Gaumont operates the American series jackpot.

Best known for its cult – Fantômas, Les Tontons flingueurs-OSS 117 films, the film group chaired by Nicolas Seydoux took big risks, and not only editorials, in venturing to the United States. So he produced parallel 13 episodes of Hannibal, retracing the first not Dr. Lecter, the famous Cannibal in the film the Silence of the lambs, and 13 other Hemlock Grove, a horror fiction. We have not deliberately chosen to focus on stories of monsters or psychopaths, wished to clarify, all smiles, Sidonie Dumas, Director General of Gaumont and daughter of Nicolas Seydoux. This isn’t our editorial line. It is rather random encounters.   The company, founded in 1895 by Léon Gaumont, decided to open an office in Los Angeles now three years ago to try to exploit a vein, to the series. But not question, for one of the oldest film companies of the world to make chop menu, in the image of his characters, landing in the Far West. Last year, its subsidiary identified alone, more than a quarter of the revenues of the group, EUR 40.7 million. His recipe seems proven and hiring teams on-site, to work with U.S. directors and have bet early on Netflix video-on-demand service.   Moreover, UNDG Gaumont itself actually costs. As early as 1992, it if asso co. to the American Rysher Entertainment to carry on the small screen the adventures of the Scottish immortal Duncan MacLeod, the hero of the Highlander series. Six seasons occur, but profitability is not the venue, and home to the marguerite puts an end to his epic. It will take ten years so it will retry its luck. Gaumont was one of the first to produce overseas and pushes today the logic even further by opening an office on-site, said Mathieu Béjot.   Traditionally, this introductory episode must convince channels engage and pre-purchased a full season. But, in case of refusal, the concept and the money end up in the trash. A practice that does not interfere with Netflix, the video on demand service: the American passes command blind at the french studio of Hemlock Grove and, recently, by Narcos, a series on the former leader of the Medeliin cartel, Pablo Escobar. Present in more than 40 countries worldwide, with more than 50 million subscribers, Netflix has had a multiplier effect for the french producer in him offering very fast international exposure, said Mathieu Béjot.   To honor these commands, two production companies opened on Sunset Boulevard, near Hollywood. The first, Ouroboros, in reference to the serpent biting tail, emblem of eternal return, to finance the first two seasons of the series of horror Hemlock Grove. The second, Chiswick, the name of a district of London, serves to set up the series police Hannibal for NBC. The french group must use financial institutions to assist him: Comerica Bank and especially Union Bank lend over $ 169 million to pay for the filming of the two seasons of Hemlock Grove ($92 million) and Hannibal (77 million).   Although these two series are renewed, Sidonie Dumas already turns to the future. We can carry out four projects in parallel, not more. This should be our cruising speed. Gaumont International and Canal + want to transpose television Barbarella, the film, released in 1968, Roger Vadim. But recreating the universe of the Sci-Fi sexy, liberated and independent heroine takes longer than expected. The Group also entered into negotiations with Amazon to produce a series for its Instant Video online service.   Besson team now also has an office in Los Angeles, opened last summer and led by Matthew Gross, a former ABC telecast, producer, inter alia, Body of Proof (broadcast on M6). And if Gaumont as EuropaCorp Television continues to produce for French channels, Thomas Anargyros regret their nervousness. Today, the Scandinavian countries, England or Israel manage to export their series, but not the France. At stake for the hex production is to accomplish his editorial revolution and produce more.   A recent study by the national Centre of cinema and moving image and TV France international shows for both that fiction sales abroad increased, in 2013, 14.1%, reaching EUR 26 million. A recovery due in large part to the productions of Canal +, as Les Revenants, but still very far from the performance of the Germany of the Turkey and, especially, the United Kingdom, with, in particular, Downton Abbey, table of the aristocracy English Victorian, huge success,. in China.   . Inspirational data can be found clicking this

Killed two of his former employees, retaining entrepreneur takes off the life in prison.

