which has simple tastes, which does not take itself too seriously. The pretentious, the arrogant will make us the shot of disgust,. They will not deal from what I could tell, but the place where I said, indignant. Asked about whether if the way to behave politicians in their personal lives, including when it comes to the president of the Republic, does not help to the understanding of their very short personality, he answers: I do not. It is an illusion! That, to better understand the profession of journalists from Closer, we should show their privacy? What a joke! in knowledge + > Google Trends 2014: Julie Gayet and François head of research on InternetYou Holland there are what is called the tyranny of intimacy. And it is primarily an ideological defeat for us politicians. You deal a horrible torment: transparency. Everyone needs a secret garden, by his dark side. While no one can be perfect,., he continues. The Garcia-Holland case made me rigolerL’ case Julie Gayet – Francois Hollande made me laugh like everyone else. After, it still says: ‘Ouch, Ouch, it goes very far, this story’. But I am cautious. Once, I thought you were just unpleasant inquisitors. And then, one day, a photographer buddy told me: ‘ sometimes what are some celebrities who tell us to come. These aren’t photos stolen, but necessary. ‘. For more on this subject click fact.

Insee a bit more upbeat for growth in France, not for unemployment.

Insee confirmed Thursday the Government hopes by predicting a small acceleration of growth, which remain without effect on unemployment, and very dependent on the price of oil and the value of the euro. The national Institute of statistics and economic studies waits, after 0.1% growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter, an acceleration to 0.3% in the first as in the second quarter of 2015, according to its last Note of economic situation. If Insee did not forecast for the whole of 2015, it has delivered a valuable indication assuming 0.7% growth at the end of the first half of 2015 acquis. This technical term refers to what would be the annual growth even in case of failure of activity in the second half. Insee also said that of the summer summer 2014 2015 French growth should be 1%, while it had been void between summer 2013 and summer 2014. These projections are therefore compatible with the hope of the french government to a growth of 1% for the next year. Finance Minister Michel Sapin found in a press release that the growth scenario of the Government (was) supported, but found that the acceleration was not strong enough, what he calls a European response. -Weak Euro and oil counter-shock – a number of brakes loose in the end of this year and we make it a little more optimistic, said Vladimir Passeron, head of the Department of business at Insee, at a press conference. This optimism feeds largely on external factors: the decline of the euro and the price of oil, good for purchasing as for competitiveness, weighs a little less than half of the growth expected in France by next summer, according to Mr. Passeron. This bargain could even escalate: Insee has made its forecast in fixing the price of a barrel of oil at 70 dollars. Thursday, he played below $ 65. Mr. Passeron also estimated that some internal factors to the France supported activity: public aid to businesses, including the tax Credit for competitiveness and employment, the judgment of the increase in the tax burden, or even a stabilisation of the housing expenses of households, which have fallen this year. This leaves hope a lull for the construction sector, in disarray. But the optimism of Statisticians has encountered on the labour market: Insee expects that the unemployment rate in France increases again to 10.6% in mid-2015, against 10.4% on average in the third quarter of 2014. -’ All signals are not green’ – because if French growth resumes, all signals are not green as Mr. Passeron, because wait companies including. Their investment will increase only very slightly at the beginning of next year, despite a very positive environment of low rates and margins up significantly. The consumption of households is expected to grow by 1% between mid-2006 and mid-2015, but not quite as fast as purchasing power, sign that the French will still garnish their precautionary savings. Outside borders, surprises could come from the international environment, particularly emerging countries still febrile. About specifically Russia, struggling for a few days with a financial and monetary turmoil Insee estimated that three points of GDP less in Russia, where are going to a little more than 2% of French exports, would cost 0.1 point of GDP to the France. Mr. Sapin also called to worry level abnormally low inflation, Insee provided almost zero by mid-2015 in France. This is according to the Minister of finance, which should bring the European States to deepen discussions on the economic situation and the policy adapted in this context. Mr. Sapin yet tore the European validation of accounts 2015 of the France, more onerous than expected. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You should check this http://f-point.com to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Arrested a 74-year-old man in Lleida for killing another shotgun shot.

Detained three residents of Valverde del Fresno by theft and receiving stolen goods from a shotgun to hunt Los Mossos d’esquadra have arrested this Thursday in Santa Maria de Montmagastrell (Lleida) a 74-year-old man for allegedly killing another shotgun shot. In a statement, police said that it has received notice about the 12. 30 hours that a person had been injured in a rural area of this population. Patrol that has moved to the site of the incident has located a man lying on the ground and without vital signs and, despite receiving medical care, not has been able to do anything to save his life. After several inquiries, the Mossos have arrested the alleged perpetrator of the shot, a neighbor of Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) of Spanish nationality, who was also in place. The Area of Criminal investigation of Catalonia has taken charge of the case and investigate the circumstances of the death. Issues arrest Barcelona abuse Spain homicide investigation Lleida Mossos d’esquadra San Justo Desvern. Original source can be found visiting this http://f-point.com.