the 15 September last, had killed two gunshots to her former Kosovar workers who had gone to ask wages arrears. The news was confirmed by human law. According to what we learned from prison, Boston is hanged at the bathroom window grate with a rope made from sheets and pillowcases. The entrepreneur was not alone in his cell, but companion found him already dead: it was about 4 am. He seems to have left a letter. Gianluca Boston was accused of double murder to gunshots by Mustafa, 38 years, Rajesh and Avdyli Valdet, 26, carpenters immigrants from Kosovo. On 21 September the Gip had validated the arrest and the measure of pre-trial detention in prison, after a long interrogation in which Boston had reiterated his version of events: I have defended from aggression. The two workers were armed with an axe, I was scared and I fired. The workers were about 15 thousand euros in wages arrears, pi times required the entrepreneur, even through a contentious curated by the category of the Uil Union. Rajesh had a wife and four young children, Valdet a son and another coming soon: pi did not know how to feed them the brother of Mustafa. The shooting took place on 15 September last, in front of the Molini Girola house arrest where he lived and had the Boston company. Passionate about weapons, the men held some forty rifles and handguns between villa and another home. The pistol he kept in the garage, and had said they were going to pick her up when she was seen threatened: Rajesh, ruled the autopsy, was hit by three bullets, one in the head, one in the chest and one at hand, two shots. Avdyli The 26 year-old was found dying in a field of sunflowers at 150 metres from the site of the shooting, and had died shortly after. Boston leaves a partner and three children. . Additional facts can be found visiting

China’s leaders gathered behind closed doors.

The most senior leaders of the second world power meet starting this Monday, for a 4th plenum devoted to ‘the governance of the country according to law ‘. The central theme of the Summit seems rather incongruous with regard to the recent trajectory of the people’s Republic. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which reigns supreme on justice in the country, is not close to establish a State of law in China. It is especially for Beijing to calm the game after an anti-corruption campaign that deeply destabilised the appliance, and to put in place a legal framework more reassuring for foreign investors. This plenum comes as more and more Chinese lawyers are to be sent to prison. Victims of unexplained disappearances and detentions without charge, the dissidents are subject to procedures outside of any legal framework. The more moderate critics, such lawyers Xu Zhiyong and Pu Zhiqiang or Uighur academic Ilham Tohti, were thrown in jail, sparking international condemnation. . Main facts may be found checking the following

Next Bremen boss elated Dutt Pope – Bayern.

That even Cologne’s 2:1-winning goal against the loudly hailed arch-rivals Dortmund at the stadium, watched in the perfect game day for Munich. Of course, we have already a large lead on Dortmund. But let us ourselves look and not always on the table, recommended Arjen Robben and directed the focus right on the important Champions League tie of Bavaria (6 points) on Tuesday Roma (4 points). I think such a game is exactly what we need. We want to make progress. The visit to the eternal city with a private audience with Pope Franziskus is garnished. The away game in Rome will be a challenge, the Munich in the Bundesliga does not currently have something. Or the duel at Verfolgerchen is Borussia Mönchengladbach (4 points behind) next Sunday such a touchstone? If we should win, it would be a very big step in the right direction. If we let Springs, then it is again closely, Müller explained. That’s it for Bremen already in the autumn. As the first team since the data acquisition in the Bundesliga, Werder remained in a game without scoring. If after a few percent, is one from chastised properly, the powerless Werder keeper Raphael Wolf noted. Now we must concentrate on Cologne. Dutt himself fobbing off: finals there on the 30th, 32nd Matchday. We are again turning the season again. . Main facts can be read checking the following web site.

The nostalgia Top 50, symbol of the 1980s, is in full swing.

Programming on television and radio, anniversary book, tour giant: nostalgia for the years Top 50 in full swing so that marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the most famous musical charts of France, which has not survived the crisis of the disc. When is released the first Top 50, November 4, 1984, it is a song full of Marshmallow, performed by a duo like something out of an American TV series, which Lady out David Bowie, Prince, Scorpions or Duran Duran: with need, want you, Peter and Sloane became the first No. 1 of a new classification supposed to finally get everyone to agree. While the United States and Britain have since the 1950s official charts, each radio had its charts in France, maintaining a blur that allowed each record company to say that its artist was selling the most. It is at the initiative of Philippe Gildas, then Director of Europe 1, and Pierre Lescure, boss of Canal +, that is therefore developed this ranking, with two polling institutes to go to record stores. The daily appointments, first success of the new encrypted string born on the same day will prevail as the unavoidable issue 14-18 years, is remembered for the AFP Marc Toesca, presenter first seven seasons. Which opened his show with the gimmick Hi p’tits nails with reference to the e-mail he received, sometimes addressed to a certain hammer Esca. Travel, travel to the Demons of midnight through night of madness, Boys, boys, boys of Sabrina, lambada, but also the Restos du coeur or the song for Ethiopia, all stamped Top 50 tubes are the soundtrack of a decade where the music consumed in 45 rpm and filled whole in the supermarket shelves. -The stars of the 1980s on tour – an obviously perverse Top 50, it is that this favoured the pieces that were already the most sold discs are more often classified in the rays in the order of the chart, said journalist Thomas Joubert, who signs a remembrance on the decade 1984-1993, perceived as the golden age of the Top 50 (editions Grund). At that time, the great hits like the Lambada or night of madness could elapse more than 1.5 million copies so that we can be today first charts with 5. 000 sales, noted journalist, who will co-host on 27 October a show souvenir on Europe 1. The Top 50 will disappear gradually the landscape from the mid-1990s, passing one string to the other, and losing its visibility with the death of vinyl and the crisis of the disc from the early 2000s caused by the growth of download and streaming. Weekly rankings are still published but they lost much of their impact. Top 50 remain today strongly anchored songs in the collective memory while their performers, they have sometimes been forgotten. For the nostalgic, dreaming of review Sabine Paturel enumerate its nonsense, Julie Pietri sing his Eve, throws you and many other stars (Patrick Bruel, Roch Voisine, Lio, etc.), M6 will broadcast on 21 and 28 October, in prime time, the two concerts recorded late September at the Palais des Sports of Paris to mark the 30th anniversary of the birth of the chart. In parallel, the tour of the ex-stars of the 1980s returned to the conquest of the Zeniths of France from October 23. The opportunity again to review live some former regulars in the Top 50, Jean-Luc Lahaye, Phil Barney, Jean-Pierre Mader or Patrick Hernandez. Thirty dates are scheduled until mid-December, with a passage in Paris on 20 November. . You should click the following to read extra on this amazing topic.

TV criticism formula one: the 80s zombies had at least courage.

For the younger ones: "Formula one" ran from 1983 to 1990 in the ARD-channels (most recently even in the main program), was the then only music clip broadcast on German television and among the young people in about as popular as today Facebook YouPorn and "Joko, Klaas". That the title of the show, which was hosted first by Peter Illmann, then by Ingolf Lück, then by Stefanie Tücking and most recently by Kai Böcking, was completely useless, would have can be noticed at that time actually. It is still today. Probably, the reason is quite simple, that there was still so much so much Sinnloseres in the odd eighties. Not the correct term for the revision at RTL reanimiert Nitro, however is, because she is animated in any way. It only mad-looking 80s years music videos from the good old ‘ formula one ‘ time will be played, or rather: alluded. The whole thing will be moderated by the well proven Urmoderator Peter Illmann. It is not about so continued. The new "formula one" output is similar to an exhumierten dead, half decayed, has tied to a wooden frame and awkwardly shakes in front of the spectators: Zombie TV – but somehow, but by a strange attraction, which unfolds just at the wrong time, early Saturday evening, where also the (later the Udo Jürgens birth tags show changing) Altgewordenen still can pretend they grudged is only a little for the upcoming, saying up to the dawn of disco gang called today of course clubbing. Disco and clubbing, that acts to each other like Deutsche mark and euro. . You should click this site to read more about this amazing topic.

Police call – smoke on the water.

Smoke on the water in the Munich police reputation follows Chief Inspector Hanns von Meuffels (Matthias Brandt) their footsteps and arrive at a company which develops satellite systems for the defense industry. The first shows on Sunday at 15 h 20 the thriller of directed by Dominik Graf. Especially, the girlfriend of the dead, Corry Hall (Judith screed), gives no rest. She doesn’t believe that the unsuccessful musician so long has winnowed a Mischa on her partner, until splashed blood on the ceiling. Instead she believe in lies and intrigue, which obscure the view such as dense smoke. By Meuffels is extremely distant and reveals nothing of himself. No trace of the feelings as in the previous episode, when he fell in a watch. The most intimate moment is a scene where Meuffels and Corry their old wounds and scars show. Isn’t it odd that happiness never leaves traces? ponders Corry. Count it had obviously great pleasure and staged by Cadenbach like a Popstar, which is swarmed by women up to the most intimate of confessions. His wife is left with the Casanovatum of her husband, also regards his lovely Assistant, who can speak many languages. Unfortunately she can say no in any of them, so their dry reply. The mystery of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is restless, Flash talks frozen images – such as photos. A pity that the thread of the story is at lost between eco terrorism, political power struggles and personal vanity. It is clear, State power can be scary if it is controlled from a false location. At the end, everything in a bloody, brutal Chamber game where there is no winner escalates. . You must click this to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

After 1929 and 2008, headed on a new crash?

Emerging markets feed the second uncertainty that currently weigh on the world economy, and for several reasons. China for its part continues to save more than 7% growth year, but the reorientation of its domestic services and less on industry raises a number of questions on the health of its banks and on imports of the country. So on the tone of world trade. Brazil was been in recession in the first half of 2014, reflecting both the slowdown of world trade, social problems indoors and fears of a tightening of us monetary policy. Moreover doubts begin to arise on the Japan and the Abenomics which the only conclusive result to date has been the sharp decline in the yen. In total the single pole which seemed solid was the United States, but there also the landscape is not without clouds. On the one hand the recovery remains relatively fragile, because despite a significant decline in U.S. unemployment, household incomes rose only very little. And on the other hand the Fed has already stopped its programme of purchases of Treasury bills, while announcing for the coming months an increase in its key interest rates, which remain abnormally low count good activity and employment. However all these doubts on the real economy are part of a climate of bad conscience of investors: the stock market euphoria has not been very exaggerated until last summer? Economist and Nobel Laureate 2013 Robert Shiller, who had been one of the few to predict the bursting of the housing bubble American in 2007, published last August an article in the New York Times where he explained that the ratio of stock prices in the U.S. and their average over the Decade profit previous amounted to 25. Ever since 1881 it had peaked as, with three exceptions, 1929, 1999 and 2007 where the markets then experienced a more or less pronounced crash. Wall Street are beginning to speak of "crash" moment the lighthouse, the Dow Jones index, accuses a decrease of 7% in a day. The historical record in the United States in this regard was the ‘Black Monday’ October 19, 1987, when the index fell by 22.6% at the end of the day. Worse than the Black Thursday of October 24, 1929. The origin of these two events is monetary in both cases: drying up of lending to investors the preceding weeks in 1929 and escalated by the rate of interest to the United States in the summer 1987 by the new President of the United States Fed, Alan Greenspan, appointed a few weeks earlier. In 1987, the U.S. economy was overheating and its trade deficit concern more and more. The financial crisis 2008 enrolled for his part in a scenario closer to 1929, although the very fact the lessons of experience, central banks, and the Fed first, were able to flood the market with liquidity to prevent bank failures and an economic depression. Panic not least was extreme and totally new because of globalization. The original was, let us remember, the subprime real estate crisis, which has weakened whole swathes of the US financial system. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, one of the major banks of US business, and which could be avoided if the Treasury had decided otherwise, resulted in unprecedented shockwaves. The effects were quasi-immediats, brutally affecting all of the global economy: international trade plunged 30% in November 2008, a unique phenomenon, linked to the entanglement of the chains of production between countries because of globalization. But otherwise the consequences in the medium term, as is in fact the experience today in France where we have not clearly seen that the financial crisis of 2008 would lead to new rules of the game. Unlike 1929 known indeed avoid a return to protectionism, but international commercial competition was growing. With parallel outbidding of monetary policies that led to the de facto devaluation of the dollar. Another consequence which has not been overcome, the monetary union around the euro proved faulty, the single currency not a fiscal union which should have been its natural counterpart accompanied. Unlike 2008-2009, the margins for a fiscal stimulus to tackle a recession in the private sector appear to be widely opened. Public deficits remain very high indeed, in the United States, the Japan and the United Kingdom, in particular, much more than in the eurozone than elsewhere. On the other hand banks are healthier situations, thanks to the new prudential rules that have been adopted internationally. For the euro area it will very quickly be confirmation or not with the stress test – the test of resistance in the event of falling growth and sharp rise of interest rates – which is currently underway under the auspices of the European Central Bank. It is anticipated that the ECB published the results on Sunday, October 26. It puts forward in reality several different phenomena, both cyclical and structural. First he wondered why the savings have not been resumed more strongly in the aftermath of the great "recession of 2008-2009. It attributed it in part to excess savings globally versus investment, which leads to having "equilibrium interest rates" particularly weak. The chronic lack of investment and very accommodative monetary policies to try to address them have perverse effects: this leads to a build-up of liquidity that generate financial bubbles, which can only explode, as in 2000, 2007 and maybe today. Altogether, and both for reasons related to productive supply and demand, we would be sentenced to much lower than before economic growth. This connection failure apparently occurred in 2008-2009, the financial crisis precipitated a new "paradigm" as say the Americans, a new model of well less sustained growth. The worst is not always secure, but it is not forbidden to raise it to protect themselves. . You must read the following to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

Nigeria announces an agreement with Boko Haram for the release of the schoolgirls.

Nigerian Army and Presidency ensure Friday have reached an agreement with the armed Islamist group, providing for a ceasefire and the release of more than 200 young girls removed mid-April. The parents of the young schoolgirls abducted probably welcomed the news with hope,. and prudence. The services of the nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan announced this Friday that an agreement of ceasefire had been reached between the authorities and the Islamist group Boko Haram. The agreement would provide for the release of 219 girls abducted in April last to Chibok, in the northeast of the country. "A cease-fire agreement was concluded between the federal Government of Nigeria and Jama ‘atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’ awati wal-Jihad (Group for preaching and jihad, known as Boko Haram)," the Chief of staff of the Nigerian Army Alex Badeh confirmed. "I gave guidelines to the heads of the various corps of the army so that we ensure that these recent developments are applied on the ground" he added. According to the nigerian site The Punch, negotiations between the two parties were underway in Saudi Arabia, framed by the Chadian president Idriss Déby and Cameroonian officials. AFP said meanwhile that these negotiations took place in Chad. The announcement must in any case be taken with great caution: firstly, because Kevin Ahmadu, the man who took part in the dialogue on the side of the Islamists and which stands as the Secretary general of Boko Haram, seems to be an illustrious unknown. "I’ve never heard of this gentleman, and if Boko Haram wanted to declare a ceasefire, it would come from their leader, Abubakar Shekau," thus estimates Shehu Sani, a specialist of the Islamist sect quoted by AFP. Difficult therefore to know that this man is really, Boko Haram is today an organization exploded into different factions, which are not necessarily coordinated. The announcement comes at the time where Goodluck Jonathan prepares to announce that he wants to seek a new presidential term next year, and we know how his handling of the case of the schoolgirls has been criticized in the country. If the intermediary of Boko Haram has informed that the girls were in good health and that their was does no harm, it did however mention the conditions under which they could be released, says The Punch. The removal of more than 250 high school girls April 14 and the distribution of a video of Abubakar Shekau threatened to treat them as "slaves", had led to the launch of a global campaign of support, "Bring Back our Girls". Since then, the families of young girls have gone from disappointments in disappointments. Last may, the head of the Air Force provided know where there were young women, but refused to say more. The leader of Boko Haram had then proposed to exchange the schoolgirls against Islamists held in State prisons, but the head of the nigerian State refused. . Original facts may be read visiting the following article.

Laura Pausini, vent on Facebook: “my dog killed by a coward.”

Pausini explains that the animal was hit by a pirate of the road. «My Brando was invested by a coward that there even though he called the label with the number-says the singer romagnola-Brando treasure, you are with us forever, your family thinks you and loves you. Run on the clouds ,. ». In a subsequent post Pausini explains the details of the story and says that the dog was in the backyard when you’re afraid for a sudden thunderstorm. The garden is fenced, he explains, but Brando fled from a hole done «as every year on the sly by hunters hunting season there cutting the fence to get their dogs to take the game escaping. " At this point the dog afraid arrived on the road (very little traffic «») still says Laura: ‘ and who has passed has invested a frightened dog. The fact remains that you still continue raging singer-see if you can help please call anyway and if has a collar with the name and number of the House. This makes the driver a coward and we of the "parents" sad and disappointed ". Finally an outburst: "I am increasingly naive to get something off my chest here. but I do it because from 20 years are used to talk to my fans when I something happens. Dogs should never go out without a leash, we are never left alone. It is so bad to read in this pain that there is someone who must be thinking wrong. I would however, on behalf of all my family say thank you all for your messages of sympathy because he was really part of us, immensely and deeply. For those who do not know what to invent to get noticed, well ,. you suck. We miss you so much Brando». Pausini is in Mexico for the local version of ‘ The Voice ‘ but fans continue to follow her on social. The announcement of the death of Brando was commented by over 4000 people who, for the most part, showed solidarity with the singer. . Main facts could be studied reading this source.